How to Do an Overhead Drop Shot | Badminton Lessons

How to Do an Overhead Drop Shot | Badminton Lessons

Now, I’d like to say a couple words about
the overhead drop. Basically, the overhead drop is very similar
to an overhead clear. You should basically have the same motion. Except, instead of hitting with a lot of power,
you hit it with a lot of control and a lot less power. The object of the overhead drop is to hit
it from a high point, make contact with the shuttle when it’s directly above your head
and hit it downwards very easily towards the level of the net on the opposing side. Again, you turn your shoulders 180 degrees
from the net. You turn, strike the shuttle right above your
head and you bring it downward with a elbow rotation and now with a wrist flick. So, Chippy is going to demonstrate both the
forehand overhead drop, as well as, the backhand overhead drop in alternate succession. If you notice, the overhead drops on either
side, both forehand and backhand, look very similar to the clear. It’s just the main difference is that he’s
using a lot less power and a lot more control to get it just over the net. And that’s basically how you hit an overhead
drop from both the forehand and the backhand side.

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  2. Is that overhead safe on block?

  3. Those drops are horrible lol. "how to lose a game in less than 30 seconds"

  4. these are very basic….you should also demonstrate the slice and chop….

  5. Ur gonna get whacked by the opponent with that kinda drop… Its so high..

  6. Look at the camera ffs

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