How to Play Volleyball : How to Pass or Bump a Volleyball

How to Play Volleyball : How to Pass or Bump a Volleyball

Hello, this is Keith, on behalf of Expert
Village. In this clip, we’re going to be looking at how to pass a volleyball. Passing is usually
the first touch of three contacts on a side. It can also be called an under-hand pass or
a bump. To be in a ready position to accept the pass, you want to keep your arms apart,
your knees bent, you feet about shoulder-width apart, your weight slightly forward, and one
foot just slightly in front of the other. As you move toward the ball, you want to bring
your hands together. So you’re keeping your hands open until you get closer to the ball.
This way you can run and get to the ball and you don’t waste time. It could be really awkward
to run to the ball with your hands together. It can be much slower, and you can be much
faster if you keep your arms apart while you run. When you bring your hands together, you
want to do one of two things: you want to use the cup method or the ball in hand method.
The cup method is when you basically cup your hand and put it inside the other one. The
ball in hand, you ball your right hand (if you’re right-handed), and you cup your other
hand around the ball. In both of these methods, you want to make sure you line up your thumbs
and you keep a flat platform on your arms. It’s very important that you keep this platform
flat because it’ll allow you to be way more accurate in you passing. If one of your arms
is above the other, chances are it’s going to hit one arm and bounce off at a strange
angle. But if it hits both of your arms at the same time it’s flat, and you can be much
more accurate at where you want to place the ball. A common misconception when you’re passing
is that you swing your arms up. This is not the case. Almost all your power is coming
from your legs. You get low as soon as you need to pass the ball, and you let your legs
spring you up, holding your platform straight the whole time. Your arms will be moving,
but not because you’re swinging them; but because you’re raising them up through your
legs. This will give you enough power to reach you target. If you can’t get to the ball in
time to square up to your target, you can still pass the ball. In this case, we’re going
to have to keep our arms out to the side. In this you still want to make sure that you’re
not swinging your arms. You want to use your body to rotate and hit the ball, keeping your
arms locked out in front of you. The power is going to come from you hip rotation. When
you’re passing to the setter, your target is always going to be just over head-level
of the setter.

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  1. One thing that he didnt cover is that when you pass, you want to swing your arms up slightly. It helps push the ball higher in the air. At higher levels, especially at the Olympics, they barely use their legs. They pass by swinging their arms up and down.

  2. @covergirl3520 watch a video from the men's Olympic games and you'll are that they all swing their arms. Your told to not swing your arms because it throws of the solidarity of your platform and aim but as you get better you'll start being told too. THis video was made for beginners and wouldn't include the arm swing

  3. I'm way too strong for volleyball. I can't seem to control my power… I see a ball, and I just go off and SPIKE THE HELL OUT OF IT (Roundhouse, of course). Sometimes, I don't even mean to hit it that hard, and it ends up flying 6 miles away from my target. I wouldn't be surprised if people that play against me will have to sign Death Waivers…

  4. I'm way too strong for volleyball. I can't seem to control my power… I see a ball, and I just go off and SPIKE THE HELL OUT OF IT (Roundhouse, of course). Sometimes, I don't even mean to hit it that hard, and it ends up flying 6 miles away from my target. I wouldn't be surprised if people that play against me will have to sign Death Waivers… Au contrare, I'm not that good at volleyball 🙂

  5. I have to play this for PE and i suck :/

  6. @mananirvana Im so bad at it, I either Duck we the ball comes 2 me, or I try to hit it But it goes backwards…or It hits the Net

  7. Thanx so much 🙂

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  10. hey how many pts do you get if you hit da ceiling

  11. Its definetly green screen.. you can see the line arround him when he talks to the camera.


  13. Thanks for the tips

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  15. You really should not have one foot in front of the other they should be equal and shoulder width apart. If your one foot is in front of the other the ball will go in the direction of the forward foot. Just saying! So maybe next time you post a vid make sure that all of the facts/directions are correct in it. Thanks!

  16. Simpsons did it!

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  18. Thank you very much , cause i'm realy bad in volley-boll .
    I'll try to do what you say. thank you again ^^

  19. never played volleyball before but it looks boring D:

  20. @Nanodae its actually really fun onc u starting playing for real

  21. What ever You DO NOT Swinqq Your Arms. You Jus Use Your Leqqs.!"(:

  22. @aithana05andcha03 Well, it is actually, you can notice it by the silhouette of the guy.

  23. @KiddddG321 Well iBArely Made FreshMann VolleyBall ANd The Varsity Jus Told ME Not To Swing My Arms Because The Ball Will Go BackWards. And To Jus Use Your LEgs

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  27. i just wanna say, his passing methods r a lil bad to use. ur forarms break apart if someone does a fast jump serve or a hard spike that ur trying to pass.

  28. This guy sucks! See some pros at volleyball1on1videos!

  29. This guy sucks! See some pros at volleyball1on1videos! Why!
    – he starts with his arms bent
    – You should use your arms! See what Logan Tom the #1 passer in the world has to say!
    – his feet, where do I start its so bad
    – who is this guy, why not listen to some pros!

  30. @aithana05andcha03 it does

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  32. @LovveBugs also, make a shrugging motion and keep yourself square to where you want the ball to go.

  33. @LovveBugs
    your rong u have to use your arms but are supposed to use ur legs like u said

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  37. Don't bow your arm when you get them together for the pass
    The most important thing to do: keep it calm

  38. i have one question
    when every time i pass or shoot the opponent team says that i've HOLD the ball can you give me a tutorial how to leave this habit

  39. For everyone is good to swing your arms when u perform an pass, but if u swing them were someone attack u or serve on dont swing it because u will loose control the ball and u didn't pass good.

  40. You couldn't just talk in front of a volleyball court!!?!! You had to overlay yourself over a picture of one?!! Needless the say your credibility and was destroyed 1 second in…

  41. if u want to start to play volleyball..dont listen this guy…just bullshit

  42. If you swing your arms on a hard hit or serve, then your arms wont necessarily line up with the ball will they… you'll most likely shank the pass…
    Keep your arms as still as you can, keeping your body behind the ball ('perfect pass,' sometimes you may need to reach to the side if you're unable to get there in time) and aim your arms where you want the pass to go.
    If it is a free ball then you may need to swing your arms slightly to get height on the ball to give a good pass to the setter..

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  53. its training only, it will always hurt in the beginning
    if u play more often u will get used to it, otherwise it will always hurt if u play only one every 2months 🙂

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  59. Tomorrow 2/5/13 is my VolleyBall Match Cassa vs Flamboyant (Yellow vs Red) House

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  61. just wanted to say thst when u pass ur not suppose to pop up ur suppose to shrug ur sholders and lean but no pop

  62. what are the legalities of bumping?

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  65. I am starting volleyball and this really helps!

  66. you should probably learn how to pass before making an instructional video

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    but then I noticed it is in slow motion…

  68. Trying out for volleyball team and this is really helpful, but I still can't pass or "bump" the ball in the direction I want it to go :/

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