How to Play Badminton : Underhanded Swings in Badminton

How to Play Badminton : Underhanded Swings in Badminton

Hi my name is Bryan; and welcome back to
Now we are going to talk about doing the underhand clear to the base line using the forehand
grip. First off you need to make sure we are in our base position. Shoulders need to be
level to the legs, and the racket needs to be up. First launch we use the left foot moving
forward. The right foot will serve as a critical role in launching. Right racket needs to be
down, and keep in mind we need the wrist to be bent, diagonal position, and swinging upward
position. With a follow through. Follow through is very important roll in swinging it. We
need to make sure we get the follow through up to the shoulders; this is a very important
role in doing a underhand shot. Let me show you how to do it on a faster way. That is a basic way in doing a underhand long
and clear.

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  2. good video. at least he made an effort in showing the basics in badminton before trying out the more advanced technique

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