How to Do a Jump Smash Shot | Badminton Lessons

How to Do a Jump Smash Shot | Badminton Lessons

I’d like to discuss briefly the jump smash,
which is a little bit more advanced and requires a lot of timing. And as the term suggests, you’re going to
jump and smash at the same time. The shot is identical to a regular smash except
you’re in the air while you’re actually hitting the shuttle. And the purpose of this shot is to get more
trajectory, more steepness when you’re smashing downward. So you end up smashing closer to the front
of the net instead of towards your opponent’s body. If you notice when Jeffrey is hitting the
smash, he’s striking the shuttle when he’s at the peak height. And that’s really important. Timing is very critical in the jump smash. If your timing is off you’re going to mis-hit
this shuttle and lose a lot of power, perhaps even completely mis-hit the shuttle. So that’s your basic jump smash.

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  3. this actually helped me xD

  4. Looks cool and like tennis 😀 andddddd the surf goes on :]

  5. when he said 'miss the shuttle' the guy actually missed it..

  6. You didnt say anything about how to actually time it. Being at the top of your jump when you contact the shuttle ins't instructions.

  7. I can jump smash better hahaha 😛

  8. first of to hit a good jump smash you must be physically trained…

    Step one: go behind the shuttle
    step two: when you see the shuttle is about to go down that is when you jump as high as you can and hit the shuttle as hard as you can… Oh wait i forgot to add this… If you position your self nicely your jump smash will become more powerful

  9. this is bad…the guy should streched his shoulder more and turn a complete 90 degree towards net. then u can gain the power, control and target your smashes….

  10. You should have had Chi Bing to do the demo…

  11. terrible, don't follow this advice

  12. Not much detail with regard to timing the jump and the technique to hit the shot.

  13. The guy can't smash for shit and this video is basically shit

  14. really cant smash… come on.. get a better player..

  15. this video is not a lesson

  16. that was a sissy smash

  17. He hit the ground before the shuttlecock

  18. Sorry… Not a hater but that "Jump Smash" was really off.

  19. I don't know why whenever I smash I aim to down but it always go up 🙁

  20. If you pause when he hits he's on the ground already so this is a normal smash

  21. He doesn't know how to rotate his body during the jump smash

  22. He just bends his knees, gaining no height at all. In fact the only shot where he gains height his timing is then off and he nets the shot. 🙂 I applaud people spending time to try to give advice, but this isn't what I was looking for. 🙁

  23. Hahaha..mcam bapuk jerr smash

  24. Dafaq this aint jumpsmash xd

  25. My smash is faster than that jump smash

  26. coach can u show us how to do a jump smash? lol lol lol ….. ur uselsss….

  27. coach find a better job …

  28. Please delete this video. I think it will be in the best interest of everyone who is trying to learn badminton 😀

  29. This is the how to NOT jump smash tutorial.

  30. it was good but not properly

  31. This is a joke..

  32. The guy can barely jump, also, his smash "trajectory" as you said was REALLY bad. Not to mention his smashes are as hard as the smashes of the 11 year old girls I train

  33. man that jump is very high ??

  34. I appreciate the effort but those were some of the worst jump smashes I've ever seen in my life.

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