How to Make a LED Shuttlecock | How to Play Badminton at Night

How to Make a LED Shuttlecock | How to Play Badminton at Night

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  1. one great smash and the the lights are gonna break…nice idea though…

  2. Very good .
    But is there any kind of glowing paper that we can paste to shuttle ?

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  4. у тебя что руки из жопы что паяльника нету

  5. dude dont be mute. few things are like a jet flight for us. speak up , whatever you are doing. or atleast add musics, so that it will be fun to watch and learn, it is like what the fuck we are watching and learning, from a mute teacher. :-/

  6. how to make a home made Bong using bottle? please teach xD

  7. +Navin Khambhala # crazyNK are you Dumb ?

  8. I used energizer battery and if we playwith our friends the game is more easier because of the weight added to the shuttlecock it wouldnt be easy to the wind to blow it away

  9. แล้วน้ำหนักละถ้าเพิ่มมากขึ้นลูกจะเร็วเกินไป

  10. time barbad kia

  11. lam nhu the cai cau bay chuan k z

  12. pretty cool, maybe BWF must watced it this video. it can help them for make a differences in every match. great job from indonesia!

  13. WOW AMAZING{}{}{}{}{}★★★

  14. Bhai reheta Kaha par hai

  15. the Rule: Don't Smash!! 😛

  16. you are so smart . how .

  17. why not using "glow in the dark" paint? the led in shuttlecock will change the weight and balance of it, also u have to make another one each time u play (or each round). hard smash will probably damage the led.

  18. the shuttlecock looks like it from star wars lel


  20. wow, great , man………..awesome., indeed.

  21. its lookeng als en star

  22. who the fuck dislike this video…..

  23. it is not working when i connected with battery to led wire PLEASE EXPLAIN

  24. center of gravity will get disturbed. There won't b any fun left then! only light..

  25. omg. haha cool man… just all these days this didnt struck me… creative thinking. keep it up dude

  26. he gave the idea .. u make the modifications

  27. cái đèn mình mua ở đâu vậy anh

  28. we want to know the name of the equipments. please kindly describe the method.

  29. we want to know the name of the equipments. please kindly describe the method.

  30. Omg this looks awesome

  31. ////////////-/1234567899000000000999999999999988888888888887777777665666645556565565555543443;343434343

  32. Navin, what type of adhesive using to stick the plastics and other items

  33. We can use radium instead of that

  34. maybe u can hack Virtual reality for next time

  35. mermri supar satong veri veri supar

  36. so coooool trick i will try it!!

  37. i like the race car how you do that where you learn that

  38. why do you use langue VN for your clip ?

  39. after submitting it to invention agency somebody stole it
    this is my own idea

  40. happiness is when i see in my notifications that navin khambala has uploaded a new video?.

  41. 1. you can see the shuttle and racket but not the net and lines of the court with this technique.
    2. No good badminton player will ever change the weight of its racket or destroy its shuttle…

  42. seriously are u amir of 3 idiots in real life??
    great creativity…

  43. ur a freak dude,,keep d gud wrk …

  44. wow….navin sir great!!usefull & very easy,…

  45. What do we need to make that

  46. make a website and add specifications on it plsss

  47. Dude your Idea is perfect ? but it makes the cock heavy

  48. For racket, the light is not necessary

  49. wow you are very excited your all video is very good

  50. Please tell me where can I buy these items from?

  51. he destroyed that 20 rupees cock. made it more heavier and and that racquet also

  52. keren, bisa dicoba…

  53. use background music for your videos

  54. When we are connecting two leds for shuttle ….we have to connect same polarity of led or opposite?…..

  55. Very nice you are amazing! ?

  56. Kya dimag h Sir aapka I love it…

  57. did anyone notice that the right side man is playing with left hand

  58. Nice I impress with you

  59. Can you make it one for me? I will pay for it…

  60. I like it, so easy and fun life hack, ?

    please visit and subscribe thanks

  61. This is going to decrease the efficiency of your shuttlecock

  62. why not just paint it with fluorescent paint

  63. Tooooooooooo time wsate

  64. Wanna REALLY play some badminton at night
    Go to your nearby badminton court and switch the lights on

    And if want to play on terrace or streets get a big bulb or street light

    Because applying bulb on SHUTTLECOCK makes it heavier and a serious SMASH will get the bulb break

  65. Why take do tensation take a led or cal bulb and connect it and make a stand and then play over night

  66. Shuttle to puri tarah se kharab ho gai

  67. Is the badminton racket cheap for you?

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