How to Play Patchwork in 2 Minutes – The Rules Girl

How to Play Patchwork in 2 Minutes – The Rules Girl

I’m the Rules Girl, and this is Patchwork,
a tile-placement strategy game for 2 players. In Patchwork, players compete to create the
highest-scoring quilt, out of the pieces of cloth available to them. The goal of the game is to win, and you win
by having the most victory points, earned by stockpiling buttons and making the biggest
quilt possible. On your turn, you’ll choose between three
available tiles in front of the pawn, clockwise. Each tile costs both buttons and time to place. Select a tile you can afford, and move the
pawn up to where that piece was. Put it anywhere on your board, flipping and
rotating it if you’d like. Now pay its cost in buttons and move your
token on the time board as many times as the piece says to. If you pass a button on the time board, collect
buttons equal to the number of buttons that appear on your board. If you pass a leather piece, take it and place
it anywhere on your board for free. The first player that fills a 7×7 grid with
pieces gets 7 bonus points. Now, look at where you are on the time track. If you’re behind or tied with your opponent,
take another turn! Don’t want the pieces available to you right
now? You can also pass, moving your pawn until
you are right in front of your opponent and collecting a button for every space you moved. You also collect your button income or leather
patches if you passed those. Since you’re now ahead of your opponent
on time, it’s now your opponent’s turn. And that’s the game! Play continues until both players have reached
the end of the time track. Now add up the number of buttons you still
have available to spend, and subtract 2 points for each empty space on your quilt. The player with the most points wins the game! Ready to play? Grab your board and place your token at the
start of the time track. Randomly arrange all the pieces in a big circle
around the time track, placing the pawn in front of this piece, going clockwise. Collect five buttons to start. Randomly select a player to go first. If you liked Patchwork, you might like other
dueling games such as Jaipur, a trading game, or 7 Wonders Duel, a game of competing ancient
civilizations. If you enjoyed this video, consider subscribing
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  1. Cannot reccomend Patchwork in 2 minutes enough.

  2. at 1:38, you actually put the pawn behind that piece. You shouldn't be able to select that piece on the first turn.

  3. Hello, I just discovered your videos. They have amazing production quality. I bought my wife Patchwork last year for her birthday and it's one of the only games (besides ticket to ride) that she suggests we play.
    Yeah, that's too bad about the starting placement of the game piece but that's okay. For the time you save people from reading the rules, we'll let this one pass 🙂

    Oh, i love the recommendations of other games at the end as well!

  4. The meme of all boardgames.

  5. The theme seemed awful to me when I first heard about Patchwork. Your video now has me intrigued and I may be picking it up. Thanks!

  6. A pet peeve of mine is when people on forums say, "this game is bad for X. There are SO many other games that do X better…" – but then never list those other games!

    Contrastingly, I love that you said at the end, "if you like this, you might like these".
    I find a huge amount of value in that brief, simple suggestion. Even if I know of those other games, this might remind me of them or even think of them in a different way.

  7. Great video. I watched this the other day and was ready to play in 2 minutes.

  8. I just got this Game and we love
    it – but I HATE the Rules in any
    Game that say:  'when you 'pass over' a certain square – this
    happens’.   It never states or allows for the fact that you may land on the
    square with half the button, (as in this Game) then move to the next square on
    your next go with the other half of the button…  Does this mean
    you get buttons income twice – for both landings?  It would have been much
    simpler to have had the picture of the button on just ONE square,  then if you
    either land or pass over it,  you’d know for sure what
    to do!  I have many Game in my collection that fall down with this kind of
    Rule – they just say ‘each time you 'pass over'
    etc., and It isn’t clear enough,  and we like to play our
    games strictly by the RULES! Please can you help us out on this one? Thanks in
    advance! 🙂

  9. Thank YOU! I was getting frustrated watching other long winded videos making it seem so much more complicated than it actually is haha

  10. Your howto-s are becoming my favourite on youtube! Keep up the great work 🙂

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