How to Play Badminton : Long Serve in Badminton

How to Play Badminton : Long Serve in Badminton

Welcome back to Now what
we are going to do the long serve using the forehand grip. Mostly use for a singles game.
If you want to reach the base line on playing a singles game and a doubles game. It will
be the same stance as a short serve. Left foot needs to be forward. The V position needs
to be facing on the side of the court and in a forehand grip. Keep in mind the bird
should not be to close to the body, and making contact with the bird should not be lower
then the waist line level. Point of contact, swing, follow through; keep in mind, since
we are doing a high serve follow through is a very important throw. Since we have wanted
to reach the back line. Point of contact, follow through. We are just going to go upward.

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  1. good for beginners.
    bud i'm a player A2 🙂

  2. its just wrist action man, scoop it.. give it a few goes you'll get it! trust me you dont need a tutorial

  3. he has a weird long serve

  4. you didnt hit the damn thing…

  5. Long serve useful in singles. A smash from the very back of the court shouldnt cause you too much trouble to defend. If it does then work on your smash return. In doubles I only use a long serve now and again to catch them out. Best using flick serve instead. Remember service court is bigger in singles.

  6. Long serve is not recommended in professional competitions since opponents are athletic enough to go back and smash it with an angle.

  7. Long serve was preferred way back when the scoring points still using 15. But when they started to use the 21 scoring points, most of them use the short serve. i think it is because of the racket. Nowadays, racket helps the player to make even faster stronger and faster smashes.

  8. he cant reach the baseline cuz he sucks so he didn't demonstrate

  9. he shouldve demonstrated it at least

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  11. 1.hold your breath .
    2.copy this message. on another video
    4.go to comments
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  12. Its a woman's single serve. He should learn a proper doubles flick serve.

  13. OMFG! Do IT! I waited and u did not serve!

  14. he scared to miss a shot

  15. Thats one expensive racket.

    Well… I just ordered a Yonex MP5

  16. ahahahahhahaha your teaching how to serve and you didnt show us the actual serve!!!!! ur no expert!

  17. omg i'm sick of these assholes disrespecting expertvillages vids. They're putting these videos on youtube for YOUR benefit, can you not see that? If you think you can outshine these guys' videos then make your own if your such a master- if not then shut the hell up and remember that they're taking the time to make these videos and explain techniques to you.

  18. to make it more deceptive, you should flick it instead just at the last minute. and to drop it instead you follow through

  19. jesus freakkiller277 calm down lol! people have to accept if something they do isn't the best, because otherwise they'll never improve, and yeah, he's taken the time to teach people, but if it's wrong then you can't post it on youtube and show people the wrong technique lol. i'm not saying he's wrong btw, because everyone has their own style, but yeah, you know what i mean

  20. why is this SHIT featured.

  21. the video was helpful but why is the big paragraph blocking the way?

  22. I was expecting him to demonstrate it atleast once!

  23. If theres a problem, then get the fuck out. There are thing people like, and things people dont like and dont included you, you don't like this sport, then get your dumb fucking ass off the video and comments sections. People like what they like, soo you shouldnt worry about what other people like. How do you hate over a sport, people these days, i swear!!!!!

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