How to install PC games for free (requires chrome) PC only

How to install PC games for free (requires chrome) PC only

Yo whats up gaymers. Today I’m going
to be showing you how to download 70% of PC games for free. First you have to get these
chrome extentions so you don’t get a virus or a scam pop up. Then you
go and download Free Download Manager so you can download it faster than on chrome. (This
step is not necessary but I use it because the download speed goes from 3 megabits per
second to 8 megabits per second ,which is what my steam and origin games download at. Then you go to cro hasit dot
net or steam unlocked dot net and download any game you want. These sites are the only
ones I trust. If you find another please comment it down below. You will have to wait till
it’s finished downloading. To download games without having to wait too long you should
get 50 or higher megabits per second on speed test dot net. Once it’s finished downloading
go into the zip file and extract it wherever you want. I put all my cracked games in my
documents folder. It’s pre installed so after that you should just be able to double click
it and it should run. If it doesn’t work then you have to go into the redist folder and
install all of the redist files. This only takes a minute or two though, so don’t sweat
it. If you followed all my steps you should be able to play your game for free. You can
only play the story though so it wont work for online games, or for games like battlefield
5, only the story will be playable. If you don’t find your game on either of these two
sites then you can go searching for a crack on the internet but I cannot guarantee your
computers safety. I will leave all the useful links down in the description. Also. Do not!
download torrent files because a torrent file will automatically seed off of your computer
so your computers safety isn’t guaranteed. It’s also illegal because, seeding is uploading,
so you are held accountable and depending on how strict the piracy laws are in your
country you could go to jail. Thats all I had to say now enjoy playing your games safely.
If you have any questions leave them in the comments below, I will try to answer ASAP.
If you guys want to see a tutorial on how to download free PC software like adobe photoshop
or after effects then hit that like button and subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss
a video when it comes out. Watch some you tube or something while you wait. U block
origin also blocks all you tube ads so if you want to support your favourite creators
then you probably want to disable it on you tube. Install the Free Download Manager chrome
extention after you install the application from the site.

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