How to Do Block & Counter Techniques | Karate Lessons

How to Do Block & Counter Techniques | Karate Lessons

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  1. Good basics, looks like Shotokan karate.

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  3. just let your temper do the work

  4. they do no that he is blocking the right hand but he still has a left hand to punch him
    in the face with

  5. Not only is this karate not realistic, but it is laughable. No karate person could possibly survive against a Muay Thai or MMA opponent.

  6. They are so bad and still get so many views, i should lower the quality of my videos to get so many views

  7. Work doll who the f*** was that elf you C

  8. How does this type of block work. Every time I see it displayed, the person throwing the punch is already punching to the side of the person blocking.

  9. People don't understand demonstrations do they? A street fight will never play out like this. However, these types of movements can save you from a punch or a kick since their so easy to do.

  10. Sadly it is an obsolete fighting style, based on defending against a hypothetical brawler that lived 200+. years ago in late feudal Japan. Yes you are right. Nowadays brawlers have things called methamphetamines and king kits from behind. This system assumes your attacker will fight with honor and chivalry, as was the norm in feudal Japan.

  11. dont learn karate make a gang you will be safe enough

  12. The reason why American and European karate does not work because of this single reason
    The Japanese karate teaches you that you have to block and punch at the same time
    A simultaneous counter
    Look at boxing and Muay Thai they are the king of striking why
    Because of the simultaneous counter they drill and drill thousands of times all day everyday for muscle memory
    But with this karate it won't work and never will

  13. Very good video.

  14. why do people keep on saying that these won't work? If you are talking about gang fights, of course it won't, simply because karate is not for gang fights and these blocks would actually help you block easier. For tose who doesnt understand karate and thinks that karate is just for every types of fight, let me get this straight, base on my knowledge about karate which happens to be kyokushin karate, they are for self defense, one should have self descipline and its a part of the law or the ones that you say before starting formal training, it is said there that you should live your life through the descipline of karate(if you do karate).

  15. I need a partner . I want to join your karate I love karate I really want to learn . I feel like Im not doing it right.

  16. There's so many different blocks that I have learnt whilst studying martial arts and some will work in street fights where as some will work in competitive fights with other martial artists. A good martial artist can do an effective block on instinct when his enemy throws a punch/kick so you shouldn't worry about which block works and what doesn't work. Don't let the idea of Karate not working in street fights put you off learning it because it is one of the things I study and when I have been attacked in the street before it has really saved me without really having to throw a punch.  You guys should check out aikido as that is something that really teaches you useful things that can be used in the streets when someone attacks with there hands or a weapon.

  17. how come this guy no longer does howcast

  18. Rubbish. None of this stuff has any value. It really isn't karate.

  19. She not older enough, and I barely see the other one's

  20. i got beat up by a girl and her gang so i do karate so i got her she was bleeding

  21. I Knew Karate already I Just Had Trouble With Blocking And dodging At right Time

  22. hahaha they are so fun lol

  23. hey can come in phil. so you can teach me

  24. ¿las tecnicas de karate son efectivas en defensa personal? yo siempre practique karate deportivo y las veo muy simples como para ser efectivas

  25. how about the 3 one if the other guy is longer than you (i mean…. bigger with 1 head)


  27. I love martial arts

  28. is this shotokan??

  29. Omg you remind me of one of my Senseis who died

  30. hey guys I just wanted to learn how to do karate, thanks for all of the stuff you showed me

  31. I am very good at karate,want to fight

  32. I am 17 years old can I start learning karate or Ani other martial arts at this age

  33. my bullys will get nockt out buy me now finaly

  34. Never keep you ur hands that low in a real fight. You will get punched in the face. And when you counter punch like that young guy does , never leave your ur face exposed. You put the hand that you aren't punching with up protecting your face.

  35. Too robotic. Too slow. Too stiff. Too unrealistic

  36. super loooooooooooooool

  37. Yeah…!
    I have learn it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. This really helped me so much there is a guy that bullies me so much at school so I did karate

  39. beautifully done. counters get you points plain and simple. also if u are fighting an advanced opanant in real life it could save your life.

  40. Karate is perfect for an MMA fighter who likes to parry and counter punch

  41. How to block or dodge fake punches

  42. we will be having our performance task on thursday and it's all about these skills in karate, may i ask why do they have to use their voices in executing the actions?

  43. Its very difficult to learn coz i never did this in life. Anyway love the howcast still. waanabe member plz

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  45. showing the stance before a strike is really bad decision, btw thanks for your input.

  46. Funny how when sparring looks nothing like this??

  47. I heard him say a Urdu funny word in a loud way

  48. Why do u have to ?scream ?

  49. Hooooppppp hiiiiiiiiii

  50. How can you predict when someone is going to attack and where its coming from

  51. This will help me with my Purple belt Grading, thanks for doing this video! 🙂

  52. Learn martial art doesn't mean you want fight somebody on the street, martial art teach to be humble and respect… But can be dengerous when somebody mess up… Only the truth gurus and master know what i mean to.

    Salam from silat nusantara .

  53. they are too slow i guess

  54. Is it funny people say martial arts is suppose to be humble but martial arts mean war like arts

  55. Thanks i have fight tomorrow

  56. Thnx for this even im not enrol in taekwondo i can defend my self i really appreciate it.. Nobody can bully now

  57. How does this work? People won't punch like that.

  58. Why do have to scream? Here the answer The scream is called kia and the kia gives u power. Every punch u did u have to yell if u don't u don't get the points in fighting. Btw I do karate.??????

  59. Here after the cobra kai..?

  60. I'm learning Karate for fight with my besties???

  61. Im a green belt at karate and i know all of those

  62. Waste video yak !

  63. Am a champion in mombasa

  64. नमस्ते

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