How to Play Badminton : Badminton Swing for Beginners

How to Play Badminton : Badminton Swing for Beginners

Welcome back to What we
are going to do a basic swing with a one, two,three, count. Make sure the base position
we have learned level to the legs side ways, bend the knees a little bit. One we would
be side ways. Same concept of pulling a bow of arrow. Shoulder needs to be level. The
grip should be in the proper forehand position. Left hand will serve like a guide when hitting
a shuttlecock. Left hand is very important for timing and eye contact on the shuttlecock.
Two would be the point of contact of the shuttlecock, which is one o’clock position. These would
be a twelve o’clock, one o’clock position. You got to make sure in every stroke in badminton
one o’clock position would be the proper way of hitting the shuttlecock, and then follow
through swinging down. Follow through is very important cause we need the weight transfer,
and the arm power on hitting the stroke and going back to the base position. We are going
to hit it faster this time. One, two and go back to base. Then moving on to the next step, we are going
to learn more different shots and demonstrate the one we learned today. The one,two,three
action and the basic swinging of a forehand shot.

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  1. never ever ever dip your shoulder down like that. go get a real coach to show you how to do it

  2. yah, but the main problem is his foot positioning…his foot positioning is wrong, cause he cant move forward if he position his foot like that…
    and another thing…its difficult to tell what motion hes trying to teach, smash or clear…cause clear, u dont need to swing like that and u dont throw ur shoulder down like that….full smash..u need to turn ur body more for the power…

  3. guy is a noob.

  4. mas magaling pa si coach nelson asunsion dyan

  5. i think he did a good job 😀

  6. Hey man, he is Chinese, he is awsome.

  7. BADMINTON SWING? WTF!!!!!!!! its called lob or clear, and your using your arm!!!!! use the wrist!

  8. now i know not to trust this noobvillage

  9. why do they have an asian guy teaching, kinda racist expert village if you ask me.

  10. u still use ur wrist the arm will be just a follow thru, wrist is more powerful than the arm ZZZZzzZZZZzzzzz

  11. beacuse asian guys are the best at badminto players in the world… its one of their most played sports

  12. thanks good try but this is crap. Peter gad has one of the best videos of all time. of ALL TIME!

  13. check out my badminton lesson videos

  14. i lol'd. . . HARD

  15. shuttlecock shuttlecock shuttlecock

  16. missing the "keep the body straight" its the basic to have a good balance and a good view of the shots

  17. so bad… get a real coach

  18. Stating that the 1 o'clock position to hit the shuttle is simply not true for all cases. Hitting a clear from that position is near impossible because the racquet face is slightly closed on impact.

  19. Expert on badminton… but apparently not on video quality 🙁

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