How to Play Dodgeball

How to Play Dodgeball

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  1. why is this video not 480p

  2. @cmonbugmenot not yet 😛

  3. @uut0 wow that was a fast reply, i checked my email like 2 mins after posting

  4. oh shit now its 480p. so when you first upload vids to youtube, the HD doesn't show up?

  5. @cmonbugmenot now it is 480p btw 😀

  6. Love the animation

  7. really?



  8. wow, forreal

    learn how to play this game in like preschool

  9. because who dosent know how to do that?

  10. that's human dodgeball.

  11. @Fishpail meanwhile,you had a small bruise

  12. I was playing this… I looked over to my right to see if I could get any dodge balls and then turned to my front and barely dodged a ball from hitting my face… I was like OMG!

  13. Can you make a video of how to play netball?

  14. "Run to the center and grab as many balls as you can."

  15. use the 5 d's of dodgeball!!!

  16. The Five D's of Dodgeball:

  17. @Sharpluke1997 you shuld be the highest rated coment.

  18. @TheRealMysteryKid u must be my twin

  19. why is squrtile in this video

  20. used to play this at my school but it got too dangerous……….

  21. Step 1: Dip dive duck dip and dodge!

  22. i like to play bulit doging

  23. I never rush for the balls I just move left and right until my teammates are out then throw all of the balls

  24. You will need:a dodgeball 😀

  25. @TheRealMysteryKid same here

  26. if you can dodge a wrench you can dodge a ball

  27. in bulgaria it's playd with one ball

  28. i wish they would let high schoolers play dodge ball 🙁

  29. @Mitsuru952 haha good point

  30. no human shield no have a friend be on the other team and tell him to not shoot at you
    this fails


  32. STK for life babyyyy. get with it or get stomped nigga

  33. 0:13 sounds like he's singing

  34. Several problems with this

    1. RUBBER COATED FOAM BALLS?!!!! Really?!! Pussies, use the good old fashioned welt causing, nose breaking red rubber balls.

    2. WTF is with the animation? It look like you have toddlers playing.

  35. #LOL At 0:12 – 0:18 when he says: "6 rubber-coated foam balls, 6-10 players," it sounds like he's singing it. 😛

  36. @MrAwsomeRhettman When Chuck Norris plays dodgeball, he already wins.

  37. run man run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. step one: hide behind the fat kid
    did you know that the fat kid is almost always the first out

  39. @halofreak908 well in my karate class the ''large'' kids throw the hardest so yea :/

  40. if a ball bounces off the floor and hits you, you're still out most retarded 5th graders dont realize this

  41. @jamalaron your obviously a 5th grader

  42. "grab as many balls as you can" lol

  43. @TheRealMysteryKid Scratch my thumbs down same with me

  44. Luv the animations lol

  45. Im dogging so good but im not that good in catching a ball….

  46. lol I just hang back behind the hard throwers and only throw when the rest of my tean is out.

  47. 6 rubber coated balls man have games begin to get weak i use vevo brand balls

  48. @exibitions

    1.) Last time I check, pain was a BAD thing. Fucking emo.
    2.) Dodgeball is meant for kids…

  49. We can't even PLAY dodgeball, in high school, anymore. I LOVED the old-fashioned, rubber, red balls that would burn your skin if you up up against a good arm. It wasn't sadistic, it wasn't something to get-off from. It taught you how to DODGE. The kids we'll be seeing won't even be playing football or wrestling by the time bubble-wrapped parents get done with them. The distinct cacophony of the "PANG" that rubber makes. The feel. The scent. Your heart racing with every throw. Say "bye-bye".

  50. @SoonToBeAwesome

    Rofl. You're raging about a comment I left seven months ago on a terrible video? I never said pain was a good thing, you stupid illiterate fuck, learn to read what people say. And there is a vast different between kids and toddlers, like I called them. Are you really this stupid? What's it like to have your parents be brother and sister?

  51. @exibitions You implied that having your nose broken by a piece of rubber is a good thing
    And also, you call me stupid when you insult me on things that were never even spoken of or implied in any way, such as incest. PS fuck is not a noun

  52. next on howcast… how to breathe

  53. @rubiksnerd101 first time i've heard that.

  54. howcast needs more ideas


  56. That is horrible i play it with bowlingballs

  57. Wow
    This is the first time I've seen such a cool game like this
    And this movie is so cute :"3
    Thanks a lot 😡 😡 😡

  58. Ya my school only used gator skin dodgeballs which were only like half a foot in diameter so one day i got a volleyball and pegged someone in the face. In the end I bought myself 3 hours detention

  59. Pussies…Why not use rocks?!?!

  60. yes foam balls are for pussies but begginers will need foam balls and foam balls make the game fun because nobody gets hurt

  61. It isn't proper dodgeball unless you hear that hollow "THUNK" sound that a red rubber ball makes when it hits you. When I think back to the fun of childhood, that sound is the first thing that comes to mind. I get that if you're going to have four year olds playing, like they apparently do in the video, you'll want smaller balls, but for me it isn't dodgeball unless they have the red balls that make that sound.


  63. lol we use rocks instead of foam balls we totally use them thats why i have a wound in my face and body

  64. Can you make a tutorial of how to catch a ball in dodgeball

  65. I'm not stupid I know how to play dodgeball

  66. I pulled my dominant arm while playing

  67. what about if people cheat

  68. Thank you for explaining this to me know I understand how to play

  69. why is this game illgeal in schools i love this game

  70. i am coming from the future

  71. I didn't understand this i am a new to play it. I didn't understand single also.

  72. how to play dodgeball
    step 1 – get white goodman
    did you know – snow is cold

  73. I have a competition tomorrow so I wanted to check with the rules ??

  74. It is called bomblast in our school.

  75. Im in dogeball club so thanks for the advise

  76. these are the basic rules in my 5th grade you play different rules

  77. I hate dodgeball and our school is making it weird
    They split us up into fours and only gave us one ball per 2 teams

  78. you forgot the part at the beginning of the game where you hit the wall and clap to the main part of we will rock you by Queen

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