How to Play Volleyball : How to Spike a Volleyball

Hello, this is Keith Sewell on behalf of Expert
Village. In this clip, we’re going to be talking about how to hit or spike a volleyball. Usually
when you hit, you want to take a 3 or 4 step approach to the net. A 3-step approach would
be accomplished by using a left, right, left foot pattern. And a 4-step would be a right,
left, right, left. And I say right-left at the end of both of those real quick because
it’s a gathered step; it happens super quickly. And this is for a right-handed swinger. Your
approach when you’re hitting the strong side would be to swing out so that you can have
your options of hitting cross-court or down the line. And when you’re coming from the
right side, you’re going to approach pretty much straight towards the net. The hands are
in front of the hitter until that last 2 steps when they swing up and back behind the hitter
to gain explosiveness as the hitter jumps. You should try to contact the ball at the
peak of how high your arm swing can get. And when you go up, you want to pull your arm
back like you’re drawing a bow and arrow. And when you contact the ball, you want to
hit the ball with an open hand and follow through like you’re trying pull yourself up
by using the ball. If you hit the ball slightly in front of your body, you can keep your weight
behind the ball, and you’ll have more power to hit. You want to swing fully extended upward
and not side armed. Follow through across your body or beside your body, either way…whatever’s
more comfortable for you. You always want to land evenly with both feet on the ground.

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