How to Counter a Slow Spinny Topspin | Table Tennis | PingSkills

How to Counter a Slow Spinny Topspin | Table Tennis | PingSkills

Our lesson today is about how to deal with
that slow spinny topspin. I’m Alois Rosario from PingSkills and with Jeff Plumb we are
going to show you how. We are going to cover three techniques The
first one is to use soft hands and block the ball. Our second technique is to punch the ball. And our third technique is to counter topspin
the ball. The slow spinny topspin often comes after you give your opponent a push or a chop and force them to really lift that ball with a lot of
topspin. So to get the ball back down on the table
we need to counteract that topspin. The topspin is going to make that ball fly high up in
the air. We need to just turn the bat over and keep your hand and wrist nice and soft. So my bat is just angled over the ball so that it’s directing the ball down on to the table rather than up into the air. The softness in your hand acts like a cushion. If your hand is really hard all the spin is going to be absorbed into the rubber and fly
out. So the softness just cushions the spin a little bit and makes the return a little
bit softer. When the ball is shorter on the table you
need to make sure that you get a little bit closer to the net. So that you are getting to
the bounce of the ball, otherwise the ball is coming up here and becomes very awkward. The principle on the forehand is very similar to the backhand so keeping your hand nice and soft and counteracting the amount of spin by turning you bat over the ball slightly.
Remember if you’re moving in for the short ball on both the backhand and the forehand
for left handers we move our left foot in. For a right hander you move your right foot
in for both backhand and forehand. If the ball is coming at a reasonable depth
you just need to be nice and stable with your legs. Our second option is to punch the ball. With the punch you’re generating a little bit more speed. To make the punch you need to start
with your bat up quite high, because from here you are going to come through in a straight
line. With the punch your contact is very flat, you don’t want to bush the ball at all,because
that just slows down the contact. So we start up high, we come through nice and flat and
we want to keep the ball on the bat a very short amount of time so that it’s just a real
fast contact on the ball. We want to also try and contact the ball at
a high point. From a high point we have a direct line onto the table.
If you contact the ball low it’s very difficult to get that direct line without going into
the net. So from up here we have a direct line to punch the ball straight down onto the table. The principles of the forehand punch are very similar. Start with your bat up high and punch
straight through the ball. Our third option in dealing with that slow
spinny loop is to counter topspin the ball. To counter topspin the ball our starting position
is up at a similar height to our block and our punch. Now though we are going to contact
the ball with topspin by brushing over the top of the ball.
So our angle needs to be turned forward, so we are spinning over the ball. And the same with the forehand spinning over the ball. Because our opponent has given us a lot of
topspin we don’t need to lift our stroke at all. Off a block or a back spin ball we might
need to lift our stroke to lift the ball over the net.
When our opponent has already put that topspin on for us we just need to come straight forward. So now we have three options, soft block, punch and counter top spin. The counter topspin is the most difficult for you to make because you’re coming through with a fine
angle on your bat. So the contact becomes quite difficult. The other two, the soft block
and the punch are fairly similar in difficulty level. So out of your three options the soft block, the punch and the counterspin you need to
decide firstly what is comfortable for you and secondly what is going to be difficult
for me as your opponent. If I’m top spinning the ball and my opponent blocks it softly
it might be difficult for me because I’ve got to move forward to get to that ball. Similarly if I’m top spinning from quite close to the table and they punch the ball it might be
too fast for me and I might not be able to get to it. And the third option, if I topspin
and they counter spin it, well that is going to be difficult for anyone because the balls
going to come fast and the topspin is going to kick up and that is going to make it really

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  14. @thedoctorthemaster You can do similar things against a fast topspin too. Generally a faster shot will not have as much topspin so you need to vary your stroke to allow for this. Also as the ball is traveling faster you probably don't need to punch the ball as much as you don't need to generate more speed. The counter topspin is also difficult to make because the ball is coming at you faster. So a good option is to use a standard block against a fast topspin.

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  23. If the ball has a lot of topspin, it can be difficult to chop. And if you are close to the table you can't do this effectively off such a spinny topspin.

    If you are a defensive player you can certainly chop the ball. We have some lessons on this as well on our website.

  24. hi alois and jeff how to return the loop from back not on table , I usually stay behind after returning chop so that I can return their topspin

  25. When you're back from the table you have a few options. If wish to be attacking you can play a topspin against topspin. If wish to be defensive you can play a chop stroke. We have videos on both of these on our website.

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    We film answers to question that have been asked on our website and then voted upon by our premium members. If you'd like you can ask this question on the website and hope that people vote for it.

  28. If someone with normal rubber blocks the ball, it will come back with a little bit of topspin on it. If the counter topspin it, it will come back with lots of topspin on it. This means the ball is rotating forwards off your opponents stroke.

  29. It really depends on the situation, how well you play each technique and your opponent. Experiment with all 3 and see which works the best for you against various opponents.

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  39. Hello from France, i am a very good blocker and i would suggest this for a soft block. Yes the secret is the softness. you can do this with the first part of your arm but i have develloped something easy to do. on a soft block i hold the neck of my paddle only with my thumb and the closest finger and maybe the following. the 2 last fingers are a little opened so they don't really hold the neck. with that technique the grip is very soft, and the block is soft and controlled, thanks regards

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