How To Get Free Steam Games – How To Get Free Games PC – Free Steam Games 2017 (Steam Origin UPlay)

How To Get Free Steam Games – How To Get Free Games PC – Free Steam Games 2017 (Steam Origin UPlay)

Hey what is going on guys my name is KKDominate
and in today video I’m going tobe teaching you guys How To Get Free Games on Your PC
(Steam Games Free). So without further do let’s get into today
video. I have three methods for PC users. So to get free games on PC all you guys need
to do is hop on Steam The first method is on Steam So what you guys want to do is hop
on Steam and if you do not have Steam application installed onto your computer you guys want
to install it from going on the top of the website and click on the green button saying
“Install Steam”. So once you have installed Steam you want
to open up Steam and you guys want to go to games and go to free to play. There is tons of free to play games for free,
you guys can choose whatever game you want to play for free and there is also demos and
also early access to games that you can get for free. A recent game that they have put out for free
that was for money was PayDay 2 I have downloaded it and played it for a while and it is a really
good game. So I highly rocommend you guys to download
PayDay 2 The Second method is Origin. Origin is with EA, so if you guys do not have
the Origin application on your computer you guys want to click the Download button as
well. Once you have Origin application installed
on to your computer, you guys want to open it up. On the Origin application you guys want to
click Free Games, once your on free games, there is the options On the house, Trials
and Demos. You guys want to click on On The House. On The House, Origin release a new game ever
month for free. You guys could get money games for free every
month. So once you click free games you want to hop
on to On The House, you guys will see a game called Metal Of Honor, Pacific Assuault, that
gamewas for money and now is actually for free so you guys can download it and keep
it in your library and you guys will have the game forever. Also there is other trials such as Plants
vs Zombies, Battlefield 1, Battlefield 4, so if you want to try out Battlefield you
guys can try the demos whcih is another plus. If you guys have not played Fifa on your computer
nad you really want to try it out, you guys could also try demos and beta of Fifa and
other games that EA have released. For the third method is Uplay, Uplay is a
Ubisoft version of Origin, it is runed by Ubisoft and they release a game every month
same thing as Origin, but for a couple of months they released The Crew for free, The
Crew is a racing game that was for money, they actually released it for free. I also remember they released Assassins Creed
3 so if you guys are fans of Ubisoft games you guys have to seriously download Uplay
because every moneth they release free games. And they also have trials for Tom Clancy so
you guys could also download Uno trials, also play any other games that they have free trials. So that is for the PC. So that is how to get steam games for free
on PC. So if you guys did enjoy this video, and if
it actaully helped you guys out make sure to give it a like. If you guys have not subscribed make sure
to susbcribe because I am going to be posting way more content on to my channel. This has been your boy KKDominate and I will
catch you guys in the next one Peace guys I’m out. How To Get Free Steam Games – How To Get Free
Games PC – Free Steam Games 2017 (Steam Origin UPlay)

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