How to Do a Net Lift | Badminton Lessons

How to Do a Net Lift | Badminton Lessons

Now we’re going to say a couple words about
the net lift. It kind of goes hand in hand with your net
drop and your net push. And as the term suggests, you want to approach
the net similar to how you would when you’re dropping at the net. But instead of just dropping at the net, you’re
actually going to lift over your opponent’s head. And that’s the purpose of the shot: to lift
it over your opponent’s head, away from your opponent, close to the back of the line. So now Chibin is going to demonstrate the
classic net lift. As you can see, the net lift is a fairly defensive
shot, because Chibin is hitting the shuttle very high to the back. And being a defensive shot, you want to make
sure it goes all the way to the back. Otherwise your opponent could smash you. You’ll also notice that, similar to all the
classic net shots, Chibin is also leading with his left foot, or his dominant foot. If you’re right-handed, you’re going to lead
with your right leg, or your dominant leg. Strategically speaking, the net lift shot
makes sense if your opponent is also at the net and you want to hit it above his head,
away from him. And that’s your classic net lift shot.

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