How to download paid games for free on Android – No Root

How to download paid games for free on Android – No Root

hello friends welcome to my very first video on youtube in this video I’m going to show you that how to get any latest paid HD games of google playstore absolutely free with wait let me first tell you a few things before it lots of people ask that how to hack google play store or how to buy paid apps and games from play store for free etc etc come on guys Google is investing so much money on it security do you really think it is possible to have by anyone or by any third party app obvious the answer is no and then how we can get those paid apps for free then the answer is there are few parties who buy these paid apps and games and reuploaded for free so now we can get these apps and games from their sites for free I hope now you know how I’m going to download these paid games free of cost so let’s start it as you can see there are so many paid games here but amongst these games i’m going to show you three most popular HD paid games in the first game i’m going to show you is GTA san andreas the most popular game on android which is in 420 indian rupees the next game i will show you is assassins creed identity another very popular game these days as i have already installed this game so we are unable to see the price but when I downloaded this game the price was 310 indian rupees last game we will see as WWE 2k + 550 indian rupees this is one of the most costly paid game in google play right now i will also show you how to install this game for this i’m going to use UC browser in the search box type played on select the first length again in the search box here search the game you want to download i’m typing grand theft auto san andreas click on the first result then scroll down until you find download button click on it now select the version you want to download as you can see this file is available to download i have already downloaded this game so I’m gonna cancel it now let’s check the corresponding cache file here it is available to the cache file is too big in size so you can also download via torrent now let’s switch to our next game which is assassins creed identity follow the same procedure so we can see there are so many versions available here always download the latest version here in this version 2.7 points0 and the download is available to you don’t forget to download the related cache file now let’s switch to our last game that is WWE 2k I’m gonna start its downloading just to prove that it works ok now as i have downloaded this game let’s see how to install this game go to your file explorer search for the APK and cache file you have downloaded let’s install it so it is installed successfully now select the cache file extracted into the OBB folder under android folder watch it carefully this was the most important step now we can play the game so in this video i have shown you how to download any paid games from google play for free i have also given the links of the famous paid games in the description below that you would love to play you can directly download it from there if you like my work please give it a thumbs up and please don’t forget to subscribe thanks for watching

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