How To Get Lifeguard For Free ($865,000 Value) In GTA Online – GTA 5 Discussion #124

How To Get Lifeguard For Free ($865,000 Value) In GTA Online – GTA 5 Discussion #124

Hello everyone I’m Broughy1322. Now, I normally
don’t make videos like this but considering this is completely legitimate and it goes
against the outright ridiculousness of Rockstar’s pricing for vehicles that have been in the
game since 2013, I feel it’s reasonable. So if you want the “newly-added-to-warstock”
Lifeguard but you don’t want to pay 865,000 dollars for it, you’re in luck. All you need
to do is have someone who already has a Lifeguard drive to the Lifeguard station at Vespucci
beach in it and others will spawn there. Simply take one of those, drive it into your garage,
and you’re done. You’ve got your very own Lifeguard, completely legitimately, for free. Two quick notes. The first is that even though
you can’t upgrade the Lifeguard with performance modifications, you can still add insurance.
It’s expensive though, costing around 100k, but that’s still putting you over 700k better
off than buying it outright. Also, obviously as I said this does requires somebody else
who already has a lifeguard (maybe you guys can use the comments of this video to help
each other out if that’s something you want to do), but if you’re really hard up, really
want a lifeguard, and have no other way to get in touch with someone else, you could
also buy the Lifeguard first, drive it to the location, store one of the spawned versions
in your garage, and sell the version that you bought. It’s still going to cost you around
500k overall when you’re done, but again it’s better than over 850k. Also of course better to do this earlier rather
than later. Who knows how long it’ll be possible to do this, although it is the exact same
method that we used to get the Romero Hearse back in the day. I’m not sure if that still
works since they made it available to buy but I presume it still does. I don’t know
if this is going to be changed ever, but it might. So better to do it early and get one
in your garage before they change something Now this probably happened because Rockstar
likely didn’t realise the car can spawn in this way when they chose to add it to Warstock
Cache and Carry. They saw the dollar signs of being able to sell a car that has existed
in game since 2013 for nearly 1 million dollars (like they did with the Lazer, selling that
for 6.5 million, and like they’ve done with the other vehicles that are on Warstock from
this DLC) and assumed it either wouldn’t spawn or couldn’t be drove into your garage like
other cars that are “too hot to store” in this game about stealing cars. Since there
aren’t any glitches or mods involved in any of this, it’s a completely legitimate way
to get a car that Rockstar have decided should cost 865,000 dollars for free. And on that note, for the love of god don’t
buy the Fire Truck. Again another vehicle that’s been in the game since release in 2013,
you can buy it now on the Warstock site for 3.3 MILLION DOLLARS, which is more expensive
than every single supercar in the game. And since it’s a Pegasus vehicle, you’re basically
paying 3.3 million dollars to get the ability to call Pegasus and have them deliver it to
a location that will hopefully be somewhere close to you. Instead, just call 911 and take
that Fire Truck. It’ll come directly to wherever you are and you’ll be 3 million dollars better
off. If Rockstar deem it to be their job to sell
already existing cars for exorbitant prices for pretty much no reason, I deem it my job
to let you know why you shouldn’t, or don’t need to, pay those exorbitant prices. Oh and if you want to know the performance
of the Lifeguard or the Fire Truck, they’re all featured in the Emergency vehicles class
lap time and top speed videos. Which I did updated versions of last year. Because the
vehicles have been in the game since 2013. I’ll leave links to those videos in the description. Thanks a lot for watching everyone, and I’ll
see you next time.

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  1. Emergency Class Videos

    Lap Time:

    Top Speed:

    This supposedly also works for the "new" Bugstars Burrito, just take one here:


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  2. Still a bit peeved about the fact that you can get security outfits, but no cop outfit, and still can't buy the bag. R* YOU WE'RE SO CLOSE.

  3. Apparently you can get a used fire truck for under $200k. Street legal too.

  4. Friendly warning, b VERY careful when browsing war stock. I accidentally pressed the buy it now button, and there was no confirmation of purchase tab.. over 3M wasted immediatly

  5. Can't you use this to multiply lifeguards and sell all those, making this an infinite money glitch? Or you can't sell those multiplied vehicles?

  6. Xbox bashfulagate613

  7. I noticed that the Lifeguard Blazer is now fully upgradeable, with engine, turbo, etc. Could be wrong but I don't think it was before.

  8. Honestly no point owning it unless you can change the color, remove the words on it & the stuff on it, & upgrade it like normal cars.
    Basically it can be a discount FIB Granger at this point lol.

  9. Can someone help me get this on Xbox please
    Gamertag: BR0WN DAD

  10. I'm questioning if we are expecting other emergency vehicles to be released?

  11. I don’t have a 911 option on my phone

  12. If there's anyone out here with either the Lifeguard Granger or Bugstars Burrito and you play on PS4 please tell me.
    Gamertag: EL1AS_03

  13. I bought the fire truck thinking I could upgrade it

  14. Anyone willing to help me get the lifeguard I'm on ps4 my gamer tag is CraZPyro

  15. How much does the free lifeguard sell for?

  16. Can you sell it for a lot once your friend gets the car

  17. Once your friend gets the car can he sell it for a lot

  18. Was kinda hoping to be able to change the color

  19. Normal granger: 4wd
    Lifeguard granger: rwd

  20. I have my lifeguard on bennys

  21. does anybody have it please add me extrnal-19 psn

  22. Not all heroes wear capes

  23. This thing works with the Bugstars van too just go to bugstar building next to the cheapest night club in docks i tried with my friends and there were like 7 vans

  24. Can someone help me with this on pc? My steam name is "Tjaigo"

  25. Does it not just spawn normally?

  26. Someone have the car ? xbox1 gamertag. Flakito504

  27. Anyone here have the lifeguard suv that can help me get it

  28. This video is the equivalent to bitch slapping rockstar in the face

  29. Lol they should do this with the new open wheeled cars…. heyy!!!!!!

  30. Started playing gta online again when I got new computer. After grinding 8hours heists with my friends I was able to buy garage and armoured kuruma I still think rockstars prices are big joke and lost motivation already to play this game legimately after been killed like 57 times by scumbags with flying motorcycles and blazing rockets. Thanks rockstar for this nonsence

  31. I'm on Xbox and I need it, my gt is xXpokechimpXx

  32. The prices for these are a damn meme

  33. Can anyone confirm that the spawned version is identical? Are there any differences? Even if slight.

  34. Anyone have one? I’d like to get it for free.

  35. My friends are complaining about the fact that I won't buy the firetruck when I have 186 million.
    I'm not buying that thing for how much it is…

  36. Broughy does hearse spawn 2019.

  37. Can you farm Lifeguards by having someone who owns one make more spawn, and then just sell those?

  38. I have it on Xbox, comment GTs

  39. I just called 911 for the fire truck you can't store it in a garage

  40. anyone who have the lifeguard? would anyone be willing to add me on psn? @Eelkk I would love to have this car

  41. Why would you want one?

  42. I took the Lifeguard Granger and Lifeguard Blazer and put them in a garage with the Freecrawler in the Lifeguard Livery

  43. How much does it sell for wtf?

  44. The 850k version have a bumper which you never got one in any spawn

  45. When you're rich and you bought it anyways.

  46. So if you have the RCV why get the firetruck? Can you call it to skip a heist setup without getting a wanted level?

  47. Thank you Broughy, you are a lifesaver

  48. People should already know how to get this for free

  49. Cockstar will sure patch this asap.

  50. I collect crap like this, if anyone wants one, I'm on Xbox

  51. Ok but how much can you sell it for?

  52. Much like the street Granger, it will spawn with or without the front grill guard. I didn't find anyone in my session spawning one so I bought one and stored 4 more – 2 of each kind. I'll keep the bought one until we find out how R* is going to fix the glitch. Sucks that all you can do is add insurance. Where as the lifeguard ATV you can upgrade and paint it (although the red is persistent, so I'm guessing they didn't intend for paint jobs). But ultra blue almost works as an alternative paint job.

  53. Bugstar van can be upgraded, and spawned!

  54. And of course, six years and still counting, still no police car to purchase. What the hell rockstar.

  55. Bugstar is the same get someone to drive to the docks go to the bugstar HQ the van will spawn i hope that was useful for some people

  56. Just cheat the money ??

  57. Got that lifeguard suv with Benny’s, lights, upgraded easy and the bugstar van…

  58. I can do this for Xbox – Gamertag is TsK Kieran

    (I have the SUV)

  59. Ok. I'm going to make a RATHER important point here. These lifeguard vehicles CANNOT be sold. So if like me, you thought you might make some $ from this and steal 15 of these lifeguard vehicles to sell, you're going to end up with 15 of these $#T^#%$^@#[email protected]# lifeguard vehicles in your garages. Like me.
    So yeah. Kind of an important tiny little detail that isn't in this video.

  60. I only bought bugstar van and stockade as you don’t see them parked also I found them unique

  61. Someone can help me out to get this car? And i maybe can do a favor back. Helping selling something or collect supplies.. add me PSN: Scaryclow007 and PM me

  62. Hey can someone help me get the life guard van and I’m on xbox

  63. Can you sell ones that you find?

  64. I've seen the lifeguard truck spawn when riding in other emergency vehicles maybe less likely but still happened

  65. Anyone want to help me get a lifeguard SUV? Send me a msg on Xbox telling me you're interested. I'm also happy to help others to get the Lifeguard SUV afterwards! GT: pogue972

  66. How much does the lifeguard sell for??

  67. Well how much will i get if
    I sell it????. Means spwan it again and again and sell it. Can i sell it or not???

  68. This might seem dumb but can you sell the spawned version for the sell price of the purchasable lifeguard truck?

  69. Anyone who has a lifeguard and would like to help me get one. I will pass it on. Crawpupps ps4

  70. Someone add me to do it

  71. Let's see… $3.3m to have the privilege of being able to call Pegasus to deliver a fire truck, or blow something up with a grenade and have one brought to me for only the cost of the grenade? Yeah, to heck with buying it.

  72. If someone wants to help me get one, i can help you get a Dubsta2
    PSN: lukasz01ftw

  73. Anyone on PC wanting to help me get one?

  74. I got the life guard ATV from the old ps3 days can I spawn others to give to people?

  75. If anyone needs this on PS4 add me thegtabossman19

  76. I bought one, me and my friend went to the beach saw loads assuming you can’t store one and then I go afk and he comes back bragging about how he stored it for free and I payed 800k

  77. can anyone help me get the lifeguard

  78. So you cant tune the lifeguard car when you got it from the beach. Is this the same when you buy it? Are you not able to tune it then as well?

  79. Anyone wanna help me get the lifeguard add me on Xbox Smilyistoxic

  80. If you do buy it, you only lose $300,000 as it sells for $516,000 after you get one of the spawned ones =D

  81. I'm on Xbox now, you want it? Madmax71421

  82. If someone could help me on ps4 I would be grateful thx

  83. the month i stop playing gta they start adding stuff that shouldve been added years ago…

  84. Xbox one KillrMonetary6 I don’t have the lifeguard

  85. Looking for lifegard on ps4 hit me up (Cotvette)

  86. If this doesn't make people realise gta is a dirty cash grab by now no one ever will. Do you think rockstar will change this heck no! overpriced vehicles have been going on in gta for a long time now.

  87. I need help getting one, Xbox tag is SteamedDonk6269

  88. How much does it sell for?

  89. lol rockstar charging in-game money for this. Rockstar is becoming the Apple of games.

  90. Anyone got a lifeguard suv?

  91. How much does the lifeguard sell for

  92. Fire truck > Oppressor

  93. Who the fuck would spend almost a million dollars on an SUV

  94. I bought the fire truck and the Luxor deluxe

  95. So is the Stockade customizable?

  96. Does the copy sell as the original?

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