How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text (Exact Texts For You To Use)

How To Flirt With A Girl Over Text (Exact Texts For You To Use)

It’s Tripp from Today, we’re going to be talking about how
to flirt with a girl over text. If you’ve been watching some of the videos
the past couple of weeks, and you’re watching this, it’s fresh and new to you, then welcome
to what I would call the second installment of my flirting series. If you’re watching this, a year to five years
later, don’t worry. This one, it’s not so much of a continuation
we’re you’re going to be lost. I do highly suggest that after you watch this
video, you go and check out how to text a girl you like. It’s going to give you more information and
more example text messages on how to text a girl. On today’s video, what you’re going to learn
is how to text a girl with flirty text messages. I’m going to show you examples of some flirty
text messages. I’m going to show you why they work, give
you exact examples that you can literally use today. Just copy and paste them and use them. Also, give you a little bit of a rundown on
how you can come up with some of your own flirtatious text messages. You’re also going to get a lot of information
on how to text girls on one of my latest blog posts. Again, if you’re watching this much later,
you’ll still be able to find that at I’ll make a little annotation on the screen. If you click that, you can go ahead and read
the Ultimate Guide To Texting and get more information on how to text girls, exactly
what to text them. Whether you first met them for the first time
or whether you want to get them out on a date, or whether you’re sexting with the girl, which
by the way, there will be another video coming out on sexting. Everything in this video is a compliment to
the Ultimate Guide to Texting. What’s in this video is you will not find
in the Ultimate Guide. I suggest you watch this video then check
out the Ultimate Guide To Texting where you’ll get more information, more in depth stuff. Check that out after you watch this video. What’s the goal? That’s always the most important question
you can ask yourself whenever you’re really doing anything. You’re not going to text with the girl or
flirt with a girl over text for no reason. The big goal as always, if you’ve watched
some of my other videos in texting, the big goal is to get her to meet up with you. That’s always going to be the big goal. When it comes to flirting over text, there
are some smaller goals that you’re working with here. If you want to be flirty over text, that means
that you’re trying to gain a little bit of attraction, get her interested in you, but
not too much. She should already be interested in you from
when you first met her. I guess another small goal would be maybe
to lead into sexting. That’s another thing. Or another goal is to get her on the phone. If you’re flirting with her over text, and
you guys are having a nice conversation because girls love flirting, you’ll be able to get
her on the phone. Again, all this leads to the big goal, which
is getting her to meet up. I don’t want you to forget that, that’s so
important. I don’t want you to become a text master or
a text game aficionado. I want you to be an expert in meeting up with
her, getting dates and getting her in front of you. That’s the whole point. When are you flirting? You’re going to be flirting not necessarily
after the first time you get her number. Like if you met her, within a couple of days,
you’re not going to be flirting too much. I want you to focus more on getting her out. I talked about that in how to text a girl
you like, in that video. You’re going to be flirting more so with a
girl that you’ve already been on a date with, or you’ve been on a few dates with. You’re going to be flirting with a girl over
text if you’ve known her for a while and you’re just getting her, or I should say reinitiating
conversation with her. That’s when you’re usually going to use flirting. There is going to be hopefully some background
already. If you haven’t previously flirted with her
when you actually met her, because if you’re just starting the flirting over texting, which
you can do, but if you’re just starting it off, it’s not going to be very seamless. It’s so much easier for you to throw in
some of these examples that I put in here if you’ve already flirted with the girl. Let’s go into some examples. When it comes to emoticons, you’re going to
be using these. I’m going to be showing you some of these
in the examples that I have here. The whole idea behind emoticons is to basically
show her that you’re flirting with her, she understands that you’re flirting with her. Also, they’re meant to soften any kind of
tease that you throw out if you’re joking around with her because a lot of text messages
can be misconstrued if you’re saying things over a text. They don’t necessarily on the other end, know
exactly your intention behind them. I’ll show you an example in a second of what
I’m talking about. You’re going to need to use emoticons absolutely
in some of the text messages that you send out. Let’s go into some examples here. Statements. That’s one type of flirtatious text message
you can send a girl. Statement is basically what it is. They’re just saying something, not posing
the question. This is actually if you’ve been watching a
lot of my videos, you’ll see that there’s a lot of parallels here between what you’re
going to be flirting over text and how you’re going to be flirting in person. There’s also a lot of flirtatious things you
can say to a woman that might be exactly the same thing you might text her, except for
this one. I’ll tell you in a second which ones I’m talking
about, but for this one, this is something you might say, and that makes you my 3rd favorite
girl to text ;). You put the winky face in the emoticon to
soften it a little bit, to make it like you’re joking around, you’re not being so serious. She should know you’re joking around, either
way. You’ll say this maybe after she says something
witty, something funny, or really anything. This is more of a response type statement
that kind of flirting with her. Another one is, are you always fun to text
with? :). That’s another flirty type of text message
statement. For this one, you could throw that out again
in the middle of you guys texting or talking about whatever you’re talking about, doesn’t
really matter. Here’s another one. This is going to be two separate lines. It actually be really funny if you use this
when she’s doing something that’s not crazy. She’s like, I’m just home and reading or something
like that. Then you’ll say in the first line you are…then
wait like a minute and say crazy. She knows you’re joking around. That’s a good way to be flirty. This is something you can say if she says
something that you don’t like, maybe she can’t meet up with you or she’s busy. This is not a way of guilting her. I know that I say that in my Ultimate Guide
To Texting. You never want to guilt a girl to make her
feel bad for something. This is obviously a joke. That’s it! You’re on my shit list. This is very appropriately written here. I would not say, you’re on my shit list da
da da…because that sounds intense. If you say, that’s it! You’re on my shit list, at that point, it
seems fun. It seems more jokey. Here’s another thing you can say if she says
something that maybe you don’t like, or you’re disagreeing with, or you guys are having some
friendly argument, or anything you can try to fit in, I just can’t do this anymore…we’re
breaking up. You’re too much trouble. I would even put in some winky face. Actually, I probably should have put in there. I’m going to amend this right now. Put some wink face at the end of it. That’s going to make this statement sound
even flirtier. Nicknames. Nicknames are a great way to flirt with the
girl. I like these. These are my three favorite. You can use whatever you want. You can come up with some nickname on the
spot. When you first met her, maybe you give her
some friendly nicknames, something funny, something cute. Troublemaker, cutie, missy. Again, these are not the only ones. You can come up with so much more, but these
are some good ones that I like to use. Let’s see these in action. And what are you up to missy? See how like flirty that sounds. How fun that sounds. You can use that when you’re seeing how she’s
doing. It is another kind of opening type of text,
hey troublemaker, what’s the latest? Again, being flirty here at the nicknames. Maybe she says something, this is more of
a response. If she says something, you say, ok cutie,
whatever you say… I would even maybe add an emoticon smiley
face after that too. Ok cutie, you whatever you say smiley face. That’d be way better actually. Pictures. Pictures are another great way to flirt with
a girl over text. There’s only two ways to do this. First one, always doing something, send something
fun that you’re doing and don’t send a dick. It pains me to have to say that second one,
but still guys do it to this day. Extremely rare that a girl is going to like
to see a picture of your dick. Don’t do that. Something fun you’re doing. That’s basically it, like that’s the rule
of sending a picture. Only send a picture of you doing something
fun. You can send it to out of nowhere.You can
open up a text message conversation with a picture of something that you’re doing. That’s a good way to get conversation going. That’s pretty much it. That’s the rundown for flirting with a girl
over text. I’m telling you, those are the best ways of
flirt with the girl. Use nicknames, use emoticons, use some teases,
use some statements. Put all those together, and boom, you’re flirting
over text. She’s gonna like it. If you want to learn more and you want to
get even more in depth into flirting over text messages, and how to get her to meet
up with you and all that great stuff, check out the Ultimate Guide To Texting. It’s one of my latest blog posts. Go check it out, the annotation is on the
screen. Click the screen or in the description below. It’s completely free. Start reading it, learning from it, implementing
from it. Of course, you can go in the description,
see some of these text messages, use them and see how they work for you. In fact, write a comment down below how these
text messages are working out for you. I want to hear from you. If you have any questions, I’m here to answer
them as well. Go ahead, put those in the comments below. Thanks for watching. Subscribe to the channel, putting out more
videos and I’m putting out a sexting video very soon. Most likely, as you’re watching this, the
sexting video is already out. Go check that out on the channel. I’ll talk to you next time.

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