How to get FREE Xbox One games and FREE Xbox 360 games! Working 2018!

yo guys how’s a going?
My name is Viizion. Today I’m gonna be showing you how to get free Xbox one
games and free Xbox 360 games so this is a great method and I highly suggest
using it. So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna go to a site called stoppaying4games dot weebly dot com. What you’re gonna want to do if you get this
pop-up is go ahead and disable your adblock. So I just click disable, close
that, refresh it and then there you go. So sometimes this might pop up, it’s just to
help support the site. Don’t click any of the things that pop up just click on
this little button up here that says skip ad. Sometimes it might create a new
tab it don’t worry about that just continue on. Just click on Xbox games
under this first drop-down menu and you’ll have this pop-up come up. I’m gonna do one of them. I’m gonna go ahead and do this one so have a
chance to win an iPhone 7. I’m just gonna do this and then I’ll be right
back. once I’m done filling in all my
information and all that. Okay so I did the survey it’s all done it worked,
it registered, all that stuff. It worked right because the pop-up is no
longer there. So I’m just gonna go ahead and click Xbox one because I want to get
Call of Duty: WWII on the Xbox One so I’m just going to punch in my
gamertag. There we go! What you want to do for
the game title is just go to the Xbox store and you want to search for the
game so I’ll search “Call of Duty: WWII”. What you want to do is make sure that
you punch in the name exactly how they have it right here – you don’t want to
type it any different way you don’t want to type Call of Duty WWII using numbers or anything like that. You want to use exactly what it has on the
site or else the method will not work. You’re just gonna paste it in there and
just click on submit. It’s going to say thank you your information has been
submitted and in about a day upwards of thirty days you should have the game
added to your account. It’s a great method, I highly recommend it! Go
check out the site there’s plenty of different methods on there, I’m gonna be
making more videos about the site and yeah! Hopefully this video helped you! Until next time guys – peace!

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