How to Play Cricket Square Cut Shots Tutorial Pt1 Right

How to Play Cricket Square Cut Shots Tutorial Pt1 Right

Hi Guys Jemile of the cricket school here please like and subscribe this is a two-part tutorial on how to play the cut shot Cut shot the 1st stage of the shot is that we need to get thee shape of the shot with our hands and this is what you see me doing here and all you have to do is repeat this over and over again and it’s important that you do exactly as i’m doing here in that you play the shot and then go through the reverse of the chain that’s very important that way you get the shape of your hands with the shot and your also adding in the role of your wrists the role of your wrists occurs when the ball is in line with your back shoulder that way you hit it square, the key is in the name of the shot “The Square Cut” That means your hitting the ball square of the wicket on the off side Get the shape with your hands – now we are going to hit some balls – where you’ll see our back foot has moved back & across and our head is leading a secoundary movement if needed to closer to the line of the ball do that and practice that before we move onto and we’ll move onto the next stage in the next video the quiz for this video is which one of these batsman play the best cut shot Aaron Finch – Sachin Tendulkar Chris Gayle or MS Dhoni Please place you Answer in the comments section below. Thanks
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  1. Thanks Coach for uploading this, i was very weak playing this shot.

  2. saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaachin Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeendulkar

  3. I got out twice on the deliveries on which you were playing the square cut. I have a match after one week and I am the only batsman who can play well at the death. But other teams have got my weakness. Please can you make the second part of it and please also tell, how to generate power at this shot.

  4. How can I play short and wide bouncers outside off stump?? It's been my weakness. At death overs, when I try to hit those deliveries, they go straight up in the air and other teams are keeping fielders for my mistake.?? Please help 🙁

  5. Ok. No problem.  

  6. Nice vid, should help me out!

  7. There is no doubt answer is Sachin ramesh Tendulkar ….

  8. Sir can you help me ..
    I was playing best in past .but due to some reasons i could not continue my game …and i got backwaed day by day .. I was playing withiot any coaching but my performance was best in every match…i remained untouch for about 4 years … I forgot my sikils which were naturally got by me… Now i have problem in playing frontfoot, backfoot.. ,and my slection of shots doest not go in right way …. Can you tach me ….sir ….please…

  9. sir,
        I am villagers pleas help me…

  10. Where is the cricket schools based I am interested

  11. Sachin Tendulkar

  12. You want to see how to play square cut? Watch Rahul Dravid play.

  13. Zaheer Abbas.

    Hey. I'm old school. What can I say?

  14. in my opinion ms dhoni or virat kohli

  15. sachin tendulkhar because the ball always comes of the middle of his bat and races to the bonduary through the gap

  16. no one does the orthodox cricketing shots at its best,than virat kohli

  17. budy there is no shot sachin tendulkar cant play so dont ask these kind of questions again .a

  18. Ms dhoni most powerful square cut for WC2011


  20. Rohit Sharma also

  21. Sachin Tendulkar sir for sure because he always hits the ball from middle of the bat and places it perfectly between point and back ward point . Sachin sir also times the ball very well and the flow of his bat is absolutely Super fantabulous. So I go for Sachin sir.

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