How to Float Serve | Volleyball Lessons

How to Float Serve | Volleyball Lessons

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  1. F***K vollayball…

  2. Yep @j0sh0411! I always thank for that program cause before, I have a lil results. then with that program, I have now the highest vertical on my team at school. Highly recommended!

  3. looks like Alisha from misfits

  4. this is just for beach so if you play indoor it's much easier

  5. She is soooooo fooooooiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn cuh

  6. I'm in middle school and I wanna learn how to do a float serve but I can't even do a overhand serve ??I hope I make it in to varsity wish me luck

  7. They don't even show the float serve lol

  8. Short and Simple.

  9. One of the most idiotic lessons of Howcast! 😀 The bimbo doesn't even demonstrate! And she doesn't even explain what a float serve is. For those who unhappily try to find an answer here: a float serve is the one when the ball "floats", meaning it does not spin/rotate in the air (or does so very little). To train, you have to start with short serving attempts, like 2 meters, and the goal is the ball does not spin. When you achieve that, increase the distance gradually.

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