How to Play Badminton : Basic Footwork for Badminton Beginners

How to Play Badminton : Basic Footwork for Badminton Beginners

Hi my name is Bryan and welcome back to
What we are going to talk about is, we are going to talk about the basic foot work side
to side in doing badminton footwork. First off, we are going to start off on the right
then to the left. We talked about the base position earlier shoulder,the legs need to
be level. Let me start off in going to the right. Left foot need to move across and the
right foot moves forward. Reach. As you notice, my left foot is a little bit slant to the
ground when I launch my right foot with a swing motion, then go back to the base. Same
thing with the left foot forward. Moving forward and launching to the right hand side with
a swing. Eye contact needs to the net and the opponents with the swing. Go back to the
base position. I’m going to do it a little bit faster with the same position side way
on the right side ways to the left. In the count of three. One, two, three. Also remember you need to go back on the side
ways position. Knees need to bend a little bit as much as possible. If you can do heels
up that would help you better on control doing the lunges.

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  1. my teacher said u should always step with ur right foot, and look up and keep the racket slightly higher so u can hit it sooner, works better i find

  2. Where are the split steps? They are kind of important…

  3. its just badminton. are there a lot people who get this into it?
    i see it as a Bar B Q sport

  4. One of the best ways to learn is to watch pros doing it…….repeatedly…..just watch people like Lin Dan, Lee Chong Wei, Taufik Hidayat. These are current top world players.

  5. Do you have any idea how much money these people make just by playing with influential people? And The connections they get? Not to mention the girls…

  6. I play tennis.I used to think the same thing about badminton;it's a totally different game.Play with someone that knows how to play and you will think differently about it.I find badminton hard now,and never mind quite physically demanding,if you play against opponents better than yourself.I think I'm hooked now.

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  8. this shld be from amateur village….

  9. he should not lean forward for the basic position, he must be in a squat postion, knee slightly bend if possible right foot should be in parallel with the right hand (w/c is the power hand)

  10. kuyaw naman ka part……c doyne ni part.

  11. 1.hold your breath .
    2.copy this message. on another video
    4.go to comments
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  14. ur right! why are u watchin this vid!!

  15. thnxs man that helped me so much

  16. quite ok for beginners, no need to hide

  17. thank man, ignore all those idiots.

  18. what a newb. I am like 20000 times better than him!.
    I should be that guy teaching him how to!.

  19. thanx will try it tonight 🙂

  20. if u are beginner it's not easy

  21. This is excellent!!!!!!!!!!! I have decided that my new goal is to become world badminton champion in 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Awesome! you are great!

  23. I know this already. -.-

  24. how about some better quality and some proper converstion. lke he sounds so shy and confusing

  25. omg i hate badminton is so boring to me im a futboler i just have to learn this shit so i dont embarass myself in fucking gym

  26. if you seriously want to learn good technique check out this site (including lessons from peter gade) bestoncourt(d0t)com

  27. This guy sounds fucking slow… LMAO My Swing…….. Motion.

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  29. beginners can learn if u just video tape yourself playin badminton. no need to talk.
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  31. i'm really good at this

  32. bakit iba turo ni sifu han jian sa setia badminton academy sa malaysia???

  33. its an awesome vid … but piece of advise … GET A NEW CAMERA dude !!! its very blurred …

  34. d adverrtisment is not niice

  35. @PACQ1 Superise its an asian playing badminton!!!
    the viewers of this video have just been trolled

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  37. shoulders turned in the wrong direction on the forehand side, shot technique is bad, base position has very little knee bend. this is not an expert.

  38. he who dont know badminton. fxxker. i bet he cant hit backcourt forehand, out to opoonent court 10 times in a row. come i show him how. idiot..

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  40. Of course he is Asian lol Great video thanks 🙂

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  42. Nice! I lear now 🙂

  43. i hate sports i'm the type of person that just likes to study but my teacher said i need to learn any types of sport or i will fail huhhh it's really hard i hope i learn how to play badminton just a liitle enough to pass wish me luck 😀

  44. thank you, so much

  45. This is a bit confusing. You say to keep your eye on the net and the opponent, then in your demonstration quite clearly don't look anywhere near the net…

  46. the video is not clr

  47. i love badminton

  48. thank you so much for the tips I wish I can pass my try out in bad minton ?

  49. I love badminton Amazing

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