How to Improve Your Skills | Badminton Lessons

How to Improve Your Skills | Badminton Lessons

Next I’d like to discuss improving your badminton
skills. I like to look at badminton skills in two
areas. First, foot work in which you find a way to
move around the court in a very efficient manner using the least energy possible. It’s very important in singles, especially,
when you have to conserve energy and you’re playing against another high energy individual. The next basic area of badminton skills are
the actual shots. You have your basic shots in badminton are
clears, smashes, drops, and drives. In order to improve your badminton skills
it’s imperative that you just practice, practice, practice, and practice really does make perfect. Especially in badminton. A lot of improvement in the sport of badminton
also occurs outside the court in terms of conditioning, strength training, endurance
training, et cetera. And that’s how you improve your badminton

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  1. V.V first? IDGAF no one GAF

  2. Again, people won't learn how to improve if they don't show the ways how.

  3. maybe employing more happy motivational people be great….. these people are boring

  4. You're just talking your not showing how to do theses things. break it down further and show us.

  5. Rule#1: always keep racket up, because net is high. #2 stance should be front foot/back foot not left /right foot. #3 bounce around and run everything down, practice footwork. #4 play the whole court and vary your shots, don't be repetitive. #5 in practice for singles use two shuttles and have your practice partner serve at the same time you do. Keep both shuttles in play as long as you can. #6 for doubles practice use ping pong rule where you hit every other shot no matter where it is on the court, then your partner hits every other shot. Do not run into each other. Good luck from Badminton Miyagi!

  6. Thanks! Yes, you could say that.

  7. which company of racquet are you using ?? please reply…

  8. This is always helpful when beginners like me get this kind of useful suggestions. Generally I follow website that helping me to know about badminton and improving my skill. But this kind of live video is also very helpful for beginner player like me.

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