How to never get blisters again | Top 5 blister hacks

How to never get blisters again | Top 5 blister hacks

What is the worst thing you can think about with your football boots like that thing you hate all the way down to your stomach blisters oh I hate them but today I’m gonna give you five good pieces of advice on how to never ever attend get those nasty little buggers That can bench even a grown up sturdy Viking like man, so if you hate them. Just like me you better listen up Now blisters occur because of friction Moisture and heat so it is pretty important that you pick out a pair boots that fits your foot well and wear your heel is Securely locked in now of course comfort is also pretty important So if you can manage to get yourself a pair of boots where you get no pressure points that also Prevents your foot from sliding around inside of it and rubbing against the heel you’ve come quite a long way Now myself, I rarely get any blisters But when I do It’s because my boots are simply too big so my foot doesn’t get that secure lock down that it really needs and that my friends Is a blister party which you definitely do not want another cool trick is to use? some tape I’ve got this here shock absorbing make your tape that is really really brilliant for a actually removing some of the friction and the rubbing between your heel and the boot and then Actually also because of the shock absorbing Capabilities to take away some of the pressure Points on your heel or even under the foot which is also something that can lead to a lot of nasty blisters It’s brilliant, so keep that in your bag, but if the damage is already done You have a nasty little bugger you want to give you a blister as much fresh air and recovery time I should possibly can but if you must go out and play football you want some blisters Bandages that you should take out then heat it up well in your hand before you put it on and then basically it’s gonna act As the second skin sitting over the blister to avoid any further friction it’s probably still gonna hurt a lot but that’s the way it is an even better tip though is to get yourself a pair of grip socks, no grips tops are cool because they’re actually created to be as the name suggests grippy on both the inside and The outside of the Sun really preventing your foot from sliding around too much Inside the pool creating that friction that gives you blisters now my favorites here are The Falcon socks, and as you know the Nike drip socks which are both right up there And this tip is absolutely gold and for me something of a must have in your back to prevent enemy number one The friction now if you don’t have any grip socks well Even if you do have grip socks And you just simply want an even more secure fit the runners loop is the way to go now I have already explained it before you can watch the whole thing by clicking the I on your screen right now But I’m just gonna go over it real quick again So what you want to do is to make a lace loop on the top to lace holes? And then you want to take the tip off the opposite lace And you want to run it through That loop do that from the opposite side as well and basically you want to pull your laces tight to really lock your heel in And I promise you this is gold basically I’m giving you all the trade secrets is so maybe you should also tell me your secrets in the comment section right down below And its secrets to avoid lists is another thing That sucks is if your pool is too small or too tight in certain areas, or simply just give you pressure points It’s really unfortunate, but if you’re in that situation Maybe you should try the hot water trick All the Texas for you to take a shower with the pools or leave them in warm water for around about 10 minutes after That you should wear them around the house for 30 minutes to an hour to really allow them to soften up and take the shape Of your foot to remove those pressure points and ultimately in the end Preventing blisters from forming now if for some reason let this didn’t work for you There are other ways I know that some people tend to use a little bit of Vaseline on the inside in the outside of their Socks and for me if it works, okay? But it also makes a lot of a mess so it’s not something I do that often to be honest But you can do it then if you’re really really desperate you can do as Continued it and cut away a big chunk of your heel. Simply cut a big hole in your boob and obviously It’s not something that I’d necessarily recommend that you do Should have about money of course So there you go my friends five good pieces of advice on how to never ever get those pesky little blisters again And if you have some good anti blister advices you let us know in the comment section right down below Also while you’re at it Don’t forget to check out our videos on how to get the best fit and how to get more Comfort in your boots by clicking down here don’t forget to subscribe by clicking up here leave me a thumbs up if you also hate blisters and Spread this video to some of your friends who constantly whine about blisters And who needs a bit of help and with that said I’m signing off to you

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  1. DO YOU HAVE ANY GOOD TIPS TO GET RID OF BLISTERS? Let me know down here 🙂 /Jay

  2. did all those ty 😀

  3. I let my blister tear open and continue to burn thru it until my foot is gone

  4. no but "balls" i know what u mean but okay :p

  5. i started using grip socks for a couple of matches and i got blisters in every match then i started using my normal adidas socks and i havent gotten blisters after that

  6. Okey i'll tell you my secret i watch unisport videos ?

  7. How to never get blisters? That's easy… never wear football boots again.

  8. i get blisters under my toes

  9. Use a simple candle, on the most friction caused places of your boots and problem solved!

  10. Hello Jay, i have a laceless Adidas predator boot can you still try hot water on Them or will The lockdown not work?

  11. Do a video about camp

  12. Hi Unisport,

    I’m a referee and I experienced some blisters in the toe box area when I’m on artificial grass. I currently have a pair of indoor boots to reduce the friction (compared to FG boots that are a nightmare on AG). I also wear two pairs of socks to reduce the friction and the space inside the shoe. I would want to wear a pair of grip socks, but the uniform code is really strict, so I can’t wear them.

    Do you think that a pair of Turf shoes could be the solution to my problems or my best alternative is to tape my toes?

    Thank you.

  13. fuck i hate your english Jay :/

  14. does the hot water trick work with takedowns ?

  15. Blister has Zlatan

  16. I have adidas ace 17+ so the laceless ones!! They've torn my heal to shreds!! Any advice to stop this happening??

  17. I hate the way he says “Boots” its so “BUUUUUTS” JESUS HAHhaha

  18. You should fit some rubbery foam in your shoes

  19. Thinking about using the falke socks while riding my dirtbike, get better grip in my boots what do you guys think?

  20. Thanks for your great ideas

  21. Use a liquid bandage

  22. I’d rather have the blisters than listen to that irritating guy. Had enough of him.

  23. Ummm my are from vans lol

  24. There is blood under toes ,my toes hurt while wearing boots please someone help?

  25. Seriously, use vasso (Vaseline), oodles of it, like as if you’re putting your foot into a shoe caked with marmalade. It feels weird at the start, but it limits friction and softens the pressure points of the boot. The mistake people make is that they don’t use enough! Do this with all new boots.

  26. I keep getting blisters on my big toe, has anyone had this or knows how I can stop it

  27. Another way is to put duct tape on the outside of ur socks on the heel so ur heel can move smoothly

  28. hey ,bro.can u update some new way to teach us how to tape my ankle like a pro.

  29. hey ,bro.can u update some new way to teach us how to tape my ankle like a pro.

  30. Don't be pussys blisters don't bother real men

  31. i have a great hack for lock down
    before you lace up your boots you are going to run your laces through the second row and then lace them app
    also making a double knot is even better hope this comment helps and goodbye

  32. the thing is, the shoe that i recently bought is the right size but the back of it gave me blisters at the back foot

  33. I only get blisters on one foot?

  34. I've been waiting for this blister video!

  35. Please tell me how to get My predators to stop to get blisters

  36. What was the name of blue nike shoes

  37. What if you get a blister on your big toe not the heel??

  38. As this guy says blisters are caused by friction of the foot moving inside the shoe. I find the soles of most sports shoes to be too rigid and now golf wearing the modern day equivalent of Plimsolls. Issue now is getting them waterproof.

  39. You're a life saver ! :0

  40. I have some right now

  41. Bro pls give me 1 pair of hand cover,1pair of adidas boot,1 jacket im so poor???

  42. Does it work for basketball players because i just got a new pair and the blisters are killing me

  43. Try 'Body Glide' rub all over your feet between toes, back of heel etc.

  44. 3:46 Has he got water coming out from his shoe? XD

  45. Thanks
    Can I meet you Jay?

  46. Great tip with the lace loops!

  47. You might consider our Operators Anti-Blister Socks by Armaskin:

  48. You can never have blisters if you cut off your feet. Think about it

  49. To late now I'm a girl I just got some new ones and these blisters hurt like hell

  50. X18.1 is So hard to Break in

  51. hold up…did you just tell me to take a shower with football boots on?…yea alright guess i'll give it a go then…

  52. I have blisters on my hand

  53. I have a blister today when I was playing football in my nemizes and I was wearing ankle socks

  54. Does the how water trick work on leather boots ?

  55. I’ve got hypervenom flynit I get blisters while playing in them any advice comment if you do

  56. Diabetic socks under regular socks

  57. Medical or zinc oxide tape for me .. got done blister/vaseline sticks if I've got no tape

  58. Why not just act normal? So annoying.

  59. UGH I just got some brand new slip on vans today and my blister bled on the heel of it! WHY THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I EVER WORE THEM!!!

  60. Hey I just tried the tape tip and it worked so well. Thank you!!

  61. Sweat bubbles…

  62. Ugh, thanks. I was wearing my new white vans and got blisters in both feet. I couldn't even walk, lmao.

  63. I’ve got very weird big feet, and the bunions on the heel bone stick out to the sides and every single boot causes coin sized blisters on the heel. I tried heaps of kinds of socks and then I found ArmaSkin socks, they are not like a normal thin sock, that have no seams on the inside, and the inside has a silicone breathable coating to stop friction against your foot, and the outside of the socks is a very slippery to allow for and absorb the slight friction that happens, because no matter how well your boots fit, once you start to sweat and change direction the skin grabs and moves. I can’t recommended ArmaSkin enough

  64. Medical tape, vaseline or blister sticks, compweed plasters, tight thick socks not thin loose ones

  65. I get blisters on the bottom of my feet

  66. That's why I prefer boots and summer boots for EDC….never had a blister when wearin' boots (boots that tie over your anckle, you know, like military ones).
    Great tips you have there!

  67. RIP Laceless boot owners

  68. Watching this video after getting 4 blisters . really very painfull

  69. hi to everyone who ended up here because the back of your sandals hurt

  70. I got new checkered vans with the no show socks and it hurts so bad ??

  71. i love this, its help me alots

  72. I just wrap my foot in bandages really tight but that bandage is not to fat and it doesnt hurt that much

  73. I get a blister cause of my football shoes

  74. I have a horrible blister on my foot right now. ??

  75. TIP: don't play soccer/Football in the rain and with new soccer shoes that are a little big.

    I got 5 blisters in one day 🙁

  76. I bought 4 pairs of TrusoX but that shit dont work and their like 40$ a pair which is a RIP off I still get fuking blisters

  77. Try applying some Aloe Vera gel on the areas of blisters. Believe me it really works ??

  78. Every damn time I put my Mercurials on I get blisters ????

  79. 5 blisters all over my feet yet I wanna play football so bad…

  80. Pour water into the boot after wearing

  81. My best anti blister tip is to never wear my mizuno rebula 2 v1's mij… Jesus christ those things are hell grinders ??? worst 250 i ever spent in my life.

  82. I bought some coach shoes and my feet were slaughtered ! Needless to say I got me some jordans

  83. I have my left ankle blister

  84. Ok so I have two pairs of the EXACT same boots in the EXACT same size (Nike mercurial superfly 6 elites), and one of them feels amazing and I love them, but the other hurts my heels so so much, by half time I can’t even walk! Why would this be? I got them like 4 days apart from eachother so it’s not like one is more broken in. They are both the same colour too so sometimes I pick up the wrong ones and ?

  85. My feet be lookin like a pepperroni

  86. Thanks so much, your advice worked! I bought some grip socks and used your laces trick, and it worked a treat! No blisters after playing! Again, thanks so much!

  87. The pain is officially worse than constipation ???

  88. Got a pair of new trainers(Tommy Hilfiger ICONIC RUNNER) i got my normal size and they fit perfectly in terms of length and are comfy inside. BUT i find the back of the shoe is higher than my other trainers, it rubs up/digs in against the top of my heel and makes it sore, it didn't do it right away, so i started wearing them out(so its too late to send back) but now it feels like its going to be every time. Annoyed. Going to let my heels heal with wearing my other trainers for the next week. Any suggestions?

  89. Your voice is so damn annoying hard to watch any video

  90. I just got a blister yesterday when my mom said I had to pop it I was crying ?

  91. you should do a give away on some cleats!

  92. Smh I’ve been practicing and playing on my blister and the season is gonna start my foot is fucked ?‍♂️

  93. Blister bandages suck soon as you sweat they fall off

  94. Bruhh my heels started bleeding on how bad it was scratching ? and I was wearing white socks so you can see the blood

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