How to Play Badminton : Proper Racket Grip in Badminton

How to Play Badminton : Proper Racket Grip in Badminton

Hi my name is Bryan; welcome back to
Today we are going to learn to hold the proper grip and handling of badminton racket. Normally,
beginners hold the racket this way, flat and the fingers all apart. The proper way of handling
a badminton racket: first off, you want to go sideways, with palms open on the head of
the racket, slide down through the shaft until you reach the grip portion. The same concept
a shaking the hand of a person. Slide down. The index finger needs to have a position
just like holding the trigger of a gun.
Make sure there is a V position sideways bared to the racket.

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  1. good for beginners.

  2. yup, that is correct way to hold it ~~ and good explanation, too bad quality is the worse upon the worse…and no close ups

  3. weird… i hold it with my pinky

  4. I don't know about you guys but I am not sliding my hand down any shaft.

  5. i've never held a gun

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  8. izzit the sound error ..or its just me?

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  10. 1.hold your breath .
    2.copy this message.´╗┐ on another video
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  11. and he's sliding his hand down the racket ever so slowly roflcopter

  12. why so bitter???
    u r maybe a sucker in badminton who wants to release his rage to others…
    u think u r great, produce ur own vid..

  13. These lessons are very usefule for me. And the speed of talking is fine with those who don't know English properly.

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  15. most people have their own ways of holding the racket but they usually start of with the hand shake basis so in the end its what you feel is right for you

  16. thanks for the vid

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  18. Thanks for the lesson. Please keep up the good work.

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  22. i need your help buddy iam trying to follow this technique buts its very difficult to play like this but its effective but during hitting the cock high i find it difficult can you help me

  23. @karansena i need your help please i want to defeat these bhiari lot because they are rude and they think they are too good . this style is effective but i find it difficult to play like this

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  26. the racket should be strait in positioin?

  27. wtf is this quality?

  28. Using this proper basic grip allows me to double my hitting power. A very useful video for any beginner like me.

  29. 240p , we meet again!

  30. when I hold my racket hold all my fingers very pressed together at the bottom but with my pointing finger pointing upwards the racket. Is this a technique that would just reduce the hitting power?

  31. i remember last time when i was younger, same handgrip but not at bottom of handle but at the top

  32. well apparently these guys here making a comment are "experts" ahem maybe. self proclaimed lol

  33. can someone please tell me how to watch these badminton video tutorials starting from the first one.

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