How To Download FortNite For Free on PC and Mac

How To Download FortNite For Free on PC and Mac

Welcome to a tutorial on downloading and playing fortnight on PC and Mac Let’s begin first open up a web browser in the URL bar, type in Epic and hit enter. Once the page has loaded click on download You will now have to create an epic games account if you already have one. You can just log in Once you have created the account the epic games installer will now start downloading You need the epic games installer in order to download Fortnite Once it’s downloaded run it It will now download an update if needed and the game installer will launch Login to your newly created epic games account to continue Once you log in you will visit the dashboard for fortnite click on install Fortnite will now begin downloading and installing it may take a while to complete depending on your internet connection When it is ready to go you will see the launch button click that to start up the game Fortnite is now installed and ready to play time to have some fun Please like the video if it helped you and subscribe to our channel for more tutorials like this

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  1. Thank you sooo much

  2. its showing please wait while we start your update but it keeps on going! pls help me

  3. my launcher just keeps on updating and repeating the update so it wont let me get to the login screen…help

  4. Thanks To You Foxy Tech Now I Can Play Fortnite

  5. Help me! Everytime I try to open Epic Games it says An unreal process crashed Epic Games or something like that.

  6. it still docent work I'm trine play PC bro
    but thanks

  7. Get a ibuypower or apple desktop or alien laptop not there old computers it won’t run

  8. your voice is weird get a better one

  9. Well now Season 4 is out and my naighbour tried to download it but didn't got the "Launch" button so i am gonna try too maybe he had a little issue or something… I HOPE I CAN PLAY IT!!!

  10. how the heck does it work 4 you for me it crashes after 2 attempts to download an update

  11. it dosent work for me 🙁

  12. I have no mac os x

  13. it just says choose install location, with no way to continue

  14. When I click install on epic games it gets stuck on 0%
    I kept it over night it still didn't work
    Please help

  15. It takes a long time to install but it finally finished the installation after an hour

  16. Thanks for wasting 5hour of downloading 🙂

  17. Same! Is there a solution yet to fix this problem​?

  18. when i downloadiit says needmoe space i deleted like 4k items and the space it says that i example: i deleted items it wason 8.05 gb and i deleted moreitems and now is on
    7.95 gb help

  19. its take a long time to download it😞

  20. At 1:56 for me it says "Unsupported OS" instead of "Install"

    I need help I'm srsly dying

  21. It's stuck on "We're signing you in to your account"

  22. i have a mac desktop and it says that You must have a Metal compatible graphics card and be running Mac OS X 10.11.6 or later to launch this process.

  23. It says please wait until we update then once it finished epic games launcher never launched

  24. it worked for me :3

  25. Mines keep saying error error

  26. Install option not came their iOS come

  27. wow is pop fuck you i hope you fie in hell

  28. Thanks for this video. It can help me to download Fortnite

  29. mine doesnt launch

  30. An unreal process has crashed:UE4-EpicGamesLauncher HELP!

  31. I am the 1k liker

  32. your the new Siri

  33. I will click on the epic games launcher and it will update but will not open epic games. ill click on it again and it will just update again over and over

  34. what if he deosnt matter?

  35. The shit keeps crashing and takes me back to home screen


  37. it keeps crashing if I press launch

  38. oh i don see install

  39. Best fortnite video on earth

  40. the epic gmaes launcher keeps on installing and when it finishes instaliing, it starts all over again for no reason

  41. at 1:42 my thing just crashes

  42. It opens loads up but then black screen ._.

  43. It's on an endless loop of 'downloading update' and I can't open it

  44. after i do the application thing it just dosent do anything

  45. mac not mac at all windows

  46. it keeps saying verifying and downloading again again and again but it wont pop up

  47. i cant fucking get in this i

  48. Thanks, But i don't have mac like you, i have pc! 🙂

  49. Thanks this helped alot

  50. oh yes it is working


  52. i have a problem, when i try to download it, it says there is a problem running with this windows installer package. a program run as part of the setup did not finish as expected. contacts your support personnel or package vendor. can anyone help?

  53. You know every time i click download then i went to finder i click the download botton 100 times it does not click you just a liar

  54. its works but its crappier

  55. every time it says that " An unreal process has crashed" and then it won't let me do anything.

  56. ganda like gostoso

  57. My mac says 'Missing System Requirements' and it needs me to choose 'cancel' or 'Install Anyway'. I'm really not sure if I should pick the second button :/

  58. thank you it helped me get better

  59. it just disappears for me pls help

  60. When I enter it says something weird and are you a bot

  61. Mine won’t even show me that fucking page

  62. I already download epic game launcher and fortnite, btw the installations take for a while ._.

  63. Please healp download pubg on mac

  64. mine says i need a password and username 🙁

  65. I swear I just fixed my pc if this messes it up again I’m not gonna be happy

  66. mine keeps saying that the game Launcher is damaged any solutions

  67. i did everything it doesnt work ughhh

  68. This was really help full thanks

  69. Its take lot of time in installing

  70. не работант

  71. im on i mac and i accidentially went to a fake fortnite site and now when itype in the real one it brings me to the fake one can you please help me with this

  72. when i click launch it says launch anyways im click that and teleports me to google
    BTW im on BacBook air

  73. thanks for helping

  74. like if watching in 2019

  75. Hope this video helped you!! if it did, please consider subscribing to our channel <3 it would mean so much to us!

    seeya next time!

  76. thare is no download i promise

  77. Its take 2 hour's but i got windows 7 its work txh



  80. Thank you so much this has been so helpful

  81. Hey 🙌 We made an updated version of this tutorial for 2020. You can watch it here – 👌

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