HOW TO GET GIRLS ON ONLINE (Step by Step 100% Working Method) | How to Pick Up Girls on

HOW TO GET GIRLS ON ONLINE (Step by Step 100% Working Method) | How to Pick Up Girls on

In this video I’ll be teaching you a STEP
BY STEP method for picking up girls on I was skeptical about this site at first,
but I ended up really liking it because once I figured out how to take advantage of it
I started getting TONS of numbers. The other good thing about it is, the girls
are a little more open and aren’t as shallow as they are on apps like Tinder so you don’t
have to be 6’3″ and look like Captain America to be successful on it; and, unlike something
like Instagram, every girl on this site is here because she WANTS to meet guys, so you
have a much better shot. So I decided to try it out for TWO WEEKS,
I messaged a ton of girls, tested a bunch of different things, and I figured out exactly
what works the best. I’ll be teaching you:
• What messages to send • How to set up your profile
• And how to go from texting within the Match app to getting a phone # So let’s hop right into it. First, what do you message them? Do you just say “hey what’s up”? Do you use a pickup line? Do you comment on something about their bio? Well don’t even worry about it because I already
tested everything for you. I tried 7 different types of openers:
#1. Puns
All you do is come up with a pun using the girl’s name. They should be: Unique, Creative, and Funny. Most girls love it because it shows that you’re
a witty and thoughtful guy. Here are some examples I used on girls, that
resulted in me getting their phone numbers: ◦ “You Shirley never had a guy open using
a pun.” ◦ “If you don’t think I’m cute, you’re a
damn Liyah.” ◦ “In your opinion, what’s the most tragic
event in US history? Imo it’s Pearl Harper.” ◦ “You seem interesting. I really Vanna talk to you.” • #2. Reference:
• This is just referencing something in her bio or her pictures. Now there’s a right way and a wrong way to
do this. The wrong way is just make an empty statement,
like “I see you like skydiving. Skydiving is cool.” The RIGHT way is to reference and ask a question
OR make an assumption. By asking a question you prevent her from
giving a one word answer, because if she answers the question it then gives you the opportunity
to ask more questions and to make statements about her answers. For example, “I see you like skydiving. What made you get into it?” Or you can make an assumption, for example,
“I see you like skydiving. You must be someone who enjoys adventure.” Another thing you can do is reference something
and disagree with it, for example there was a girl whose bio said “I used to be an avid
Club Penguin member, until they decided to shut it down, so I had to switch to Roblox,
which I’m not mad about.” I opened by saying “Roblox? Tower Unite is where it’s at.” We had a little back and forth and then switched
to talking about video games in general, and within a few minutes she agreed to come to
my place to play Mario Kart. • #3. Direct approach
Open her using whatever method you want, and add “what’s your phone number” at the end. It worked a little, but not as well as the
other methods. I recommend only using this if the girl’s
bio seems like she’s upfront and open to meeting up. • #4. Clickbait
This is really unreliable. Some girls fall for it, others don’t. The most effective way is to turn it into
a joke. For example, “You won’t believe what I just
found out.” They say “What?” and I’d say “You can clickbait
women into replying.” • #5. Basic approach This is pointless. It isn’t engaging, and even if she responds,
it leads to such a boring conversation that one of you will sooner or later stop responding. • #6. Pickup line. This is pointless. It didn’t work at all. • #7 Compliment. This is also pointless. You usually get an “aw, thank you” and that’s
the end of it. I tried complimenting girls and then milking
conversations out of it after they said thanks, but it never went anywhere. Here’s a chart I made showing how effective
each type of message was. It’s Based muthafuckin Zeus, baby – tell me
this isn’t impressive. I sent each type of message to 20 different
girls. Using the Pun type as an example, out of the
20 girls I sent puns to, 16 of them replied, and 15 turned into interesting conversations,
with 12 resulting in phone numbers. The worst methods were the Basic Approach
the Pickup Lines, and Compliments – you can see that some girls replied to them, but 0
of those replies resulted in phone numbers, so they were pointless. You can see that using puns and referencing
bios are the best ways to do it. Here’s a graph of it as well. Puns are great, referencing bios is great,
Direct approach is alright, and clickbait is alright. You can also see that if you compliment girls,
you’ll get a good number of responses, but you’ll mostly just be wasting your time having
conversations that lead nowhere, so avoid that. Regardless of what method you use, you want
to get her number as soon as possible. Don’t wait more than 5-8 messages to ask for
it. Attractive girls get tons of messages and
if you take too long, she’ll get busy and then by the time she looks at her phone again
your message has been pushed down by all the other guys messaging her, so she forgets about
you. So if things are going well, within 5-8 messages
you want to get her number. Some more tips to keep in mind:
• The subject line of the message isn’t important. Just don’t put “Hey.” Think about what you wrote in the message,
and then put an appropriate headline as the subject, as if you were sending a regular
email to a friend. • Read her bio and look for some buzzwords
you can use in your opener. • Tailor your message to the girl. A girl who has a lot of spiritual, ambitious,
or intellectual stuff in her bio, is probably down to talk about things like her life goals,
passion, and so on. On the other hand, a girl who has shit like
“I like to have fun” and “I’m adventurous,” just keep teasing her and making little jokes. Feel out the person you’re texting. Some girls are into long texts, others are
into short messages. A good speaker knows how to tailor what he’s
saying to his audience. You can also use the “Daily Matches” feature
for this, because it shows you right on screen what you guys both have in common. • Don’t “interview” her. Make statements. Disagree if you disagree. • Don’t be “nice,” but don’t be arrogant. Make your messages seem like you’re just messing
around and not really taking this online dating thing seriously. Don’t make “heartfelt compliments” because
it’s needy and the girl will get bored of you – actually, don’t make ANY compliment
until she’s already warmed up – do it only after she starts sounding DTF, but honestly
at that point you should be getting her number already anyway. • Get your priorities straight: if you read
between the lines, it’s clear from a girl’s bio if she’s looking for a hookup or a relationship. If you just want to hook up, don’t go for
girls that want a relationship, because you’ll waste your time. • When you get her number, have a reason
for it. Let’s say you both like art, talk about art,
ask her to go to an art gallery with you and then ask for her number. Also, you should have an Instagram or a Snapchat,
because some girls are nervous about giving out their numbers and this makes it easier
for them. • Be interesting. Most girls are boring texters and give boring
answers, so it’s easier to just be interesting and make them ask all the questions. A lot of the conversations I had revolved
around me – my hobbies, the places I’ve lived, the things I like to do and the things I can
do, and so on. • Share stories. I found that this is probably the best way
to bond with girls on Match. If she tells you a story, tell her about a
similar thing that happened to you, plus ask an extra question, so it keeps going. Now, let me tell you how to set up your bio. It’s actually really simple. • For the bio itself, keep it short, funny,
and honest. It should give the girl a slight idea of your
personality without being a huge essay with a list of every single hobby you have. Short and simple and somewhat funny, but if
you can’t work something funny into it then don’t push it. Most guys have really tryhard profiles which
don’t work. Honestly this isn’t that important anyway
because most girls never message guys first, so they only look at your bio after you’ve
already messaged them and been talking for a little while. So just have one that’s short and to the point. • For your profile picture: I found the
best to be a nice, clear photo of you from your chest up. Have a friend take it, use a tripod, or prop
your camera up on something, so it doesn’t look like a selfie. • For your other pictures: A lot of guys
on Match overuse sporty pictures like rock climbing, beach pics, animal pics, and so
on. In my opinion it’s too generic since everyone
has realized it works, which means it no longer works because everyone else is already doing
it. I took a different route and used pics that
showcased my personality. No mirror pics, no shirtless pics in places
where you should have a shirt on you get the idea. The goal is to showcase how cool your life
is BUT, it can’t seem like you’re showing off. Here’s what I used:
◦ 1 profile pic – chest up, you can clearly see my face. ◦ 3 pics of me around town taken by a friend
who’s into photography, so they look professional automatically stand out against all the dudes
taking blurry ass selfies in the bathroom. ◦ 1 pic of me in an art class doing a goofy
pose next to a really bad drawing. Shows I have hobbies and a sense of humor. ◦ 1 pic of me at a party with some friends. Shows I have a social life. ◦ 1 pic of me holding something. Shows off my ripped ass bicep muscles without
looking like I’m intentionally showing off. ◦ 1 pic of me in a tux, with one of my friends,
and a girl. Shows I have style, and I actually know a
girl. ◦ 1 pic of me with a couple girls. You should have 1 or 2 pics with girls, because
showing you actually know other girls seriously boosts your attractiveness. If you don’t know any girls, then even pics
with female cousins or your friend’s girlfriends or random girls on the street is fine. So those are the pictures I used. The main idea is: (1) show you have a sense
of humor, (2) show off without showing off, and (3) show you have some semblance of a
social life. If you can’t do that, just do the best you
can, it’s not a big deal. So there you have it! That’s exactly how to set up your bio, your
pics, and exactly how to message them! Here’s the chart again for reference. You definitely want to message a bunch of
girls, don’t just pick 2 or 3 and expect them to fall in love with you. Message lots of people and feel it out so
you can get an idea of what works for you. This is actually a really easy way to meet
girls of all ages so I highly recommend trying it out yourself for a week or 2. Just hop right into it and start messaging
them and you’ll get the hang of it really fast. You can also use the link on-screen, and in
the description below, to get a one week free trial at the site, courtesy of your boy Based
Zeus. Like I said, when Match first asked me if
they could sponsor a video, I was a little skeptical – and I didn’t want to recommend
something that didn’t work – so I got on there myself and tried it out, and it actually works
really well! So hop on it and try it yourself and then
come back next week and leave a comment letting me know

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