How to Do a Trick Shot aka Fake Shot | Badminton Lessons

How to Do a Trick Shot aka Fake Shot | Badminton Lessons

I would like to say a couple words about the
trick shot, or the fake shot. Essentially, a trick shot is a shot in which
a player pretends to hit in one direction and at the very last, split second changes
direction and tries to deceive the opponent. As you will notice, Chibing is pretending
to hit the shot out straight and at the very last minute he is hitting it cross-court,
certainly deceiving his helpless opponent. The trick shot is certainly one of the most
advanced shots in badminton and it takes many years of experience to master this shot. And that’s one of your many types of trick

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  1. that aint no trickshot

  2. who thought this was something about cod..

  3. I could do this since I first played…….

  4. yeah. "how to turn to the dark side"

  5. Oh ya?! Well can you Temperr???!!

  6. SOO Tricky ! HA HA HA !

  7. Haha wow so hard to hit over the net :L


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  10. Many years of experience, rofl.

  11. So where's the "how" part?

  12. the trick was i didn't see how to do it

  13. needs years of experience

  14. Ahahahaha,be handy if you showed how to do it

  15. i dont learn anything from this

  16. Umm thanks? That was very helpful your dumb fucks

  17. "Takes years of experience"

    *masters it in 3 days

  18. Ew NYBC…. go to CPBC

  19. It is true it is a FAKE shot or a FAKE video !

  20. I love badminton too much

  21. what a failure this coach is.. didn't learn anything

  22. That's not what a trick shot is. Boy

  23. can you please show me how it's done

  24. what is the name of racket company u hold

  25. Thats like 3 days to learn

  26. Why does he hav a Wilson racket?

  27. Best video ever(!)

  28. Not Pretty Sure If It Is Fake Shot Or Fake Video.

  29. Man he teaches like my teachers at school

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