How to Play Singles | Badminton Lessons

How to Play Singles | Badminton Lessons

The next topic of discussion is, how to play
singles. In badminton, you can either play singles
or doubles. In singles, it’s just you against another
opponent. In doubles, it’s two people on one side against
another two people on the other side. In singles, the basic premise is to hit shuttlecock,
away from your opponent, and to win the point that way. Ultimately, the first person to get 21 points,
wins and the first person to win two, at least two games, out of the three games, wins the
entire match. Also in singles, in terms of strategy, basically
there are four corners in the court; two in the back and two in the front, close to the
net. Your opponent typically stands close to middle
of the court and so you want to hit the shuttle away from him in one of those four corners. Basically, your opponent is going to be doing
the same thing against you. So, you may as well try to make him run before
he makes you run. And that’s basically, how you play singles.

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