How to Live Stream with a Video Camera or DSLR (Live Streaming Setup Tour)

How to Live Stream with a Video Camera or DSLR  (Live Streaming Setup Tour)

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  1. QOTD: What are you currently LIVE streaming with?? Have any questions or feedback on this setup??? Let me know!

  2. Thanks for the well constructed presentation. I am developing a platform that requires mobility so getting ideas from many points of view all helps in understanding the best way to accomplish that. I just completed a shoot using three stationary cameras which will be edited in post but I am aiming for the ability to live stream in the process using single view or a more complex multi angle set up.

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  4. Great video. Question, how do you switch between your PP deck and camera? Is it the vmix software?

  5. All that gear and he cant afford a decent haircut…

  6. This is literally hopeless for portability.

  7. Instead of that GH5 mirrorless you can buy for less money, a professional JVC GY-HM250 direct streaming camera with in body graphics and overlays. and you can stream everywhere you have wi-fi or GSM mobile connection.

  8. Great video with tons of helpful tips. Clarity exceptional! I am new to live streaming (professionally) via computer etc; but not knew to media and I want to get started immediately. We will be asking questions once we are ready with newly purchased equipment. In the meantime, the exploratory phase.. I've just picked up blogging again which will help for future content.

  9. It work for GoPro?

  10. Nice misleading title ?

  11. hi. sorry i missed this. will a gopro work. and cmon over obs?

  12. This isn't actually useful information in the least. This is a dude with cash telling everybody how much money he spent instead of actually explaining what programs he uses, how he connects everything, how well these items work together, what other items he's tried and how they have worked, etc. Absolutely useless.

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  14. You can do this with the Canon m50 using ecamm, power coupler, and a micro usb to usb cord (output from the camera). And, you need to download some open source source software called "Camera Live." Way cheaper 🙂

  15. Da Man!!!! I knew you would have a video for this!!

  16. Well cam here for learning how to use a camera but yet again im was lured by clickbait

  17. if your jizzing diamonds and gold nuggets thats the best setup for you.

  18. I would like to live streaming fashion , I want to film myself when im designing my garment on the mannequins and sewing, how do I do that and what kind of equipment can I use? what you recommend me

  19. Incredibly deceptive title

  20. lol this is not a how to, this is a professional type, and if you got that budged you maybe already know all this things.

  21. I have a Lumix G85m that I wish to live stream with but my computer won't pick it up. I have it plugged into my video card with an HDMI and then plugged into an HDMI to Micro-HDMI adapter and then into the camera. Any ideas on what to do?

  22. Anyone know how live stream with a dslr camera and use my cell phone data to upload to youtube.

    I would love to do a live stream in the field and not have to use my crappy cell camera nor have to lug around a laptop…

    Thanks in advance

  23. hello i have a question do you use a elgato camlink to recognize your cam on your pc ??? my cam is freezing all 20 minutes xSSSS HELP ME PLEASE !!!

  24. Can you show us how to have a good livestream setup while on the road? Like vlogging?

  25. what studio light is that above your monitor?

  26. Awesome Video ❤️ just saw that I almost have everything for the pro set up!

    Love your content

  27. 12-35 on micro 4/3 so 24 to 70 full frame equiv. No need to spend 3 grand on that camera rig.. with a good tripod a canon apsc camera and a second hand fast zoom lens would do the same job for a third of the £$ (those wider micro 4/3 lenses are pricey for a high max aperture)

  28. I don't understand why you would spend that much on a camera and lens for streaming. I'd buy a used camera on Amazon as well the kit lens would suffice as long as your room lighting was good.

  29. Definition of consumerism right there.

  30. Handycam visión

  31. With wireless tv

  32. Burly doing my thing getting v8 sounds card

  33. 64GB of ram? what are you doing fucking 20 livestreams and ten games at once? talk about overkill

  34. hi, how do you use the camera as a webcam ?

  35. How do I use the Logitech Capture Software and the Logitech C920 when I live stream on YouTube?. I can use the camera and live stream but I cannot use the controls on the Logitech webcam. I need to show my desk top where I am doing art instruction and at the same time zoom in and out. Any help for the absolute beginner like me? Logitech Quick Start manual did not address this. The Camera came without one piece of paper or instructions. And totally nothing about using this camera with the Logictech Capture software. I found one other video on YouTube but that man (Michael Kinney) assumes people like me have knowledge of cameras and YouTube. I don't need to know all the features of the C920. I need to know HOW to use it as I have stated above.

  36. Weird flex, but ok… Can somebody link me to a video on HOW to set up a DSLR to stream live?

  37. DMW-DCC12 is there for CANON 7D?

  38. I live stream to
    several channels simultaneously. is great for this purpose. I am
    thinking of using their Chat to engage more viewers.

  39. I liked the video before watching because you ALWAYS deliver! Thank you ?

  40. That Blue Snowball or any other USB mic like that will simply pick up all the PC fan noise.

  41. Came here to know how do I connect and do a live stream and this dude is just giving a tour of the set up and reading all his sponcers, FK OFF.

  42. Live classical music concert videos every Tuesday at 12:30 shot with Sony 4K Handycam with 2-rode nt4 mixed by Zoom H6, inputted (mixed). Now I want to stream out to hospitals etc.; simply. I presume the Sony video outputs via HDMI cable to a dedicated laptop with the blackmagic intensity pro 4K capture card? A clean slide presentation before and after the live 45 minute streaming. Could you fill in the blanks?

  43. THANK YOU.. THIS is very informative. useful in my Live stream//

  44. Sean, I currently have a gh2, and this video was helpful for me to understand some of the basic things needed to connect a dslr to a computer to do live stream. I would like to start live streaming with my gh2 by early next year. Also, thanks for sharing an alternative to obs. We use obs at church to live stream, but it's good to know about other options as well.

    In addition, I've seen some videos from the Live Streaming Pros channel, too.

  45. I was wondering how long can you stream for / are there any limits on streaming times?

  46. you made it sound like a tutorial

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  48. God damn I bet not even one person would watch my live stream anyway

  49. This was really helpful

  50. How can o stream to 2000 client computers.

  51. Would you recommend the GH5s now instead?

  52. I am trying to learn all I can I am a greenhorn a lot of what you're saying makes a lot of sense thanks for the video

  53. Really interesting and informative, thanks!

  54. Quick question… what is that light/lamp Sean has on his desk?? I am looking for a small light since I don’t have room for a big light box.

  55. Hi Thanks for your video. Is there a laptop version of the Blackmagic intensity Pro 4K? I am so pleased that you endorse Vmix rather than OBS. Thank you

  56. Good content. Your audio could be better. Wonder why it’s not that good…

  57. I already have a nice camera; shoot for a living. This video is literally made for me. So why do I have to wait until the 8 minute mark to get the answer I’m looking for? I just want to know how to stream from my camera ??‍♂️

  58. Nice tips and awesome setup you have there.

  59. Hi, I just started using Vmix. What would you recommend to use to monitor audio? I have a TV to monitor the streaming, but I have to get jumping to lower to volume of the TV due to feedback.

  60. 3:28 it actually looks terrible.

  61. I thought tutorial to live stream.

  62. thanks so much for the video, i could wish to stream life using a camcorder, 64 bit laptop . what othe components are required ?

  63. Then it came into my mind that i can use my DSLR as a webcam during live streams. Thanks.

  64. basically if you re not rich, you cant live stream. period!

  65. Best Live Feed Video Ever. Great Valuable Information!

  66. "How to Live Stream with a Video Camera or DSLR"……..Wheres the how to? Why would not just use the text in the brackets as your title?

  67. We want to be able to live-stream our concerts but also have each camera capture its own feed on SD card for use at a later time. Is that a built-in feature with video cameras/DSLRs or is that a feature that we need to look for? Thanks for the video!

  68. Ok, Can someone tell me how do I hook up my camera to my Mac computer so that I can go live??? I need step by step please.

  69. Thank you very much for this

  70. You can even use an old DSLR without video support for streaming with some creativity.

  71. Thanks Sean for that very interesting and informative walk through of your setup. I'm just getting set up for live streaming, but being a recent documentary producer/director (with ONE – count 'em one – sale for money to a real television broadcaster, I already have some excellent camera and professional mics (2 GH5s + various Shure & Sennheiser XLR mics). Your explanation and equipment list is exactly what I needed to know, particularly vmix and BlackMagic capture.


    Donald Best
    DonaldBest DOT CA

  72. Nice setup sir like your tips and set up

  73. Hey, Steven I realize that I'm 2 years late seeing this video but I do believe that the Information is still relevant. What brand of monitor would you recommend as the choice for dual monitors in live streams?

  74. When you realize your whole gaming setup, is cheaper than the camera

  75. Kindly asking how you made it possible to keep a preview on the Dslr as well. When I connect HDMI to my canon 6D I lose display on the preview but only in the External Monitor.

  76. Hi I use a Lenovo ideapad 305 laptop and a standard web cam , I'm now really interested in using my nikon d3300 as a webcam and to make a better live stream

  77. Hey bro! My Nikon D3300 UBS-out just broke, but before that it wasn't working with that software you mention, can I use the HDMI port for this?

  78. but what if i have a microphone jack with a PC with only headphones support

  79. I stream with SLOBS!!!

  80. Nice video dear big like

  81. We are many seasons without babies. Irrrritating!

  82. Once you have a capture card, couldn't you record video directly into a video editing software? Would that work as a easier setup than recording to an SD card that has to be physically moved to the computer?

  83. HELP!!! I'm pulling my hair out. How do I get rid of the white box around my face? (Canon Rebel t7)

  84. Thank you for the awesome videos !! I am looking to upgrade my equipment and this was very helpful Right now I use a Marantz Turret. Thank you again, I will check out these suggestions !

  85. can i shoot with my lumix gh4 with few equipments on a live video stream? throu events if i dont have all these expensive tools ?

  86. i need something unique smart & portable to carry on a job?

  87. Caution. The comment you are about to read feels more like a blog post. Do not operate heavy equipment immediately after reading. May cause drowsiness and the urge to read it the next time you are sitting at your um thrown. Now back to the comments.
    Great video. I have streamed video through so many different platforms that I can’t remember everything that I have actually tried. Currently I’m falling in love with the new update from ManyCam. Same application as vMix but it is a fraction of the cost. I’ve even used it to create a playlist with ad inserts etc and streamed 4 continuous hours of content. Would have been more however Facebook kills your stream after 4 hours. And they really don’t like live streaming rebroadcasts. My cams were c910 pro, a iPhone and an iPod. I’ve also used switcher studio and that is a great program for the on the go live streamer. VMix does tend to be heavy on system resources if you can’t afford upgrade to a dedicated machine as you described however you can buy an off the shelf Walmart gaming computer for around 700 bucks and it’ll do just fine. I’m thinking the rest will have to wait. I’ve already gotten a littl to worst. Thanks for the videos. Keep them coming.

  88. How do you get clean HDMI? 🙂

  89. Um this came across as a brag not for the lower budget viewers and I heard nothing in about a video recorder. Thanks

  90. dude get a better hairdresser.

  91. Quick question, can I not use my youtube setup and just save the video to my pc while live streaming on something like twitch, then edit that saved video and put it on youtube?

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