How to move in table tennis like a pro

Welcome back to the channel of EmRatThich. This is the private recording of Fan
Zhendong and Zhang Jike in World Championship Paris. This view angle is very
interesting because you can see how top players move after serving. You can see that Fan Zhendong moves away after
serving in 3 steps. These 3 steps are
very important because they want to quickly get into the optimal position right after
the serve. Amateur players don’t know how to move after
serving, and stay very close to the table. And amateur players therefore can not attack
the next ball correctly, because they are too close to the table. The optimal distance you need to move is about
40-50 cm away from the table (the length of your
arm). If you don’t move away correctly, you won’t
have enough time to prepare for your stroke to attack the next ball. That’s the main reason that some amateur players
just stand there after their serve, and push the
next ball, even for the long ball. Zhang Jike also moves away in 3 steps. Can you see that? First, he puts his left foot forward to the
table. And stomps slightly at the moment he
contacts the ball. This action has 2 purposes: First, to hide
the sound of the serve. Because by hearing the sound of the serve,
you can estimate if the serve is spinny or not. Second by putting his left foot farther, he
also rotates his body to prepare for the next step. Second step: He used his left foot to push
to the ground and jump back. This is
important to remember: That is your left foot will push you far away. I’ve seen some
players used the wrong foot. They use the right foot first to move. But it’s wrong! Last step: After using left foot to push to
the ground and jump back. The last step is
a “quick jump” step to ajust to the incoming ball. For the quick jump step, you should
use both right foot and left foot to jump. You can clearly see that Zhang Jike used a
lot of force from his left foot to push the body back. Now let’s film yourself playing after the
serve, and you can see the huge difference. This is how an amateur moves after serving. This is totally wrong. His left foot stays
at the same position. He miss step 1 (left foot forward) and step
2 (jump back). He
just rotates his body, and the right foot moves first (Wrong). The correct way is your left foot should push
to the ground and jump back first. Because he didn’t move away correctly, his
Forehand topspin is bad. He contacts
the ball too far from the body. The blue guy even doesn’t move after his serve. So he has a terrible habit for his backhand
topspin. Let’s compare 2 versions: Zhang Jike’s footwork Amateur footwork I really enjoy watching table tennis match
at the side like this. Because we can learn
many things from this angle: footwork, spin, optimal distance, the contact timing. Now I let you enjoy the match.

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