How to make a plywood Tatami Bed

How to make a plywood Tatami Bed

Welcome back! Today I’m going to make a Japanese-style
bed. These beds are lower than western ones, with the mattress embedded in a wooden frame. I’ve tried to come up with a design that
would be easy to make using plywood, although other kinds of wooden sheets could also be used. Besides, this design is easy to assemble and disassemble, quite convenient if we want to move. I’ve designed two types of bed. This one is meant to be adapted to a common metal bed frame which you can find in any store. As you can see, the bed frame rests on these four corners which, in turn, join all the pieces. The other bed design is of the same size. However, for this design we’ll use a homemade
plywood frame. In this video I’ll show you how I made the
first of the two models, although both beds have similar makes. By changing the length of some pieces we can
adapt this design to any bed size. Now let’s take a look at how I made it. This time around, in order to save time I’ve
ordered some pre-cut pieces from the same warehouse where I bought the board, since
the parts are quite large. I’ll start by cutting these pieces at an
angle. They’ll be used to make the headboard thicker. I’ll also machine this rebate to work around
the floor plinth. I’ll also glue these pieces together, onto
which I will later screw the bed side rails. Now I glue the three upper side rails together
to make them thicker. I machine these pieces like this and put them
in place with glue. I sand these parts now that it’s easier
and screw the bed side rails in like this. Now I can start assembling the bed. I cut these two pieces in half to make four
supports for the bed frame. First I screw this one onto the side rails,
keeping it 1mm away from the edge. I remove the piece and then screw it onto
the headboard. This way, when screwing it back on, the screws
will put pressure and the joint between the side rail and the headboard will be tighter. I’ll use the same system for the back. I’ve numbered all the corners to make future
assemblies easier. With these last screws I finish putting the
bed together. Now it’s time to set up the nightstands. I glue these parts together and add a little
salt to stop them from moving due to the glue’s viscosity. Once the glue is dry, I sand the inner part
now that it’s easier and continue assembling the nightstands. I finish sanding all the pieces that make
up the bed and apply three coats of satin water-based varnish. I’m going to put everything back together
at the workshop to see what the finished bed looks like. I love how the edge of the plywood looks. Of course, we could apply some dye to change the color, but I like the natural look of birch wood.

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  2. Thats really cool, i wish i had the work space to be able to do bigger projects like this. did you consider making one of the seat cushions slightly thicker than the other to offset the height difference between the draw and the seat when folded into bed mode? you may have been able to avoid having to put the risers under the draw to bring the height up?

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  32. What a great idea to use a store bought bed platform because the legs they come with are not strong. I'm sure it was very strong setting it in the platform you made. I'm going to make me one and stain it a oak color. I had the best parents in the world but growing up when I little my parents had blonde stained furniture so it kind of turned me against that color of stain. Very nice video thank you for showing me how.

  33. Excelente, y muy bien explicado!! Muchas gracias!! ?

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