How to Prevent Shin Splints and Stress Fractures

How to Prevent Shin Splints and Stress Fractures

Hi I’m Eric Leighton, Certified Athletic Trainer
with Nationwide Children’s Sports Medicine. Stress fractures often happens when our body
don’t have time to recover after a hard workout. The stress can produce a fracture. We usually
see that in a shins. Shin splints are type of overuse injury that can easily address
to a stress fracture if left untreated. These stress fractures can be identified by
x-ray or other common imaging techniques. Since these types of injury usually progress
over time. It is to pay attention to the onset and duration of pain and modify activity to
allow time to heal. To help prevent these injuries, it’s important
that we work on calf and arch flexibility as well as lower leg strength. This will give
our bodies a chance to really absorb the shock we get when running. Sarah’s going to come over here and help me
with the couple of exercises they’re going to show us how to prevent this. Her first
one is a calf stretch simplify the wall, pole something you can lean against. She puts her
hands flat to it, her foot flat on the ground, stretching out her calf muscle. You can do this on both legs. You want to
do it at least thirty seconds a piece, really letting the muscle flex out. Her next one
is heel and toe walking, she’s literally just walk around on her heels for a few steps then
transition to her toes. She can repeat this back and forth working on the muscles on both
end of the shin. Her last set, involves a Thera-Band. Thera-Band
is a big rubber band that you can buy at most sports stores or you can find online. She’ll,
wrap this around her foot holding on to it with the knees just a little bit bent. She’s
going to push down with the gas pedal back and forth few times work on that calf muscle. The second version, fold the band to the outside.
Hook it the sock stable like a bed post, and she’s going to twist her foot to the inside
working on the inside of the shin. Don’t forget to work on this often. You take care of your
feet and ankles they’ll take care of you. Register now for our personal best injury
prevention programs. Click on personal best programs under find a service or condition.

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  1. thanks for the info!

  2. hi everyone ,if anyone else wants to uncover cure for shin splints  try Basarto Shin Remedy Blueprint ( search on google ) ? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my m8 got amazing success with it. 

  3. Should've watched this before stress fractures messed me up, oops

  4. Shin can not be fractured.there is a period when u just can not run no more ,ur legs just give out .and the solution is very simple check for rollga foam roller.i confirm recovery for 6-7 days

  5. Forget muscles what about calcium and protein to strengthen bones ? And vitamin D

  6. Thanks Marine Corps I think I have shin splints for life

  7. Im watching this is 2019

  8. Do the weights in the back like get used… Or nah

  9. Wow, thanks a lot Steve-O !

  10. Man yo kinda creepy

  11. It works awesome…try this out

  12. 101st airborne ?

  13. Man this is my first set of shin splints and it hurts!!

  14. यहाँ फ़टी पड़ी है shin pain से तभी देख रहे ये video ,नहीं तो मैं घंटा नहीं देखता, any indian????

  15. i'm tired of stretching every little thing that hurts. i don't have enough time.

  16. Yea I have had them for about 3 months now. We have track (sprinting) everyday of the week so that doesn’t help and I’m always just limping back to the start line and it’s kind of awkward. It hurts like a bitch. Spring break was a good resting time but I still have them a little


  18. Shin splints suck ??

  19. i don’t get it. i has shin splints then stopped running for a few months and then started running again and the problem was still there

  20. I’ve always had this sort of pain before, but once I started running with a weighted vest it got like 6x worst. Now it’s just horrible, I have to stretch before and after, put ice on my legs, and rest 1 day in between exercises (plus no more weighted vest). When the pain started, I had to rest with ice packs for two weeks. It SUCKS, it’s like I’m starting from scratch but with bone pain instead of muscle pain.

  21. Doing a standing calf stretch was was hurt me to begin with. So no thanks on this one

  22. I seen this, would it help?

  23. guys you should try ice baths after your runs. you don’t need to do it with ice you can just fill up your bath tub with the coldest water possible and sit in it for 15 minutes. it does wonders!

  24. ? Nice tips! I just got a new Yoga mat kit and it had one if those bands in it, thanks for the demonstration!

  25. "Prevention methods studied were shock-absorbent insoles, foam heel pads, Achilles tendon stretching, footwear, and graduated running programs. No statistically significant results were noted for any of the prevention methods. Stretching of the lower leg musculature has been consistently proven to not prevent MTSS."

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