How To Make The ULTIMATE Outdoor Game

How To Make The ULTIMATE Outdoor Game

There are lots of choices when it comes to activities in cottage country For some it’s a round of golf For others it’s horseshoes and beer Sorry! What if you could combine all those activities into one Well there’s a new game taking cottage country by storm and it’s called Bola or ladder toss simple to learn easy to
build Basically this is a really simple build we’re going to build two legs connect it
with dowel to form a free-standing structure and for that we’re gonna need two two
by four by eight and six feet of one inch dowel Here’s our cutting list. Out of each two by four you’re going to cut a three foot six piece two two foot pieces and two three inch pieces basically we’re gonna build a sandwich
spacers are on either side of the leg to give it stability but we’ll only screw the spacer to the foot but not the leg to the foot, so later we can pull out the ladder assembly for storage I’m going to drill four countersink holes and I got my spacers already predrilled off-centred so that it doesn’t conflict
with my other foot and I’m going to glue and screw them in place and use only outdoor wood glue Now we’re going to put the other foot on Got about seven and a quarter there, so the other one will have seven and a quarter as well There’s our first leg…now we’ll simply repeat for the second We need to lay out the one inch holes for the dowel and then space them a foot apart Three in total…I’m gonna use the top of the forstner bit as a reference for the depth of the hole Finished the holes let’s cut the dowel We’re going to need to drill clearance holes in the legs Let’s add a little outdoor glue and when I put these together I will drill pilot holes in the dowel Alright! that’s done This is how it’s going to go together Have some glue to clean up And then we’re on to the balls! Each bola consists of two golf balls and fourteen inches of polypropylene line in order to make cutting the
polypropylene line a breeze I make two marks on my table fourteen inches apart and then I can simply cut them with the ropes cut we need to dress the ends a little so they’ll go into the hole in the golf ball The next thing we need to do is mark the drill bit and we want it about halfway through the
golf ball about three-quarters of an inch I actually stole these golf balls from my brother-in-law’s bag don’t tell ’em fill the whole with hot glue…well not quite full Insert end of said rope…and we all know what hot glue feels like on the fingers Completed bola. We need five more like this Time to have some fun How hard can this be? This is a really easy build and a fun game But I need a lot more practice There’s no question that I’m the better
golfer but I’m the better almost everything when it comes to Kevin
and I so There’s strike one! Not bad! She’s done buddy I nailed my drive it was straight as an arrow right down the fairway

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  1. Bola means ball in Brazilian portuguese ?

  2. 0:06 look at the ball xD

  3. Monkey fist is an option if you don't want to drill into the balls.

  4. What's the objective of the game? Or do you just drink enough beer that the last one still capable of throwing the balls wins?

  5. Cool build and game, now this is a hobby!

  6. Here's how to hack this project:
    Make the ropes on the golf balls longer and you got a leg trap.
    (You throw it at someone's ankles and it wraps around, getting stuck and tripping them)

  7. Now I NEED it. Thank you… 

  8. This si also known as hillbilly golf

  9. Its already a game my friend has it and it was made back in 15th senyrey

  10. He said bola on 0:19 So the game is E bola

  11. Great work on this DIY video for LadderBall…want to make one for Rollors? We've give you the details.

  12. what size screws did you use? what size counter sink bit did you use?

  13. I strongly suggest you google Hyezmar's Woodworking book (no cost), if you're experienced. He's got an alternative for newbies as well.

  14. My works too. Used woodprix handbooks and build it with no problems.

  15. I made it with woodprix handbooks !

  16. Go to woodprix page if you want to learn how to build it yourself

  17. It's simple, Just go to woodprix page – and enter the Wood World.

  18. It's simple, Just go to Woodprix page – and enter the Wood World.

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  20. i told bro in law..

  21. Great video man, thanks

  22. i like the idea. but using outdoor glue with non-treated wood?

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