How to Play Any PS4 Games On Your PC (Official)

How to Play Any PS4 Games On Your PC (Official)

What’s going on guys, today I’m gonna
show you, How to play any ps4 games on a PC.
This will work both on your PC’s and Laptops! So let’s begin!
First of all, you gonna need download a software called Remote play, I have given a link below
in the video description, so go there and click on it, it will bring you to this Sony’s
official web page to download PS4 remote play app. Once you have here you can simply download
your copy, by clicking one of these download buttons, I forgot to mention one thing, that
the remote play app is available for both Windows and Mac OS’s So you can enjoy your
favorite PS4 games on both of them. So without fourther a do, we gonna download this app
for windows, because we are doing this on a windows machine.
It just a 19 MB file. Once it downloaded open the file and follow the on-screen instructions
appeared on the installation window. Choose any language you want, and press ok, now click
next from here, now accept the license agreement. Choose your installation location. I’m fine
with the defaults so let’s click next again. and finally, click install, and it will install
the PS4 remote play app on your PC. So click finish, and click the icon for the remote play
app on your desktop to launch it. Now it will show a window to set up the remote
play facility on your PC, So let’s go and turn the ps4 on. it is only required for the
first time, once you set up everything you can turn on your ps4 from anywhere in the
world using the remote play app as long as your PS4 connected to your home network! Now
go to your ps4 settings and find the “remote play connection settings” and make sure
you checked the Enable Remote Play Option”. Now you can leave your ps4 turned on and disconnect
your dual shock 4 from your PS4 console by going to the Devices>Bluetooth devices,
now press the cross button and press it again, Now you’re successfully unpaired your DS4
controller, So let’s go back to the pc, and do the rest of the work.
As we left it is still on the remote play setup and it is asking you to connect your
Dual Shock 4 controller to the pc, You can do it in two ways, You can either connect
it using a USB cable directly plug in to your PC or wirelessly using a Dual shock 4 USB
Wireless adapter, which we don’t have yet. if you want you can get one on Amazon for
around 50 dollars, or for us we have to pay a whole 6000 rupees to get one! The price
may change in future, I’m only saying the price range from the time I created this video.
So if you have no wireless adapters like me, go ahead and connect your PS4 controller aka
Dual shock 4 to your PC’s USB Port using a micro USB cable that came along with your
ps4! Now go to the setting and choose the resolution
and frame rate. you can change your remote play app streaming resolution and frame rates
aka fps, between 360p, 540p, 720p, 1080p at 30 or 60 frames per second! The defaults will
be 540p @ 30 Fps. For now, we gonna choosing the best resolution available here which is
1080p aka full HD and we gonna set the frame rate to high, I assume it must be the 60 fps
option, and please be remember that the 1080p resolution is only available for selected
models such a CUH-7000. I hope it is the ps4 pro-family. If you are using a stander ps4 I suggest you to pick 720p aka (also know as) Half Hd. And for choosing a resolution and frame rate you
have to consider your internet connection speed. Choosing a higher resolution or frame
rate on an underspecified internet connection cause lag and disconnection issues.
To achieve steam in full quality you must have at least a 5 to 10 Mbps connection, but
it is working for me even with a 5 Mbps connection in high settings with some lag! Once you have finished setting the resolution
and frame rates of the stream, click start, and it will ask you your PSN ID and Password, don’t worry, it is safe and official. So let’s type it in. Now check the column “I’m not a robot” re-captcha and win the test! So you can make
sure that you are not a robot. Just kidding, Now you gonna need to click on the sign in
and that’s pretty much it, Now it will find your ps4 device via the internet and cast
your ps4 screen to your pc. It may take a while for the first time, so let’s wait
a little bit. And here is it! Now put the windows in full screen and enjoy
your ps4 games on your pc, So let’s try some gaming and see the experience
in real time. Remote play will work with most of the modern
day OS,s like Windows 8.1, Windows 10 or later, and OS X 10.10, OS X 10.11 and on and so on.
So that’s how you gonna play ps4 games on your PC, Laptops on the go, in-home, anywhere
in the world. If you like what you just so leave a thumbs
up, Also, you can Subscribe to our channel to
watch more contents. You can donate us on PayPal or Patreon. And if you don’t mind
comment your ideas for the next video. We are really lacking new topics, so I hope you
guys can help me with that, thank you so much watching. See you on next one.

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