How to Do a Smash Shot | Badminton Lessons

How to Do a Smash Shot | Badminton Lessons

Now, I like to say a couple of words about
the overhead smash. As the name suggests it’s a high power shot
in which you smash the shuttle downwards and at a very high rate of speed, resembles very
much the overhead drop and after hitting from a high point and you are hitting it downward
very hard. The motion is similar to an overhead clearance,
similar to an overhead drop in that you turn your shoulder’s first, you start the rotation
with the elbow and you make contact when the shuttle is in front of you or directly overhead
and then you bring it downward very rapidly. So, lets take a look at Shibing hit some overhead
smashes. As you notice Shibing is hitting with a lot
of power and he is hitting downwards. Just an interesting thing about the smash,
the smash in badminton will go very fast. At the professional level smashes have been
timed as much as 206 miles/hour. And that’s basically how you do an overhead

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  1. yay finally .. i am the first to like it.

  2. hey can i ask you guys something if the shuttle cock reach the floor then bounce,,, can you still hit it when it drop already then bounce???????

    please reply to my question
    because when i and my friend plays she does that she told me that it was a rule of the badminton game… then one time she wounded me and she went straight home because she said she is perfect in badminton??!!

  3. and right you can smash in badminton?? why my friend also says that you cannot…..because if do a smash no one could pass it anymore.. is that true??

    when me and my friend is playing when i smash it she always says "no, you cannot do that ,that is so wrong "


  4. That's not a good smash idiot and its the wrong way too it's not good

  5. Thats a big No No, because, once the shuttle hits the floor , a rally ends.
    Your friend, she is perfect…. perfect in making up rules…. lol 😛

  6. Yes, of course you can smash in badminton, its a part of the beautiful game….. if you cannot smash in badminton, it makes the game less exciting and fun…….
    About your friend, She is the one who has a brain and rules that are so wrong…. lol.. 😛

    Maybe your friend is logical…… but her logic is stupid and ignorant……

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