How to get pregnant in The Sims Freeplay (Pregnancy Event Overview)

How to get pregnant in The Sims Freeplay (Pregnancy Event Overview)

– [Michelle] Hello my bold and beautiful Dare to Dreamer’s, it’s Michelle Osorio. Formerly of Kill9TV, now we are called the Dare to Dreamer. And I am so excited to let you know that EA Firemonkeys has given me a preview of the new Sims FreePlay update, yes pregnancy has come to The Sims FreePlay. Woohoo! Well you don’t actually have to woohoo to get the pregnancy update. But I am very happy to
share this with you. And for the preview I actually created the little mermaid theme, as I do this walk-through with you. So, Ariel is going to have
a baby with Prince Eric. So to start this quest, It’s called A Bump-y Ride, you’ll need to build the maternity store. Once you do that you’ll
be able to start the quest when it’s done being built. And you’ll be able to
have your first pregnancy. Which results in a baby at the end. So first things first, something really important to note is you will be able to still
have a baby the old way. Which is basically to
buy a baby with a crib. I already got questions on
Twitter and Instagram about that. But there are two new options. You’ll be able to have
two types of pregnancies, you can do the full nine day pregnancy. The nine day pregnancy has lots of bonuses that you can get. You’ll be able to get maternity tokens and use them to buy clothes and furniture in the maternity store, which is awesome. And you’ll get bonuses that will lead to you having a super Sim baby. So very cool, but very very involved. So if you don’t have a
lot of time on your hands, you can do the six day pregnancy, and it’s completely automated. So that’s really more
if you just wanna enjoy seeing your Sim be pregnant, but you don’t wanna do all the tasks involved with the bonuses. Now both forms of pregnancy consist of two unique baby bump stages. That appear at the start of
trimesters two and three. Keep in mind though, that pregnancy, now that’s the six day one, skips the bump-free trimester one. That’s how they skip the first three days. Now to participate in a
pregnancy event or pregnancy, you will need to complete
two-and-a-half Sims and be level eight. Also, only adult female
Sims can participate in the pregnancy event, okay. And only one pregnancy event
can be active at a time. That’s the nine day event, so only one Sim can be doing
the nine day event at a time. However, you can have multiple pregnancies happening at the same time, if you were to do, say the six day event. So you could have a nine day pregnant Sim and a six day pregnant
Sim at the same time. Does that make sense? Let me know if that makes sense. Now keep in mind too, your pregnant Sim cannot participate in
professions, careers, hobbies or live events. So, when you are doing this, if you’re involved in the pregnancy event. Then there are two sort
of goal-sets, okay. There’s the one that
the pregnant Sim does, who has daily goals each day. And then any Sim can do the support tasks. So don’t get confused, most of us in the game-changers program, well of a few of us, got
a little confused by that. So, always keep in mind which Sim you’re playing at that moment. If you’re not seeing the tasks you wanted to complete the goals, that probably means that
you’ve selected the wrong Sim. Only the pregnant Sim can do
most of those daily goals. But any Sim, including the pregnant Sim, can do the support goals. So basically all the Sims are
helping out the pregnant Sim, it’s really cute, in my case it’s Ariel. So her Prince Eric can help her out with the support tasks. But, if she’s completed
all her daily tasks, her daily goals, she can
also do the support goals. If you want, cause there are
a lot of goals, my friends. There is a lot going on. You’ll need to be very active, and very on top of things. It will be a lot do to, but it is totally do-able in the nine days given for this event. It can be done. Just get your alarm ready to go. So you can stay on top of it. So the support tasks are really cute. Basically, the other Sims can, knit little woolies, they can sew clothes. They can make phone calls, they can start to plan things for the
baby at the dining table, all very cute. Now the goals are gonna say, we want five of these,
or 12 sets of clothes. So the really important thing is, let’s say the max is they
wanted 13 of something. They wanted 13 sets of clothes to be sewn. You’re gonna want to put all your Sims all 12 of your Sims if you
have them, at that goal. You want them to be doing
that task immediately, at the same time. It’s gonna save you a lot of time if you take that strategy. That way when they’re all done, you’ve just completed the whole goal set. So, it is important to
strategize that way. I created my little, I like
to call them sweatshops. So I created my little sweatshops of 12 or 13 people at a time, doing all the sewing,
making all the plans, doing all the phone calls. Another important thing
is, you may wanna invest in items that have high stars. Such as stoves and sofas so that when you are doing your tasks, they’ll be completed in
a shorter amount of time. Because the time it takes to finish a goal actually will be affected by the quality of the
furniture you’re using. So for the pregnant Sim, she has lots of really cute things to do. She plays with her belly,
she sings to her baby. I love when she practices feeding the baby that’s really cute. And she makes phone calls every day, and consults with a professional. So in the preview build
Ariel got to meet with a doctor to check up on the baby. She got to do an ultrasound, she also got to meet with
an aerobics instructor. And a yoga instructor. Now something important to note is, don’t take these images
verbatim so to speak. Because whom you meet
with in your version, and how much it costs,
or how long it takes. All of that may vary by
the time that you get it. We were told when we
got the preview build, that some of these appointments might not be available actually
until a later update. And that how much it costs, all of that, that might change. So do keep that in mind. But I really did enjoy
going through this process, Ariel was so cute, I tried my best to give her clothes that matched the color of Ariel’s clothes. So she started with the blue
sea-foam glittery dress, from the end of The Little Mermaid, when she joins Prince Eric. Spoiler alert if you
haven’t seen that movie yet. And then after that I tried to stick with purple and green. Just to stick with the theme and keep her really Ariel looking. I know her hair’s not quite red enough. But I did do my best with what
I had in this preview build, that Firemonkeys provided for us. Now also keep in mind when
you’re looking at this screen, that the maternity tokens, and the money and the
LP and the social points all of these were just given to us as part of this preview build. This is not my actual real
Sims FreePlay account. So I’m able to rush through all this so that I can show you what it’s like. This is not my actual game. When this actually starts on June 19th, times vary depending on where you are in the world and what
mobile device you have. I will be there right along with you. Grinding away, setting my alarm, coming into the game,
doing all of my goals. So I will be right there with you. So feel free to leave comments
if you have questions, and I will try my best to help you out. One really important thing
I want to point out though, very important is, don’t make the mistake I did and think that you can catch up later. With your daily goals. You really need to finish your
goals each day on the day. It’s still important to do it, because you do want
those maternity tokens, even if you did fall behind. Because you can buy
adorable maternity wear, you can buy really cute
baby furniture, yes. But if you want that super Sim, if you want a super Sim baby at the end. You gotta make sure that you complete all your
goals on the actual day. Don’t fall behind. Okay so if you wanna see
baby Melody being born, just watch this last part of the video. And thank you for watching. Now as you all know before Kill9TV changed to Dare to Dreamer, what I’m really known for here is live action video game stuff. Like The Real Sims and Boomer’s Day Off. That’s the stuff you all really like. So we’re going back to our roots and we’re gonna make some changes so that we go back to
more live action content, mostly of the musical variety. You know I love making
video game music videos, so I have some Kingdom Hearts coming up because you all voted in my Twitter, YouTube and Instagram surveys. And you all wanted Kingdom Heart. So we’re gonna do that. But a lot of you also wanted more Disney. And some cameos from some
of my family members. You know the boy that played
my baby in The Real Sims, is my actual nephew Caleb
and you might see him again. And my little niece in
some Disney descendants and zombie music videos
that I’m working on. So once again I’m Michelle Osorio if you want to ask me any questions, or you want a shout out on a future video, follow me on Instagram,
I’m Michelle Osorio Martin. And it would help me out so much if you hit that thumbs up button. If you found this even remotely helpful and if you wanna see those cool video game and Disney music videos, well hit that subscribe
button and tap the bell. And remember my loves, be bold, be daring, be beautiful. Be a Dare to Dreamer. Sul sul, Osorio out.

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