How To Grow Taller In 1 Week – IT WORKS!

How To Grow Taller In 1 Week – IT WORKS!

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  1. Guys EAT HEALTHY ..Im 5’10 and 20 my dad is 6’5 brother just turned 19 and is 6’1 he moved with my aunt DEC 2017 we were the same height before he left aunt is a health freak

  2. According to Ayurveda Genetics can be changed if u are teen

  3. im 12 and im 154 cm (am i small? haha)

  4. This motherfucker just clickbait it us lol

  5. How s that? It is not really genetic.
    my father is 5'2 my mother is 5' . Im 5'3 my brother 5'5.

    If it is genetic….How did we grew taller than mom and dad??????

  6. why does he keep switching his voice tone? it is extremely annoying

  7. I was 5’1 Now I’m 7’1 this method works

  8. When we go to sun light it will effect our skin colour and become black?

  9. I need this vedio can you help me im Asian and not Tall. I want to be 56 tall

  10. Well guys no matter what… You gotta get an x-ray of your leg joints to check whether your joint bone plates have grown or not… If it hasn't, then you still got time to get taller … Else, well maybe a miracle I guess… Best thing is to don't lose hope… I'm 18 and 6 months ago I was 172. Now with exercise, meditation and lots of sleep I'm 174… Not bad I guess… Though no matter what don't lose hope… Jus believe in yourself and work hard

  11. I’m not going to get tall fake plus my mom is 5 feet and 2 inc my dad is 5 4

  12. My son is 11 years and 6 months old, What is the best time for exercise for him(hanging and stretching exercise), is it before bed time or evening,after he come s from school

  13. Apna apna channel bnao sb insy b koi faida ni hua..hmsy b ni hoga..atleast salry miljygii…

  14. Fuck you gay looking asshole ugly freak !!

  15. I'm 13 years old 5'1 or 5'2 i want to grow to 5'4 in a week can this work to me if not command me to change this video and i am a boy

  16. Him: You must take vitamin D
    Me: *grabs milk while watching

  17. Appreciate video content! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your thoughts. Have you tried – Patlarny Become Tall Principle (google it)? It is an awesome exclusive product for learning how to grow taller fast without the hard work. Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my cousin at very last got great success with it.

  18. Guys smook some marijuana ….guys you can buy some catridges if you want to be taller in just 1 week….. guys this kid speak alot

  19. Oh my gosh I was 3’11 yesterday and after a day of excirsises I was 6’3 thanks so much

  20. Your face is so punchable

  21. Are You Human …?

  22. Bro it's really workkss

  23. U are a fucking lair

  24. You are the same height in the thumbnail

  25. im 5 '11 trying to be 6'4

  26. Lawda le Mera bhadwe Jo bolra 1week me badegi height

  27. We get vitamin D from the Sun !

  28. How minutes exercise

  29. ✔️Very helpful video,thanks so much…Hello Guys!!????I wanted to share this awesome experience with you. I really don't want your short friends to be desperate….
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  30. I'm 5'6 and I'm 13 being 5'7 is bad for a grown man

  31. I'm 24 years old.I have been using ""Growth Boom pro""" grow taller product for 6 months.

    Since 6 months I have gained about 5 inches high.I would recommend it to everyone. www… growthboompro… com

    i did not see any side effects and worked perfectly .

  32. Wait… I eat a lot but don't get full… So it means it's still ok?

  33. I've tried a lot of products to be taller, I didn't get 1 inch even when I met Growth Sinerama wmx/height enhancer. I have been using this product for about 10 months and I have gained as much as 3 inches. finding a solution to work is truly amazing. And I feel more confident now. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to gain more height in the solution that works.

  34. I’m 14 and 6’3 why am i here brUh

  35. Hello sorry does the jumping rope exercise can help height , taller increase??

  36. At 4:12 what tf are levs

  37. protip: it doesn't work

  38. Bhagh ferangi bhagh

  39. Iam 5,9 and I fill short

  40. Can you talk in kg

  41. Guys im 13 years old 1,74 cm height and i stop growing maybe because i sleep 4-5 hours a day and i lift weight like 50 kgs squads and i dont eat calcium. Is because of these you think?

  42. i grew 1 mm after watching this i recommend using these methods

  43. 5'7 is perfect lol?? Im nearly 6'1 and im complaining that i needa grow to at least 6'2 lol

  44. 5 ft 11 how to grow 6 ft 3 age 22

  45. tera mu tikh krle

  46. This worked I’m 11 I was 5 feet 1 I did i this for 5 motnths I am 5 feet 5

  47. Endu thallada ente ponno

  48. Bro I was 5’2 at age 36. After this video I’m not 9’8

  49. His voice makes me want to punch his shortass face

  50. Y was this video not uploaded on Apr 1

  51. Who the FUCK is this idiot?

  52. You sound like derp

  53. “ ? -sercise”

  54. thanks for the advice i think this might work

  55. Why is he trying so fucking hard to fake his voice?

  56. The key to the height is all about genes

  57. Are you British?

  58. We have the power to ruin this guy YouTube career. He is not a reliable person.

  59. Teri ma ki chu*. 1 week me??? Bsdk Bghwan se daro

  60. 1. Say guys
    2. repeat 10 million times

  61. Does the cobra stretch work????

  62. My dad is 5'5 and my mom is 5'4 and I'm 5'9 lol. Height is genetic

  63. Ih si anak bujang ini ngomong apa sih

  64. I’m 5,3 and I’m 15.. My dad is 2 meters and my mom is 5,2

    Any help?

  65. 1 week.. it would be the most amazing miracle in the whole world. Lmao

  66. So Im 4’10, now im 6ft amazing ??

  67. I hate how u fake your voice??

  68. 5’7 is not perfect lmao, that’s short af

  69. What accent is that

  70. I'm 32 but I'm only 5'8

  71. Before im 5ft 3inch then im 5ft 3inch

  72. >>>>>I'm 24 years old.I have been using Growth Boom pro height system for 12 months.

    Since 12 months I have gained about 3 inches high.I would recommend it to everyone.
    i did not see any side effects and worked perfectly . <<<<<

  73. I'm in love with your accent?

  74. Thanks for this great video Ashboy!Hello everyone..Best grow taller supplement →Growth__sinerama__wmx grow taller product← (find it google..↑
    i gained almost4 inch last year↑..I did not see any side effects..i strongly recommend everyone…


  75. what the fuck did u even say from 0:00 to 0:06 ?????

  76. Talking for 5 minute

  77. False he’s not wrong you can grow taller but not in one week it takes time. Stretching actually corrects your posture and ligaments in your body, it expands your inner bone cartiledge, and makes you taller…..BUT NOT IN ONE WEEK

  78. I'm 15 5'7
    3 month ago i was 5'5 then i started drinking 2-3 glass of milk and eating 1-2 bananas a day
    Before i was 55 in k.g
    Now iam 58 k.g
    I also make 200 pushups for 1 month in my channel today is my first week
    Subscribe my channel and click notifaction so u will be notifited when i upload the video ;D

  79. Rose's are red
    Voilets are blue
    I just got clickbaited
    And so did you

  80. which are growth inhibitors?

  81. I heard nothing u said in the intro

  82. This guy TOOK 4 minutes of talking about some next shit than getting

  83. My sister is 14 and 6'0

  84. da police aR afta me/// ehj ehj ehj…
    {his voice}
    u know what i mean

  85. I’m watching this and I’m taller than him

  86. Skip to 2:44 for the it to start

  87. I’m already 5’7 and I’m 10

  88. Is this for real?

  89. Classic annoying ass youtuber voice

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