How to Download Paid APP/GAME For FREE In 2018! (For iOS & Android) + Extra Tips (outdated)

How to Download Paid APP/GAME For FREE In 2018! (For iOS & Android) + Extra Tips (outdated)

If you want to download any app that requires payment either iOS or Android or an app that is not available on the App Store or Play Store then watch this video to know how Stay tuned What up my fellow youtubers I am Enacaus, you know me, right, you know me right? you don’t? Let me introduce myself, I am Enacaus Zaman and in this channel I provide you everything you need for YouTube success YouTube tips tricks hacks tutorials app reviews video search engine optimization Everything you need for becoming a successful youtuber so if you do want more information free information like this for YouTube success Then subscribe and keep on watching. All right, this is the first app review. We’re doing in this channel And yes We can a download paid apps for free on iOS or Android This is working 10,000,000%. Alright 10 f****ng million % it is absolutely free only iOS and Android mobile devices so the app’s name is tutuapp TuTuapp is a Third-party app that allows you to download paid apps for free like I’m teaching it right now ++apps and hacked apps now paid apps are like minecraft You know how you have to download minecraft, you have to pay for it. So I have minecraft downloaded and it is free I download it for free ++apps are like Instagram plus ++ Facebook++ Twitter++ these ++apps give you more features For an app and they give you like more sh*t to do, hacked apps are like clash of clans hack I have it downloaded as well clash of clans hacks injustice to hack all these types of hacked apps give you infinite amount of You know coins or infinite about those gems and stuff So that’s what hacked apps do now remember to watch the full video So that you don’t have any problem and if you do have and after watching the video if you still do have any problem Please please please make sure to ask down in the comment But we can do a lot of things now with today’s technology We can download paid apps for free and all the all this good stuff but Should we download paid apps for free? Okay. let’s, let’s first learn Why should we download paid apps for free? All right, because number one you don’t have to pay extra money on your YouTube journey You know how you have to you know pay for Photoshop pay for this pay for that you know There’s already a lot of things we need to pay for and apps are just like extra stuff So why not just download it for free right and 2 come on it’s free. Why not like let’s download it for free it’s free so why not? and you get ++apps and hacked apps and hack apps are like a lot of fun So yeah, so the, the reason why you should download paid apps for free It’s quite obvious right now before I teach you guys how to download paid apps for free first We need to know about the app itself The app is called again tutuapp, there are a lot of errors in tutuapp and I am going to go over Them right now Apple or an iOS devices if you use tutuapp most of the apps are available in tutuapp are disabled to use on the latest version of iOS, which is ios 11 now iOS 11 has completely blocked out Third-party apps and tutuapp’s developers. They were still working on them for iOS 11 so we still need to wait, but for now in Apple, it’s best to download tutuapp on iOS 10 or below, on Android it lags a lot if you don’t have a good internet connection And I am sorry for all those Android users who have a bad internet connection It’s just you have to deal with it So if you do have a good internet connection Android users, you have a perfectly perfectly fine But for the Android users who don’t have a good internet connection You’re gonna be in trouble both operating systems iOS and Android you need to download the suspicious app called nestool now yes, I do have nest tool download it in my iPad and to be honest nesstool tool isn’t really anything like I’ll just explain now people say that nesstool is like An app that can get access to your contacts they can get access to your photos They can get access to this and that but to be honest, these are all accusations These are all false claims none of this. None of these happen to me as much as I know None of these happen to my friends. None of these happens to your family who do have tutuapp Installed so yeah, I don’t think nessool is Suspicious not what is nesstool is a tool that allows to get access to your device so that they’re able to Let you download Paid apps for free because if Apple knows that you are downloading paid apps for free There’s straightaway gonna slap them off. So what next tool does they just put up barrier between the Apple company and tutu company so that Apple does not get access to tutuapp now tutuapp and nesstool are working together To get the next update together. So yeah, but the latest update that came out to be honest I like it. Get over some tutuapp accusations Now I was searching on Google and I found on Quora people are saying that this app isn’t safe Now, I don’t know they could be lying. They could be telling the truth. They could be just Spreading false messages, they could be just you know doing nothing but people on Quora are saying that they have Got trouble with tutuapp now as I said I have never had any problems with tutuapp neither have my friends family anyone who has tutuapp installed but like throughout the internet I’ve searched I haven’t found that many people having problems with tutuapp now I’ve made a Chart a pie chart. This is the percentage of how many people don’t care. How many people are lying? And how many people are telling the truth So yeah, I found it out. So you can just trust my pie chart and stuff But yes, my pie chart is accurate I have searched throughout the internet so you can trust me alright finally how to download paid apps for free how to use tutuapp to download Paid apps for free right now. We’re going to learn Step one go to your web browser on Apple it’s best on Safari on Android It’s best on Google then right down tutuapp and click on their website Next click on Install Now Then follow the instructions given on the website because if I give you the instructions they can change any time so yeah just follow their Instructions given on their website and then you’re basically done But they will tell you to download nesstool now for nesstool as I said Nothing really happens. So go ahead and download it all you have to do is just go to tutuapp then click on their nesstool app and then once you download nest tool just just go to their App and then make sure it’s working. That’s it once you’re once you’ve set up nest – and once you’ve downloaded tutuapp app you’re done right now so just go on tutuapp and just download a random map so that you just to make sure it works and then once you download that random app, you can go and delete it and stuff, But then you can go have fun Go creative with tutuapp. I have downloaded a lot of absolute to do that now final words I Hope I have helped you to download paid apps for free Apple and Android do not allowed for you to download paid apps for free so I hope I just helped you I guess just bit you watching this video I know most of the time is useless but I just hope it helped. I hope this video helped you to download paid apps for free, ++apps, hacked apps and stuff But remember tutuapp does change their rules like every month or so So if you’re watching this video like two years from now Then yes tutuapp has obviously changed their rules, so don’t go down in comments hating on me Just make sure you just see when this video was published So yeah, I am Telling You to download to to app and getting paid apps for free It’s just because you know, I don’t want you guys to spend extra money on stuff it’s just I want our YouTube journey to be as easy and as Smooth as possible. So yeah. Alright guys, this is the end of the video in my channel again I have YouTube tips tricks hacks tutorials everything you need for YouTube success even video and channel SEO tips so yeah, again, my name is Enacaus and peace out

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