How to Play Volleyball : How to Set a Volleyball

How to Play Volleyball : How to Set a Volleyball

Hi, this is Keith Sewell on behalf of Expert
Village. Now we’re going to talk about how to set a volleyball. Setting is a very important
skill and usually takes ploce just after the pass. The pass will go to the setter, and
the setter will set the ball to the hitter. So if you’re a setter, you want to move to
the ball in a way that the ball will fall on your head if you don’t have your hands
up. Your feet will be staggered with your dominant foot forward, and when you get to
the ball, you’ll take a double step just before getting to the ball…a quick one, two with
the dominant foot forward. Keep your weight on your toes, extend your arms, and make a
windown with your thumbs and pointer fingers. In the window, you’ll see the ball coming
into your hands. Let your wrists and fingers absorb the ball just a little bit to get that
soft hands feel; that way you can control where the ball goes. You want to avoid prolonged
contact with the ball in your hands or you’ll be called for a lift. The ball has to come
in and out of your hands in one fluid motion; it’s got to be really quick. You’ve got to
make sure that both hands contact the ball at the same time or a double contact will
be called. Extend your arms toward to the target and use your legs to get your power.
You let your wrists spring forward as you release the ball. So between your legs and
your wrists springing forward, that’s where you’re going to get most of your power. You
don’t want to get your power from your arms pushing the ball in a hitting motion, like
slapping at it. So just like passing, you want to get to your spot as quick as you can
and get in position, ready to set and turn towards your target, kind of square up and
still be able to use your legs to get that power and have the chance to get that good

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  1. brutal hands keith. im suprised you've never been told not to pinch with your hands after the ball leaves

  2. this is not a smart guide.. ur not suppsed to pinch the ball…. and you are not supposed to take two quick steps…. i know how to play ive played in 5 state teams..

  3. i can't set!!!!why everytime i try to set the ball went backward or does not fly high….i'm soo frustrated…

  4. expert village?
    where have you been?
    you can't teach very well :[

  5. smthing dosent seem right when you setted the ball… look like the vball stayed in your hand too long…you will be called a lifting violation…..

  6. his setting his acceptable. and at a junior level, setting is in the legs but as u advance, setting actually comes from the arms. watch college videos or olympics. they jump set a lot and in the air, u cant use ur legs lol. jus study it. especially since the level is higher, everything must be quicker so the setter has to push with his arms or wrist to run a quicker play.

  7. sir, the cheesy green screen gets you a 1 star.

    Everything else was good though.

  8. The momentum of jumping provides a little energy from your legs, but you're generally right. But really anyone trying to learn from this video is a beginner and this is probably the way to go.

  9. I bet u aren't any better than this, so shut up!

  10. omfg thats soo nubish im train volleyball 11 time in week and when i see that guy set i got LOLOLOLOL! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 just look he's fingers in the final of the pass 😀

  11. This guy can't set! His hands aren't over his head. And he's flicking his wrists, that will make the ball go all over the place.

  12. You gotta use your fingers.

  13. come on guys don't be so hard, he's right about how you aren't supposed to move your arms but to use your fingers and legs to keep your sets strong.
    also about the "over the head" thing? it depends on the length that you need to set the ball, if youre setting a middle then u need to have hands more over head than if you were setting an outside to a 4 or 5

  14. that guy looks like that demon in the basement in a haunting in connecticut.

  15. @pinkdancingsugarcube OMGOSH! I have the SAME problem!

  16. i can set way better i learned differrently kinda on my own but then added more help

  17. nice green screen.

  18. Volleyball rocks, I prefer beach, but you try playing that in winter in england!

  19. @deadwing5 Still got the job done though, so what's the big deal? Aren't you allowed to improvise in volleyball? Most people can't be thinking of 5 things at once while preparing to set the ball up standing at an angle.

  20. @deadwing5 agreed. if you're not doing it properly in a non-game situation, then when it comes to game situation, it'll cause bad habits and worsen your play. Getting the job done isn't good enough because when you meet someone who gets the job done better, you'll lose.

  21. i don't understand why i wasn't picked out onn volleyball school contest. oh well mabye because i don't look to athletic, i was the dude that saved most of the time but still :/ i fucking hate my class and my teacher. because my teacher said that we had to deside so, after 5 seconds they picked out the 6 most "athletic" persons in class

  22. Ur amazing, thank u so much for these lessons !!

  23. Thx! I always slap the ball when i set. Gonna remember these tips next time i play 😛

  24. @deadwing5 Indeed, his hands are too wide. And he needs to take the ball higher

  25. LOL… first, tell your hitters to open up to the set. Secondly,where does someone start? You need to contact the ball higher, setting the ball on your forehead is very elementary. Not to mention very predictable… Dont flick your wrists, dont bend your knees so much, dont drag your feet, use a left right (foot) push method, keep your chin down… ugh… this is ridiculous. worse video ever.

  26. This is the worst video I have ever seen.. They have no idea what volleyball is…

  27. im in junior high and i dont want to start any bad habits is this bad setting? setting comes naturally to me and i have no idea how i look when i set this vid was kinda confusing and are there different kinds of sets?

  28. POR FAVOR…si te gusta el VOLEIBOL saca estte video….en lo peor que he visto en mi vida….despues de 20 años de entrenador nunca imagine ver algo tan mal echo…..un armador que piensa que la pelota es una TETA porque la pellizca, como tampoco vi que arme de frente a posicion 2. Sacalo le haces mal al voleibol.

  29. POR FAVOR…si te gusta el VOLEIBOL saca este video….en lo peor que he visto en mi vida….despues de 20 años de entrenador nunca imagine ver algo tan mal echo…..un armador que piensa que la pelota es una TETA porque la pellizca, como tampoco vi que arme de frente a posicion 2. Sacalo le haces mal al voleibol.

  30. POR FAVOR…si te gusta el VOLEIBOL saca este video….en lo peor que he visto en mi vida….despues de 20 años de entrenador nunca imagine ver algo tan mal echo…..un armador que piensa que la pelota es una TETA porque la pellizca, como tampoco vi que arme de frente a posicion 2. Sacalo le haces mal al voleibol. Pitera en la decada del 80 explico que se le debe golpear con todos los dedos y los 2 ejemplos que pones golpean solo con los pulgares,indices y creo que llega el mayor. SACALOOOOOOOOO

  31. YES finally a right title

  32. Well, you can NEVER get good by watching pros and "frag" videos. You actually need to do some of this and not just watch others do it.

  33. … i'm pretty sure you're not supposed to flick your wrists…

  34. is he reading something , sounds scripted

  35. The setters have horrible footwork in this video…never never cross the legs and use the balls of your feet. I think he should have better explained the fingers springing forward, but not past where your hand is vertical with your forearm.

  36. Keyth Stone plays volleyball?! That guy can do everything!

  37. @deadwing5 hahaha yeah

  38. tht looks lik a carry on

  39. Thanks I have a volleyball today and this will really help

  40. My teacher told me this way the hardest part of volleyball. And I figured it is! My palm would always hurt. It was so hard for me 🙁

  41. @Blueberry1261

    … i'm not trying to be mean or anything… but your palms aren't supposed to hurt after a set…

  42. okay i know its hard for some of you even hard for me! I just learned how to set you dont make a window you make triangle. and bend your arms when the ball comes and extend your arms for strength.

  43. I'm good at all skills but I don't know how to do this :(((((

  44. Thumbs up for Nutella!

  45. @SwizzieTV its just you

  46. push with your legs even jump if you need to but make sure its not too aggressive or try and take your step as you push which puts your entire weight behind the set

  47. the hardest thing to learn in vollyball is spikeing…

  48. i keep jarring my fingers when i set : can someone help or give me advice please?

  49. What an awkward video

  50. that's weird. palm hurting after a wrong set? shouldn't it be fingers?


  52. im only 5'2 and i still play volley ball

  53. wen i set the ball it goes up
    how can i be better player??/////

  54. You just need to try and aim it towards your spiker, it needs to be high up in the air.
    Other than that, you don't really need to work on anything(:

  55. No offence to the person that made this, but the tips we're good, although the demonstrations were very poor. he should have taken the ball much higher than his forehead and not make it obvious as to where he's setting. i play college ball, so i know quite a bit 😛

  56. So, you set the ball higher than your forehead? That makes sense. Thanks! =)

  57. just when you set make sure to set it high & set it right to your spiker!(:

  58. ahahahahhaahhahahahhahahah

  59. Height is not really that important.. but your jump is

  60. volleyball is so amazing but i don't understand why cant they make a game of it

  61. kinda looks like Ben Aflack

  62. Nuck chorris's son

  63. You're suppose to use your fingers to set not your palm…

  64. nice work… and thnx for vedio
    can you tell me how to take ball on fingers.

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  66. my god this video was awkward.

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  68. This video really helped me. thxs! 🙂

  69. So boys and have their own sports like football that only men can play in but volleyball swimming tennis ect. Are for boys and girls no fair

  70. This quality is weird

  71. wow 2008 xDD But thanks this really helped me

  72. Sir… you look like Ben Affleck….
    Great video btw.

  73. is he Ben Afflect??

  74. This look so easy but it not

  75. tb to 2008 quality and editing. anyone else watching in 2017?

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