(happy upbeat music) (laughs) – Who’s that baby, what’s that baby, baby! (happy upbeat music)(laughs) Hi everyone. Can you say hello? In today’s video, I’m
going to show you how I entertain my toddler, this is Caleb. Now when he was six months old, we made a video, called
“How I Entertain my Baby”. And since doing that video, it has had nearly 100,000 views and it’s by far my most
popular video ever. So, I thought it was
about time that I show you how I entertain my toddler,
now that he is two. There are just a ways that keep
this little man entertained. And I hope that some of these ideas, will work for your children. Yeah, I really hope you like this video. If you haven’t subscribed to my channel, please do, it’s free and you won’t miss any of my motherhood updates. See you soon. Bye. Bye So one of Caleb’s favorite
thing to do is to build towers and he also loves breaking
them as well, being a boy. He loves to build them with blocks or we have a really nice set of boxes that he builds them with,
but he’s really not fussy. He will build them with
food from the cupboard or toast on his plate,
he just really enjoys it. He also like playing with
our colorful smoothie straws he just plays with them for ages and he likes to talk about
which color is which. Cars is another favorite of his, we have so many cars in this house and he really likes putting
them down this garage. But as he’s getting older he does also enjoy taking them outside and putting them down
the slide or our deck. He loves most vehicles to be honest and he really also enjoys
his wooden train set. We also have a few different
puppets in this house and Caleb really seem to enjoy them. I also find it’s quite effective if he’s not eating some
times if I make the puppets feed him he eats better. Caleb also loves any kind of messy play and he really loves his sand and water table that we have for him. If you don’t have one though, he loves just a water basin like this. But sometimes I will put some shampoo or fairy liquid into the
water just to add something a bit different and he
plays with the bubbles and experiments with it. He just loves water play though, so sometimes I even let him have the hose. Now that Caleb’s a confident
walker we love to get out and go for walks and
explore and spot some birds or feed the ducks. They really
enjoy feeding the ducks. He’s really good at it now
and I always make sure I take fresh bread ’cause he eats half of it. Now that he’s a toddler he can
do so much more at the park. And he absolutely loves the swings. And what is with kids and
boxes? My kids go nuts for it. If we’ve had a larger delivery
I let the boys have the box and they turn it into like a rocket ship. I even let Caleb paint it some times, and it’s a good way to have him paint ’cause it’s outdoors,
but watch with painting, ’cause sometimes he does this. Another way of painting that is mess free is to put your paint in
a Ziploc bag, like so and I like to tape it onto the window, it’s like a bit of a
stain glass kind of look and then just let them
move the paint around and all the mess is inside the bag and they really enjoy it. There are a few toys in
our garden that he loves and the trampoline is one of them. He also loves our tiny little slide, but he’s even started to try and use his brother’s bigger slide. And tea parties, he loves
to have tea parties. And sometimes I even let him have real water liquid to play with. (laughs) He also loves when I pretend
that I’m spitting it out. In terms of his favorite days out, the library is a great
one to explore books and it is free. He also loves the soft play
or our local gym class. He really enjoys burning
up all of his energy and meeting new little friends. He also loves the ball
pool at the soft play and he loves to bury me in it as well. Another really good day
out that I think he loved was going to the aquarium. He loved spotting all
the fish and jellyfish. We also go swimming every
Saturday now and he loves it. And I can’t believe how confident he’s becoming in the water. We don’t actually do a
class, I just let him splash and go crazy and he has a great time. The farm is also another great day out. He loves to look at all the animals and feed them if he gets the chance. He loves nursery rhymes on YouTube. – Apple, ah, apple ♪ B is for ♪ ball, ba ball ♪ C is for cat ♪ cat – He’s always loved
bubbles and now that he’s getting older he can nearly do it himself with this larger bubble ring. He has a little trike
which he much prefers, riding in than the pram. If it’s ever a rainy day and I don’t know what to do with the boys a good option is to take
them to the toy shop. It’s free unless you get
guilted into buying something. But they can play with different toys and have loads of fun, but
the shop probably hates me. Pots and pans drum kit. I think that’s all I
need to say on this one. (pot clanking) Rough and tumble preferably with daddy. He loves books, he loves sound books and texture books as well,
but he also loves normal books and sometimes I like to
leave a few words out and see if he can remember them. Was it mom? – No – Was it dad? – No – Was it Archie the cat? – Meow He also loves puzzles now
and this magnetic one from Melissa and Doug has been a real hit. And he also likes these word puzzles, where he has to try
and fit the letters in. I thought it was also worth mentioning his favorite toy, his cut up food. It Velcros together and then
you can cut it up with a knife. – A tent – They love building a fort as well. Sometimes I just take sheets and blankets and put it over our dinning
table and we have a fort. What’s your favorite shape? Triangle What’s your favorite color? – Red – Red Both of my boys love the
bath and they particularly love shaving foam in the bath. At bedtime the boys love
anything glow in the dark. They love a torch and they also really love to play with glow sticks. These are a great way to get
your kids upstairs to bed if you promise a light show. Or if they hate the bath you can even have glow sticks in the bath. You can’t start involving your children in cooking too early. Caleb loves to get involved
with me when I’m making dinner. And he also really loves
helping me do baking. He won’t actually crack the
eggs or anything like that but he loves to stir,
pour flour and sugar in, pour raisins in and stuff like that. (upbeat music) The only thing that he
doesn’t like about baking is waiting for the food
in the oven to cook so I came up with this idea, just literally get any
biscuits could be digestives or anything and icing and sprinkles and just let your children
decorate the cookies themselves. Stickers is another good
activity that he enjoys now, but do expect them to be everywhere. Stickers are also great
for bribery when you start potty training. Surprise eggs is one of
Caleb’s favorite thing. You probably don’t
wanna buy them this many but Caleb doesn’t
actually eat the chocolate or the sweets he just
wants to open them up and get to the surprise. My boys have so much fun
if we have a dance party. Just whack on the music
and let them go crazy. We also do a lot of Easter
egg dying in this house because it is my eldest
favorite thing to do. But I probably wouldn’t
recommend this for a toddler that is very young because sometimes he does this with the dye. So thanks so much for watching everyone. I really hope this gave you some ideas and I will see you very soon. Bye (happy upbeat music)

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