How to Play Badminton : Backhand Flick Serve in Badminton

How to Play Badminton : Backhand Flick Serve in Badminton

Welcome back to Now I’m
going to show you how to do a back hand flick serve. It would be the same position as we
did earlier. Shoulders need to be straight, right foot needs to be forward, for the right
hand players, and left foot needs to be forward for left handers. As I mentioned earlier,
the thumb is one of the important roles in doing this serve. And since, on the short
serve, we only use the thumb in doing it, now we are going to use some wrist action
in making the serve. Same grip very important role would be the wrist and the thumb. Since
our objective in making the serve is make it have it higher then the eye level of the
opponent. Same position racket needs to be diagonal to the ground. The racket head should
not be higher then the waist line. Keep in mind we need the wrist action, power in doing
the flick serve. Let me show you the right way. That is a example of the flick serve in using
a backhand grip.

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  1. haha this guy is a joke. love the fact that he is trying to show beginners the flick serve

  2. I'm only a beginner at badminton, so I don't know if this guy is good. However, if you think you're better, please post a clip on how to serve.


  3. but know can we see you hitting it over the net and just getting into the box ?

  4. I suggest you demo on the real court with number of shots to show your consistencies.

  5. the expert village videos are soo ZZZzzzzz…..

  6. it's so 'newbie' ……. -______-''

  7. this guy isnt too good,
    you should extend your left arm straight in order to be as close to the net as possible
    also you could hold the shuttle higher , bottom rib height is the rules and its allowed to be flat now.

  8. He's Asian so he has to be good.

  9. all expertvillage instructors are AMATEURS.

  10. omg they should show lin dan or taufik howing stuff, not this amateur. there are some explanationvids from gade out there but they are in danish 🙁
    expertvillage suxx ;D

  11. 1.hold your breath .
    2.copy this message. on another video
    4.go to comments
    5.paste this to it
    6.if u didnt lose air ur a great kisser!

  12. That's wrong way to hold the shuttle..

  13. I agree, i would not suggest holding the shuttle like that

  14. His racket grip is old and wornout,,,, but i think the racket itself is just pure sexy i wanna get one of those

  15. not so expert by expert village… haha

  16. expert village is a comedy channel lol

  17. Ultra Fail…..

  18. he is about v3 level.

  19. what do you expect. he prob coaches at a community centre with shitty courts

  20. @yunguang theres only two rackets in the 9000 series. the 9000 and the 9900. just a marketting gimmick i suppose.

    im jk

  21. 50 likes 50 dislikes…this video has to be good O_O

  22. Youtube better shut down their channel before people start rioting watching this

  23. That is not how to do a backhand flick serve, you idiot. The racket head has to be lower than your lower rib not your waist. Also you don't let go off the shuttlecock in mid air, as you have less control. And you are only showing how to do a backhand serve not a flick serve.

  24. guys just not say he is bad.He maybe trying his best.

  25. The only serve I can do.

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