How to Play Cricket Square Cut Shots Left Handed Tutorial #1

How to Play Cricket Square Cut Shots Left Handed Tutorial #1

Hi Guys Jemile of the cricket school here please like and subscribe this is a two-part tutorial on how to play the cut shot Cut shot the 1st stage of the shot is that we need to get thee shape of the shot with our hands and this is what you see me doing here and all you have to do is repeat this over and over again and it’s important that you do exactly as i’m doing here in that you play the shot and then go through the reverse of the chain that’s very important that way you get the shape of your hands with the shot and your also adding in the role of your wrists the role of your wrists occurs when the ball is in line with your back shoulder that way you hit it square, the key is in the name of the shot “The Square Cut” That means your hitting the ball square of the wicket on the off side Get the shape with your hands – now we are going to hit some balls – where you’ll see our back foot has moved back & across and our head is leading a secoundary movement if needed to closer to the line of the ball do that and practice that before we move onto and we’ll move onto the next stage in the next video the quiz for this video is which one of these batsman play the best cut shot Aaron Finch – Sachin Tendulkar Chris Gayle or MS Dhoni Please place you Answer in the comments section below. Thanks
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  1. sachin tendulkar !!

  2. Thanks
    very helpful… more tutorials on left hand batting

  3. Sachin Tendulkar by far..

  4. This will be very helpful drill for my son, as he tends to play cuts in front rather slapping the balls in square or finer. I request you to watch my son's recent batting video 'Talented Cricketer Aaditya Shelat 11 yo from Melbourne, Australia' and comment how's he going please. Thanks.

  5. The cricket school i want to know if the ball comes to my hip how to play it straigth or off side
    plz help i am a left hander

  6. Sorry to disturb you coach. But how can I solve this problem: I roll my wrists too early when I play this shot and I end up missing the ball

  7. Sachin elegant to watch his cut. gale hand eye coordination and power…dhoni best wrists in the game almost effortless power..finch similar to sachin..

  8. simple wrist exercise to learn

  9. thank'for aletier cook of bating

  10. virender sehwag! no doubt.

  11. In your next video please show how a left hander should face leg or off or orthadox spin and even the glance shot. Thanks

  12. Dhoni!
    Sir this has been helpful for me. Thank you and Plss keep sharing more for left handed batsman.??

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