How to Hit a Softball | Softball Lessons

How to Hit a Softball | Softball Lessons

“I’m Erin Goettlicher, and I’m a professional
softball coach. After I played through high school, I went
out and played for college level, and then spent a cup of tea at the professional level. I’m self-employed, and own Pro Softball Training. Pro Softball Training offers instruction in
all kinds of softball. You name it, we can do it. Today, I will be talking to you about softball. Hitting a softball is one of the most difficult
skills in all of sports. Not only do we have to track a moving ball
that is coming at different speeds at different locations, but we have to swing a bat that
is only this big, and make contact with that ball. The most important part of hitting is getting
lots of practice. It takes lots of swings, good swings to get
good at it. And even then, it’s a constant work in progress. Even at the professional level, players are
constantly working on their swing and fixing struggle points. The first thing we want to do is make sure
we get ourselves in a good stance. Getting in a good stance is going to give
us a good base to start from. If we’re set up correctly, it’s going to help
us with the rest of our swing. Typically in our stance, we want to get our
feet about shoulder width apart. Some will be a little farther, some will be
a little more narrow. We want to avoid too far in either direction. Mostly, we want to be able to be balanced
and to be able to feel the weight on the insides of our thighs. Once I have my feet set in my stance, I want
to make sure I have a good grip on the bat. It’s important that I grip the bat more with
my fingers and the pads of my hand, not deep into my palm. I don’t want to grip this bat tight, or what
we call “”choke it””. I want to have it in those fingers, so that
I can have loose, flexible wrists. I need to be able to have good control of
this bat. My hands are going to be somewhere near between
my ear and my shoulder. I don’t want to be too high and I don’t want
to be too low. So, comfortably right in this area. My next step is to get my load. The load is where we get our weight shifted
back slightly. This is what’s going to help us create that
power and that drive into the ball. After I’ve loaded, I’m going to do what we
call stride. Some people pick their foot up and put it
back down. Some people simply shift their weight a little
bit towards that front foot. My hands want to do what we say “”stay inside
the ball”” or stay close to our body. I want to avoid my hands getting far out here
and swinging straight with my arms. I want to keep those hands close to my body,
so that I can lead with my elbow, then with my hands and create what we call “”a whipping
action”” of the bat through the zone. So, I get in my stance. I’m good and set. Now, I’m ready to go. I get my load, my stride, and now I can swing
through the zone. My finish wants to be long. I want to extend as far as I can with my arms
through the path of the ball and when I finish I should end up balanced with my weight over
my belly button. My feet aren’t going to move a whole lot. I’ll have a slight turn in my back foot, but
my front foot wants to stay strong and firm.”

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  1. Many major league baseball players actually roll the front foot over on the "finish" portion of the swing. Which goes to show you even they don't follow proper technique all the time.

  2. the way she swings is like the same way i swing so this video should be me but she is as good as me

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  7. Having played both I will tell you you are wrong

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  13. Hi Savannah,

    1) You have to watch the ball the entire time. If you find the ball is coming too fast, try to find a spot in the outfield to look at, then alternate looking at that spot and the pitcher repeatedly up when the pitcher starts their delivery. This will help you track the ball better.

    2) Make sure your bat is steady and not shaking while the pitch is coming.

    3) For really fast pitchers I used to lower my bat a bit so that I could swing faster.

    Hope this helps!

  14. Do u also help poor local teams on poor countries? I LOVE UR BAT 🙂

  15. i play softball at school, and the only thing im really any good at is hitting. i sure can hit…

  16. I'm learning how to pitch and I've learned to snap my hips. Is that also wat u need to do with batting?????

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  18. Do you believe everyone swings and gets loaded differently? My coach says i stride to much or im reaching for it. but what does she know shes a fat cow?! She wants everyone to bat like her and if you dont bat like her you are a flex and another strong batter is a DH

  19. Do you recommend having your elbow up?

  20. Thanks coach Erin! I just took on the unexpected role of girls softball coach ages 8 – 10.  Kudos for the Fantastic Tutorial…  Alby Back!  

  21. @ Sarah, never hit with your elbows up. If u are right handed and your back elbow is up, most likely you would have to drop your elbow right before the ball comes. This will cause you to "pop up" or hit a "weak ground ball". Harli, you never want a large stride, this will cause u to swing under the ball, which will force u to "pop up" the ball. You want your legs to be shoulder width apart, slight bend if you're comfortable, with a short stride to the ball. This way you can hit any pitch.

  22. Don't let go! you will have less power if you let go!

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  29. Thank you so much for the helpful information. I have played baseball/softball in America, however, I now live in the Philippines and play softball here. I have to say that the Filipino strike zone is very low and inconsistent. The lower strike zone is between the ankle an the knee. I am not tall (5'10"), but taller than the average Filipino. Maybe that is why the strike zone is so low. Maybe it will be a good idea for me to move my feet a little wider than my shoulders on the hit since I have to dig lower into the pitch. Regardless, your technique of keeping the bat close to the body and following through will help me a lot. Thank you!

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  37. yes you need to have your elbow up, to everyone asking. I played from 5-14 years old and I'm 17 and starting again but I need to get back into routine and I'm going back over everything. keeping my elbow up helps me with my aim and flexibility, but that's just me.

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