How to Play Badminton

How to Play Badminton

How to Play Badminton. For anyone who’s ever wondered why people
are swatting an odd-looking object back and forth across a net, here’s the lowdown. You will need Two or four players A badminton
court A net A shuttlecock and badminton rackets. Step 1. Set up a court by establishing boundaries
of 44 feet long by 17 feet wide for a singles game and 44 feet by 20 feet for a doubles
game. Place a net in the middle, with the top 5
feet off the ground. Step 2. Know the object of the game, which is similar
to tennis: Opposing players with rackets hit the shuttlecock back and forth over a net
trying not to let it hit the ground. Shuttlecocks, which are also called shuttles
or birdies, come in two types: Cork-based with feathers, and plastic with a rubber base. Step 3. Know what constitutes a fault, or an error. A fault is made when the shuttlecock lands
outside the boundary lines, does not clear the net, hits the ground before being returned,
or makes contact with a player’s body or clothing. Step 4. Start with a coin toss; the winner chooses
a side of the court and decides if they want to serve first or not. Step 5. The game begins with the player serving underhanded
from the back of the court on their right side diagonally across the court to the other
team. If the shuttlecock doesn’t clear the net or
lands outside the service area, the other team scores a point and gains serve. Serve from the right when your score is even,
left when it’s odd. Players only get one chance to serve, unless
they miss the birdie completely, or the birdie touches the net on its way across – which
is called a let. Step 6. Whoever wins each rally wins the point, and
whoever gets to 21 points wins a game. If players are tied at 20, the team with the
first two-point lead wins. If the scores go to 29 without anyone attaining
the two-point lead, the first team to reach 30 wins. The match is won by the best two out of three
games played. Did you know Badminton is the world’s fastest-paced
racket sport, with the shuttlecock flying across the net at speeds of almost 200 miles
per hour.

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  1. Fastest paced racquet sport?
    Wouldn't one say it is tennis with Andy Roddick being able to serve at 155MPH.

  2. @dragonmustard2 the fastest smash in badminton is around 300 km/h average is around 250km/h

  3. @Pho6
    That's around 186 MPH. Are you sure?

  4. @dragonmustard2 you can even wikipedia it. the fastest is actually 206mph

  5. fastest smash=424kmph

  6. so much for "indoor sport" wouldnt the wind blow the shuttlecock????

  7. these guys obviously dont know how to play

  8. @chocko69chick .. Yes they are.. These guys used super simple things that doest make smashes.. The height of net explains it all.. The outer line, they didnt do it, so it's they foult bro.

  9. how are you supposed to smash when the net is 5 feet above the ground

  10. @marklx50 That's in controlled conditions. I think Fu Haifeng still holds it for the fastest smash in a match (332 km/h). But a shuttle slows down quickly.

  11. thats badminton for fun not proffesional things!personally i dont like it

  12. I have the EXACT same badminton racket! the Gosen one!

  13. ty for the help, il try do like this ;D

  14. This is pathetic. Call it something else if you are to play it outdoor. Don't even relate badminton to this non-sense.

    This is as ridiculous as teaching how to play ice-hockey outside of your house garage.

  15. wow this is absurd, what goddamn sport are they describing?

  16. 82 people dont know how to play real badminton

  17. If that net is 5 ft, those people are midgets.

  18. 83 people have no idea about badminton.

  19. this is just stupid
    Totally have the wrong idea of playing badminton, wtf
    just stop posting this useless, misleading video..

  20. nets supposed to be ~5 feet high not like 7 or 8 ft determining server is simple if you dont have a coin in hand… hit the bird straight up and see which way it points when it lands

  21. @juasmaa im and a badminton warrior

  22. thanks for the help

  23. the net is too high…it must be centered

  24. for the singles boundaries the long part of the court is 20 feet

  25. first of alll this all wrong

    wrong net height
    white people playing
    because only indians can play

  26. @sirkneighf18 probably

  27. @sirkneighf18 oh god. LCW is Chinese la. Hes Malaysian and Lin Dan is from China. Are you clear? -____-

  28. This is an offense to all badminton players. It's a JOKE

  29. @anniemcphie shut up anyone can play

  30. but yes everything is wrong

  31. a let is for tennis..not badminton.

  32. @jade1104you Let is also for badminton… But there is no let when the shuttlecock passes while touching the net during the serve.

  33. Every body know how to play badminton and i am a pro .

  34. This is something tennis-volleyball

  35. This is for noobs…

  36. There are more lines

  37. That's not badminton 0_o
    If you want to know what badminton really is, search "2010 Badminton Asian Games 720HD MS Final Highlight Dan LIN [CHN] vs [MAS] Chong Wei LEE" on youtube and you'll see why badminton is the fastest racket sport in the world, and one of the most intense sport in the world.

  38. Tips??? IAM NOOB

  39. @zolikonyves it is but i was hoping for a bit more of a challenging type of practice or lesson from this vid cuz i already know how to play basic badminton well

  40. Nice video when I have an exam in badminton haha! Sports is the best subject ever.

  41. it would be okay if whoever wins on tossing coin chooses which side of the court he or she wants to be in but the winner won't decide whether he or she wants to serve. toss the shuttlecock to know who serves

  42. and if the ball hits someones body that is not a fault it's called badminton smash to overcome it use back hand

  43. the birdie not ball

  44. U DONT SERVE AT THE BACK RIGHT CORNER! U SERVE AT THE FRONT! GOD! oh btw just saying im one of the usa badminton members

  45. oh btw the fastest smash was 421kmh by a malaysian so yea just saying Howcast

  46. next How to video: how to breathe and how to have a life ( 2-4 episodes, because of the high difficulty )

  47. badminton is indoor

  48. This isn't badminton, it's fucking casual garden badminton. Also I like how they used tennis ball sound effects to demonstrate the hitting sound.

  49. This is why americans look down on badminton…sigh…



  52. I reported this video.

  53. Is this meant to be funny? It`s neither funny, nore a serious insight into badminton. -,-

  54. "Place a net in the middle, with the top five feet off the ground." *errects a 6 foot high net*

  55. i cant wait t play dis!!!!

  56. Possibly the most ill-informed instructional video I've ever seen in my life. Every detail is wrong. Listen closely, they even play tennis sound effects when they hit the shuttle

  57. Haha… What are they playing? The net seems to be as high as that of a volleyball court.

  58. what the fuck is this? volleyball?

  59. When the shuttle touches the net while crossing it is not a let -.-

  60. This is embarrassing to the sport of Badminton smh

  61. Im not good when there's a net. I need help 0_o

  62. More like volleyball net to me with dat kind of height O.o

  63. More like volleyball net to me with dat kind of height O.o

  64. More like volleyball net to me with that kind of height O.o

  65. More like volleyball net to me with that kind of height O.o

  66. Im a kid i now how to play bagminton ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. I yelled out rage quit at the end of that example match.

  68. What a stupid video. If you have never played badminton before, please do NOT pay any attention to any of the advice in this video. It has some glaring errors. Net height shown, where to serve from, etc., all wrong. Please take this video off the web.

  69. never serve from the back of the court ย and the net height is way too high

  70. That is a perfect spot for a hockey rink…

  71. bad-min-ton not badmitten

  72. I actually play competitive badminton and it is not like this, same with regular badminton, and you can also serve backhand and you never serve from the back of the court

  73. Great, learned a lot from this. I'm from the Australia so I did not know that. ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks!bhrd

  74. I play this and im 11 and I'm better than that so its not great the net is to small and all

  75. not 200mph, it is 300mph

  76. This makes no sence, i think you're right. This might be badmitton, but it is not badminton.

  77. When you say badminton you say with no ton. You said badmitten

  78. You don't stand back of the court to serve, this is laughable!

  79. this is beyond awful

  80. I cringe. So hard. If you don't know how to play badminton, don't make a video about it.

  81. narrator says 5 ft… if the net is 5ft in the vid, those guys playing must be midgets…..
    also the dubbed audio for shuttle contact is awful
    Also flaws in the rules stated

  82. Lol. this video is nothing of what you do in a real game.

  83. What?
    Serve from the BACK of the court?
    Service is diagonally from the front of the court.
    This video is incorrect!

  84. This video is funny i am a badminton player here in Philippines and i never saw any badminton players playing like that. Oh wait the net is too high and you need 1 to 2 player not higher (bad English)

  85. when they hit the shuttlecock it sounds like a tennis ball!

  86. I,m playing badminton with my cousins

  87. Face palm This is the most cringy video I've seen a very long time, I wish I can give more thumbs down.


  89. Narrated by Patrick Fabian?

  90. Please take this video down. Lots of false information in this video. Don't play how these guys are playing.

  91. No sense there is no singles and dobles court the court is a dobles court

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