How to Play the Golden Girls Drinking Game

How to Play the Golden Girls Drinking Game

Here’s how to play the Golden Girls drinking game You will need Up to 3 other friends Your favorite alcoholic beverages and an episode of the best Bea Arthur based sitcom of all time No, not Maude. Come on. First everyone chooses a character Next, agree on a mode of play. There are 2 possible modes Zing or Get Zinged When playing Zing, you drink every time your character zings someone. I treat my body like a temple Yeah, open to everyone. Day or night! *Cash register bell sound* When playing Get Zinged, you drink every time your character gets zinged. I treat my body like a temple Yeah, open to everyone. Day or night! *Cash register bell sound* You can tell who the alcoholics are because they choose Sophia when playing Zing Or Rose when playing Get Zinged. Watch the episode and drink with every zing taking shots based on your character and these special circumstances Whenever Sophia says, “Picture it” Picture it! Sicily, 1922. Whenever Dorothy gives advice You should have a home field advantage, why don’t you invite him over here. Whenever Blanche mentions Big Daddy I haven’t had to disappoint so many men since Daddy tore down the treehouse. Or whenever Rose says a strange word from St. Olaf. As they say in St. Olaf, “Helderbargenblargenflur” Then there’s the Cheesecake Rule If your character sits at the table eating cheesecake, you have to finish your drink and start another. And finally, everyone must sing the theme song during the credits. *Singing* Your heart is true, your a pal and a confidante Please drink responsibly and thank you for being a friend. *drunken singing of the Gold Girls theme song*

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  1. YEAH! I WILL TOTALLY TRY THIS. (and hopefully don't up in the ER) XD

  2. Best show ever.

  3. have to try this lol 😀

  4. Thank you for planning next Friday's Girl's Night….

  5. 1rd, YOU'RE WINNER

  6. 301 view 312likes

  7. Do a f.r.i.e.n.d.s drinking game!

  8. But how can you drink responsibly while playing a drinking game?

  9. I pity anyone who chooses Sophia

  10. Do a breaking the fourth wall video compilation

  11. I need to try this.

  12. So you want me to kill myself?

  13. why does she have a beard?

  14. Why does Blanche's cartoon head have a beard?

  15. More drinking games please!

  16. I have a few games like this I want to try in the future.

  17. It's weird I'm 15 and I love the show the golden girls haha

  18. Try this but be 2 people at once ! My friends played it and they got sooooo drunk ( they drank whiskey ) so I wouldn't blame them!:)

  19. first i'll need to get me some friends and lots of alcoholic beverage

  20. I stopped at, "You will need three other friends"   "/

  21. I play quite the same game alone watching Alf. I drink everything there is a record laugh and I finish my glass when Alf want to eat the cat.

    I always win!

  22. THE BEST. SHOW. EVER!!!!! I've seen every single episode! Hehe…

  23. OMG, you can get totally faced just watching one episode! 

  24. dawww. Need moar of this!

  25. this is too slow for me
    i drink way too fas for this

  26. Lmao seen every episode!

  27. OMG, I've been watching Golden Girls the wrong way this entire time, Love this game!!

  28. This is the greatest thing I've ever seen.

  29. Oh look! Everyone's shitfaced!

  30. i love this show

  31. Can I drink while watching Game of Thrones?

  32. I played this last Saturday. I choose Dorothy and the Zinged and omg haha. Best game ever. Highly recommend it.

  33. When I'm old enough I want to play this game! Although I'm not sure any other 17 year old like me watches the golden girls..

  34. So I found a new way I could become an alcoholic today….

  35. The only bad thing about the cheesecake rule is that if Dorthy is your person you'll never finish the drink because Bea Arthur hated cheesecake and faked eating it on camera.

  36. I'm so unbelievably happy to see this. I love them. I mean I LOVE THIS SHOW! Idk, like a drug. Get laughed at all the time when I'd rather stay home and watch them then go drinking. HAHAHA. PROBLEM SOLVED!

  37. It sort of disturbs me that I found and got addicted to this show when I was only 10… 
    Thankfully I didn't understand the more "adult" jokes?

  38. Oh God I love the Golden Girls! This is perfection! =D

  39. Why does Blanche have a beard?!?!?!?!

  40. You should do a video of them playing it

  41. Shouldn't there be a drink required to be consumed by all players when there's a joke made on Ronald Reagan as there were plenty of those throughout Golden Girls. Best Buds Maude and Jessica Fletcher were and still are dedicated  Democrats.

  42. You had my full and complete attention the entire time. Thumbs up!

  43. You'll be drunk within the first ten minutes lol

  44. This video has just made so many gay men so happy.

  45. Petition for F R I E N D S drinking game

  46. what if you played this game in solo mode as in you're all 3 players at the same time

  47. OMG I would love to play it. 
    I only know one other person who have watched this show and she hates drinking

  48. Well shit, I don't have 3 other friends

  49. Best. Idea. Ever.

  50. Am i the only person under 30 that watches this show?

  51. I'm ten I'm gonna go do this with soda

  52. I feel so alone! my friends rather kill me before they play this with me… maybe 'couse i'm in Colombia and i'm 20! 🙁 #NeedMoreFriends


  54. Thank the lord I'm not the only one who knows the golden girls

  55. Love how cartoon Blanche has a beard! I got the joke. ??

  56. where to watch this series?(i cant find it on the internet)

  57. did Sophia ever eat cheesecake with them?

  58. Problem is, networks that air The Golden Girls don’t run the full closing credits.

  59. Also take a shot when they say shut up rose

  60. You forgot the drink for every time Dorothy says, "No, Rose, (insert scathing sarcasm here)"

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