How to Make a Great Volleyball Recruiting Video

How to Make a Great Volleyball Recruiting Video

Hi I’m Jessica Houl,
I’m the event marketing coordinator here at First Place and Rox Volleyball. Today
we’re going to show you how to make a great recruiting video. As a former
college recruiting coordinator, I’ve come across a lot of ineffective and
inefficient recruiting videos, today we will give you some helpful insights and
tips on how to make a great one. Thanks for watching. Before we start this
recruiting video we will list information to include in the body of
your email and introduction of your video. For the body of your email you’ll
want to include your email address, your phone number, and time to call, mailing
address, your club and high school coaches name and contact information, and
if you were in a front row position your approach touch and block touch. For the
introduction of your recruiting video, you will want to start out with a list
of these items: your name, graduation year, position, your high school our club you
currently play for, the number on your Jersey in the video and your height.
Before we start this recruiting video I want to go over a couple key points with
you. Make sure you’re doing a position specific skills video you’ll notice that
Holly will be receiving balls and digging balls for me as she is a DES or
libero if she were to start this video out serving a college coach may not be
so keen to watch the video in its entirety because their time is limited.
Also you will know the camera angle that we are shooting at. We are shooting at an
end zone or behind the service line, this is how college coaches like to watch
videos as you can see the entirety of the play and also the forum. Here I will
show you a quick example of an introduction and skills performed in a
recruiting video we are performing skills by a DS or libero an example of
skills that a DS or libero would perform in a recruiting video would
include: passing, digging, taking the second ball, game footage, for purposes of
this video we will only include: passing and defense. Hi my name is Holly Simpson
I’m a 5 foot 9 Libya girl and my number is 22, I’m from
Seattle Washington, and I’m from the graduating class of 2017.
I go to Bayside High School and a member of club elite volleyball. Thanks for
watching! To complete your recruiting video I
strongly suggest you to add some raw live footage from club tournaments, along
with position specific skills. The sport of volleyball is random the best way for
college coach is to see you perform in a random setting is against different
competitors. Hopefully you learned some helpful tips and insights on how to make
a great recruiting video today. Thanks for watching!

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  1. is having the whole video being game footage but including the necessary skills for the position okay or should it be an individual setting as shown in this video?

  2. so if you recording the front row, wouldn't it be a better idea to record from an angle, like in my video: ? I find that the back row often gets in the way of the camera when trying to concentrate on the front row. Also how important is the skills video? Cant you judge skills from watching clips from an actual game? Skill videos are so rehearsed that I'm not sure Id trust them much. Thanks

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