How to Play Badminton : Different Types of Badminton Swings

How to Play Badminton : Different Types of Badminton Swings

Hi my name is Bryan; welcome back to
Now we are going to learn the different types and strokes and swinging of a badminton racket.
To start off we are going to do a clear or a lob. The objective of the shot is to reach
the base line, the end line of the opposite court, which is the opponent’s court. Of course
we are going to start off in a base position. Move back side ways, the left hand serves
as a guide. And the right hand which you would aim. Same concept as a volleyball players
spike and the tennis player makes the serve.

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  1. are you playing with nylon/plastic shuttles? because your elbow is not extended high enough and your demonstrating bad technique and bad habits.

  2. !!!Hi idol you!!!!!

  3. lol this guys a joke

  4. can u? if so , do a video on it. i must learn

  5. you are not even switching your legs

  6. sifu hanjian from malaysia teaches differently…. why hu???

  7. this is terrible wrong… pls, don't add a vid if u can't play… Terrible foodwork and what happened with your side to the net… sorry…

  8. you have to swing your weigh forward when you hit the shuttle. 😀

  9. are you a real badminton player 🙁

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