How to Install Play Store on Remix Os For PC

How to Install Play Store on Remix Os For PC

Hey guys, Jay Kapoor here back again with another video and in this video I will show you how to install Play store and other Google services on Remix OS. I don’t know why but the latest version of Remix OS is not coming up with play store. So here is a detailed step by step guide on how to install it. So first of all go into the start menu and click on browser. Now in the address bar type Now click on this button called Click here to Download Google services. Now once the apk is downloaded, open it up, you will see a error that the apk installation is blocked. So just click on settings, then turn on unknown sources and then minimize this window and install the apk again, it will be installed. Once it’s installed, click on open. Now click on this button called One click to install Google Services. So it will take 2-3 min depending upon your internet connection speed. So till that time, go to your start menu, click on settings. So click on date and time, and make sure your date and time is correct. If it’s not correct, then uncheck automatic date and time and automatic time zone. Then click on set time zone and set it to your location. Once the download is finished, you will see the play store in the start menu. But do not open it up. Just go back to and click on click here to download play store. The thing is this apk installed a very old version of Google play store i.e. not working anymore. So we have to download the latest version. So just download the Google play store apk, install it and click on done. Now go to your start menu, click on settings, go into application manager and find Google play services. Click on manage space, click on clear data. Now clear the data of Google services framework and Google play store also. Once i.e. done, go to your start menu, click on this power button and click on reboot. Yes, as of now there is no working method to install play store and other Google services on guest mode. But this method is working in resident mode. Now reboot your Remix OS. After it’s rebooted, launch the play store by going into the start menu and then sign in with your Google account and now you will be able to install apps and games from the play store. Now 1 last thing, just open up your browser and go to and type Google play services and you will see a button called free, click on that. It will redirect you to play store. And just update the Google play services. So that’s it for this video. Click the Red Subscribe button because every day i upload something useful. Click the like button if you like this video. Comment down below if you have any questions and i will see you in the next one.

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  1. Just installed Remix os 2.0 . Thanks for the video. It worked!!

  2. Does this method work for installing google play services in cyanogenmod phones.

  3. cant manage space google play service… please help..

  4. your voice sooo nice its superb u talk so softly and i like that i got android on my pc becoz of u thank u man for the great videos u make

  5. Thanks! Very informative video. Done everything exactly as you said in the video and it worked.
    Though, i wish the process would be as simple as installing the Remix OS itself, so i could recommend this OS to my friends who are little experienced with computers.

  6. hello sir how can we swich to window during os?

  7. i need the old remix os for pc 64 B2016012301 alpha legacy iso

  8. thanks ?, its done, installed the play store!

  9. hi there nice tuts tks for that. now my question is is it possible to remotely open remix os from windows pc? something similar to remote desktop that we do on windows .

  10. Please tell me how can use gamepad on remix os. I can't use it with tincore keymapper and sub/bt joystick app

  11. Your English is terrible, but thanks anyway! I'm sorry for being rude.

  12. Nice presentation…..

  13. Thank you so much I am now dual booting windows 10 and remix os and now I have a working play store thanks to you.

  14. Quick Update, the new update for remix mini removes google play store and google services so this same tutorial work for remix os for pc and the remix mini's that I got from kickstarter. I think you should share this method on the remix mini forums.

  15. Okay a copple of things remix os looks like windows 10 and can't you go on the play store and type google play service and Than find it?


  17. Thanks Jay Kapoor… I installed Resurrection Remix and worrying about play store which is not available. This video helped me a lot.. thanks 🙂

  18. I have installed Google service Installer and Play Store. And able to download Google Play Services but unable to install.. please help me.

  19. Google play was hidden on remix , because jideanalytic , the google play all disable

  20. hello mr jak kapoor
    how to install google play store on ps vita

  21. hii jay Kapoor plz help me
    i cant connect ma huawei netseter With bsnl sim
    how can i do ti ??

  22. how to fix my remix os it has a storge problem and lagging can you tell me that how i fix it

  23. Hi sir! Does this work on 32-bit type windows 10?

  24. I Unable to connect Net on Remix Os …Can u help me..?

  25. Now there is no need in download and install Google play. in new update of remix OS is some kind of their market "Remix Central" (what app recomend remix os) and there in list is Goole Play install too. Thanks ))

  26. hlo sir…… i had a doubt about storage …….. where the data will be stored in our default hard disk or else in the partition

  27. I sign in the Google Play, but I can not download any app, because it want to sign in the Google account. I do not understand this. Please help.

  28. Thanks, i'll test now

    One doubt, will be like a Android-x86 ??? in update and download apps?

  29. How solve wifi Problem of remix os Alpha ..pls help

  30. does it have virus

  31. bhai maine apni pendrive me remix os install kiya but mari 16gb ki pendrive ab 1.43gb ho gai hai baki space unlocated dika rha hai format mare pr koi kam nhi bna ab mai ky kru

  32. No need now, because Remix OS 3.0 has Google Play services.

  33. En Remix OS puedo instalar programas propios de Windows? y que pasa con los controladores del pc vienen integrados ya, espero tu pronta respuesta Gracias.

  34. In this video, I will show you how to install play store and other google services on remix os.As the latest version of remix, os is not coming up with the essential play store and other google services.

  35. vai un po' troppo veloce

  36. video, nicely done

  37. which window are you have

  38. does it work for tablet

  39. i dont have browser in my loptop so how to download browser

  40. remix os to windows 10 main kase jai.. matlm mara windows 10 and main remix os insall k bat bapas mare os windows 10 mein kase jau

  41. it never worked on my laptop okay

  42. How do you get them to the system phonix os and thank you

  43. How do you get them to the system phonix os your windows 7 system

  44. Is there a solution to the problem of lack of communication in the phonix os system and thank you

  45. why the Chinese manufacturers or companies are pushing their own app store ? Rather than , Google play store is much better and safe.

  46. is it web browsers

  47. remix os in not working in residential mode
    but works winth guest mode why

  48. thankuooooooo soooooo much ?????

  49. U r brillant sir can u download appps
    if we download apps it will come to our pc

  50. Thanks bro for the detailed steps.. 1 new SUBscriber for you.

  51. kya reboot karna compulsory hai .bina reboot kiye kya play store work nhi karega

  52. i dont have browser in my computer how to download browser

  53. This shit is just another one emulator,If you make fucking videos…Show people all without some emulators.And my grandmother can install anything with blue fucking staks and other fucking fuck you and Others who have a similar video

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  55. No preview Available ! Here what i'll Do plzz tell me

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    in remix os

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  62. don't do these it will attack your lap top with virus

  63. i liked this viedeo buddy

  64. the links are gone ffs!

  65. sari mare mobil me play store nahi h
    kya karr

  66. its not working in my pc 🙁

  67. after download not open apps

  68. How do you use internet on remix os plz tell me

  69. How do you use internet on remix os plz tell me

  70. In my computer there came 'too many requests'

  71. Imo is not working can I know it's work

  72. Koi problem too nhi

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