How to make a FREE ds/3ds game case

How to make a FREE ds/3ds game case

this is a game case and it stores like your DS Games, 3DS Games but it costs money to buy one of these and I have no money left and anyway it’s like made of plastic its not exactly very earth-friendly, probably not recycled so anyway I searched youtube for like how to make a free game case but they either have to make it out of Lego which you have to buy or you
make it out of duct tape which you also have to buy “and you can’t shake them out, it’s just impossible to shake them out” “But they come out pretty easily, you just go…” Um, I’m cutting it a little bit bigger
here as you can see and you’re more than welcome to leave it
large I think throughout the video here you’ll
see that I trimmed it up a few times and it ends up kinda being a waste of time So to make a game case for free you have to make sure that you spend no money at all. In other words, you have to go and steal some… I mean, borrow some paper from
your friends and it has to be A4-sized because I
live in Singapore and it’s the most common size of paper. You can either use blank ones or ones filled with words I don’t care what’s
written on it but it’s easier if you have one with a school (logo) which is called foolscap So like full school logo on top because I use the school logo to guide the folding and of course you need your game cartridges, not the case, just the cartridges which is like these ones

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  1. Lol, nice vid and a awesome cap btw!! (subbed ya)

  2. Great now how about a real tutorial

  3. Not free but VERY cheap I guess XD I make these a lot too in different styles and stuff but you have a good design.

  4. slow down pleas


  5. Slow motion replay uploaded by request! Just click on the button at the end of the folding in this video (:

  6. Markers cost money too

  7. dood can you give me dose games in the back  XD 

  8. All that waste of paper for 1 damn case

  9. "I have no money left." looks in background Ohhhhh….

  10. Thanks for the video! It helps a lot again thanks.

  11. The Idea is Good. But The Video is so fast that I can follow it 🙁

  12. First video that has Rouge music in it!!!

  13. Its free anyway because its lego

  14. do you live in rocklin? It says that on the sticker at the end.

  15. Can u make a video on how to put games on the sd card of the DSi? Pls.?

  16. scissors are not needed~ use two hands to carefully tear a straight line if you don't have scissors ^^

  17. Its not for free

  18. cool but all that just to fit 1 game in

  19. … Too fast… ?

  20. It's a pain in the ass of you got more than 1 game…

  21. It's a pain in the ass of you got more than 1 game…

  22. you stole that paper

  23. lol Property of CHIJ

  24. Paper cost money you know (just kidding)

  25. Singapore is amazing! i wish i lived there

  26. I think you have no money because of the Drum Set in the backround?

  27. It's to fast and my computer broke so I can't click it

  28. U have to buy paper

  29. "Steal some……BORROW borrow your friends paper…" XD

  30. "just need to steal som- borrow, borrow some paper" LOL i was like laughing so hard xD

  31. he looks rapeable

  32. 0:15 "plastic is not very earthfriendly"……says the man in front of a room full of PLASTIC!

  33. Hey thanks so much You can subscribe to my channel for my cardboard version

  34. can you make a multiple case? i mean a case with two or three cartridge

  35. but you have to buy the paper


  37. and this is suppose to be easy

  38. and also you fast forward which is bullcrap and alsoair took six minutes.

  39. 0:48 sounds like biblical reaper.

  40. the music blinded me on my left eye

  41. Maybe you can make a tutorial for gameboy advance cartridge case?
    Anyways, awesome tutorial! I will have to make these for all the games I have.

  42. great video, thank you!! i made a case for my Omega Ruby game 🙂

  43. it looks awsome but to hard

  44. this is awesome you should make more nintendo related videos

  45. that is impressive, but it's only for 1.

  46. you can't speak English well which is understandable because it isn't your native language but your grammar is better than a lot of English people. lol

  47. This is a waste itis only for one

  48. Instead of a cool design because I can't draw if would wind up just putting a big smilie face on it.

  49. Instructions unclear cut my Dick off

  50. "paper isn't free" 🙂

  51. you kill trees when using paper cases.

  52. But must have money on paper

  53. So instead of you using paper, you borrows your friends paper and your friend paid for it.

  54. U need to buy a cartarige

  55. I'm also singaporean

  56. paper is still not enviromental friendly -_-

  57. When u put it in though, it could easily scratch

  58. You Need To Buy A Paper

  59. I have a game case holder.. I thought you meant like the game case it came in

  60. Vi can you give instructions plz

  61. Does notebook paper will work too?

  62. Half of comment section: you still need to buy the paper!

    Me: well duh. That's why you steal- I MEAN borrow the paper from your friends.

  63. Hahaa “steal some uh YEAH no I mean BORROW” looks away from camera

  64. Paper isn't free! Paper doesn't just grow on trees, oh wait.

  65. You have to go steal some um I’m mean borrow some?

  66. What's the point???

  67. easy cheap and cool thank you.

  68. Shiwakao
    3 years ago
    "I have no money left." looks in background Ohhhhh….

  69. This guy is a freaking LEGEND!

  70. I made one with 2 pockets and taped it on my 2ds is that a bad idea?

  71. The dude looked like jungkook in the thumbnail !

  72. I had to steal some
    BORROW borrow some paper

  73. Ya know you also need to buy paper. Or you can get paper from a tree.

  74. buy multiple games worth $60 but don't spend money for a $1 case. I for one never buy carts, Always from the eshop so that its in sd memory and saves me to look and carry for the cartidge plus no worries if the cartidge fails.

  75. There are no free lunches my friend.

  76. why not just steal the game case???

  77. Who’s going to make that one game holder for there entire collection just get a regular case

  78. I prefer going directly buying plastic one's

  79. And why borrow? Go buy them yourself leave your friends alone

  80. The coolest thing, I've seen in awhile & its Eco friendly I wish people where more responsible when it comes to plastics ✌️& respect

  81. 0:29 what the frick is a nds

  82. Thanks but paper costs money

  83. i love it..
    barrow some paper….
    now thats what you call free 100%.?

    don't forget to borrow the scissors to

  84. Do you know how to make a case for a GBA Game

  85. But we need scissors..

  86. time to make 5 more of these…

  87. great now i didn't make it learn how not to do a time lapse because i can't follow

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